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Secret Technique: Radiant Burst
Name Secret Technique: Radiant Burst
Kanji 秘術・炯然爆
Literal English Secret Technique: Radiant Burst
Classification Offensive, Defensive
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
This technique uses Nanashi Uchiha's unique ability to intensify her own chakra to incredible levels before releasing the unstable energy in the form of a destructive burst. Primarily this technique his released in concert with a taijutsu strike, though she has developed several other novel usages for its performance as well. By channeling the radiant energy into a projectile weapon she can extend her range considerably. Additionally she has demonstrated the ability to release an omnidirectional burst of chakra from her entire body, deflecting low density energy-based attacks. In all its incarnations this technique can easily shatter stone, making it possible to deliver substantial blunt for trauma on living targets.