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Seishin Tate
Ryu barrier
Name Seishin Tate
Kanji 精神盾
Literal English Spirit Shield
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank B-rank
Other Jutsu

By solidifying his chakra Ryū can create a shield around himself that absorbs the force of any physical attack that comes in contact with it. This shield absorbs any physical attacks that fall upon it and accumulates the absorbed energy in a sphere at the center of the barrier. Ryū can then launch this gathered energy as a concentrated beam of energy which he directs by placing both or one hand behind the sphere, with the blast being launched in the direction pointed by his palm. Ryū cannot absorb this gathered energy to replenish his own energy levels. But he can gather the absorbed energy around himself to strengthen his own physical attacks. This only works against physical attacks and ninjutsu can pass right through it.

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