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Secret Technique: Radiant Force
Name Secret Technique: Radiant Force
Kanji 秘術・炯然威力
Literal English Secret Technique: Radiant Force
Classification Supplementary
Other Jutsu
Secret Technique (秘術・炯然威力, "Hijutsu: Keizen Iryoku") is the name given to Nanashi Uchiha's unique ability to alter the intensity of her chakra to much greater extremes than most individuals. This permits her to adjust both the potential of her own presence and her techniques, maximizing the usage of chakra. The technique itself is named after the luminescent quality her chakra takes when intensified to the highest levels, which has been described as quite dazzling. Nanashi usually performs this technique in concert with other skills, modifying their strength beyond the normal scope of execution. More specifically her fire techniques can be magnified in potential extremely well through the performance of Radiant Force, trumping the destructive potential of most other flame wielders. Additionally, by lowering the intensity of her own chakra aura she is able to avoid detection from most sensors who aren't search for her presence specifically. It should be noted that Nanashi doesn't have to expend chakra in order to perform this technique, as it is merely further manipulation of chakra she is already utilizing.

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