Secret Technique: Radiant Arrow is an article created by Kazeyo (風夜). Explicit permission, from the aforementioned creator, is required to utilize or alter the content found on this page.

Secret Technique: Radiant Arrow
Name Secret Technique: Radiant Arrow
Kanji 秘術・炯然矢印
Literal English Secret Technique: Radiant Arrow
Classification Offensive
Range All ranges
Other Jutsu
By applying shape manipulation to the energy released with Secret Technique: Radiant Burst Nanashi is able to fire a burst of chakra possessing a similar function and range as an arrow. More specifically the "arrow" in question is emitted from the tips of user's index and middle fingers and has tremendous velocity and piercing potential, proving its lethality by passing through a human body. Unfortunately, Nanashi has stated this technique is incredibly difficult to aim when utilized against a skilled opponent, leading her to perform the technique conservatively.

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