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Seiya Amaterasu
Name Seiya Amaterasu
Kanji 星矢
Personal Status
Birthdate June 25
Age 17
Gender 20px-Gender Male1.svg Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 149 lbs
Blood Type O
Hometown Getsugakure Symbol Getsugakure
Home Country Land of the Moon
Affiliation Getsugakure
Occupation Chūnin Symbol Chūnin
Previous Occupation Genin
Team Team Satonaka
Previous Team Team Rozeluxe
Partner Jubei Satonaka
Haruko Kurogane
Akiha Nagare
Yuuma Amaterasu , hojo uzumaki
Previous Partner Kujina Kurama
Rozeluxe Meitzen
Family SatonakaCrest Amaterasu Clan
Rank Chūnin Symbol Chūnin
Classification Shinobi
Academy Grad. Age 10
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Kekkei Genkai Ice Release
Nature Type Nature Icon Water Water Release
Wind Release
Ice Ice Release
Jutsu Substitution Technique
Clone Technique
Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals
Ice Release: Protective Ice Dome
Ice Release: Artic Crystal Roc
Ice Release: Butterfly
Ice Prison Technique
Ice Release: Frozen Wind
Ice Release: Endless Winter
Ice Release: Freezing Garden
Ice Release: Freezing Rose
Ice Release: Freezing Cocoon
Ice Release: Freezing Thorns
Ice Release: Freezing Flower
Ice Release: Ice Breaker
Powdered Snow
Powdered Snow: Rising Glacier
Powdered Snow: Defending Tower
Powdered Snow: Icy Wind
Powdered Snow: Frost Wing
Summoning Technique (Wolf)

Seiya Amaterasu (星矢天照, Starry Light In A Shining Heaven)


Seiya Young

Seiya when he was young

When Seiya was younger his dark blue hair was at chin length and slightly shorter than while he was an academy student and a genin. His eyes have a light amber coloratuon. He usually wore a grey oversized shirt with a wide collar and a pair of dark grey shorts that dwarfed his small stature. He often wore his forehead protector as a large belt around his waist. Seiya considered himself an outcast in comparison to his brother, as Yuuma's characteristics caused him to seem like a natural leader, while Seiya's on the other hand, stereotyped him as the foil.

Seiya's General Appearance

Upon aging and advancing to the rank of Chunin, Seiya still has his dark blue hair, but now wears it in a short, but visible ponytail, leaving his fringe and strands of hair hanging at the sides of his face. He now posseses a fairly muscular build in contrast to his brother. He can often be seen in his casual clothing which consists of a large baggy tan shirt and grey slacks.

Seiya's Shinobi Garb

His mission outfit consists of an onyx black shirt, a grey flak jacket, beige pants that has the left side tucked into a boot with the right side remaining loose and looking as if it is severely torn and tattered. He also wears a notably large violet colored scarf around his neck.


Seiya at first appears to be come of as a very violent person to those around him, a trait that seems to have been with him since his younger days. He comes across as cold, stoic, and arrogant, even to his friends. In battle Seiya will do anything to win, much to the chagrin of his allies, especially Kujina. People tend to think that he looks down on those that are weaker than him, given by the fact that he often refer to them as though they were nothing but weeds and that he has no problem with attacking people from behind. When speaking to people he has yet to associate himself with, Seiya describes himself as both serious and solitary. He keeps this facade up in order to prevent people from becoming too close to him and getting hurt. Going along with this, he claims he has no friends and does not desire them. Despite his claims to not care for anyone, it seems that he tends to rapidly develop feelings for people that he meets.

However, once one gets past this act Seiya is normally a very cheerful person to be around, even becoming completely helpless and incompetent when against the face of a pretty girl. However, he has been shown to have a dark side and is brutally tactless when he wants be. Such as when he once allowed a fellow shinobii to be captured and killed by an enemy clan, after said unnamed shinobi insulted Seiya earlier. He has a knack for finding clandestine information with ease, knowing about most things that would seem to be vague details, and is unusually perceptive. When a conflict is unfolding that doesn't involve him, he prefers remaining on the sidelines observing and is extraordinarily capable of removing himself from any incoming danger.

Seiya is cheerful, yet laid back, outside of missions, is compassionate to others, and has a chronic tardiness problem. At times Seiya tends to push everyone away, though he means well.

His naturally calm attitude is used to his advantage in battle, as it is easier for him to maintain his composure to stay focused on the situation at hand and ultimately notice everything around him. Through this, he can make keen and thought-out decisions allowing him to stay steps ahead of his opponents. Despite his strong belief in cherishing and protected loved ones, Seiya's personal life is almost non-existent because of the persona he initially displays.

Though generally seen as a laid-back, jovial fellow, this side of Seiya is deceptively different from his cunning and serious side of his personality, when the situation warrants it. Despite his carefree attitude, his speech is always polite, though it is sometimes sarcastic.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Enhanced Strength: With his strength, Seiya is capable of breaking stone with his bare hands and even able to send a grown man flying across a room with a single punch. He uses his strength to his advantage, often coming up with new ways to injure his opponents. Seiya also has a great degree of control over his body. His high level of body control allows him to manipulate his muscles so that he may surpress and release them at will. The control of his body improves his speed, agility, as well as his overall movements. This allows Seiya to accomplish many things such as shift the weight and force of his body during an attack at a moments notice.

Enhanced Speed: One of Seiya's greatest traits is his great speed. The speed at which he moves and attacks his opponent are extremely fast, because of this he often surprises his enemies and takes out some in the blink of an eye. Because of his speed his attacks often catch opponent's off-guard, Seiya is often seen striking with his Ice Release techniques in order to swiftly deal with opponents. Since Seiya's body is extremely light, he has such a high degree of agility that he can attack an opponent in mid-air. His agility combined with his speed and great ability of perception allows Seiya the ability to dodge, intercept, and counter attack most of his enemies.

Ice ReleaseEdit

As a member of the Amaterasu Clan, Seiya is a descendant of the infamous Yuki Clan, allowing him access to the Ice Release. Seiya's Ice Release technique is on par with many other Shinobi's preferred Chakra Nature techniques and have resisted the effects of Jubei Satonaka's Heat Release techniques, despite it being an enhanced form of Fire Release. His growth in the area has been shown by him being capable of developing several techniques on his own, such as his own signature technique Ice Release: Butterfly. Seiya's Ice related abilities have been enough to seal his own brother when the tailed beast inside of him forcefully took control. When faced with a difficult opponent, Seiya will resort to using Ice Release: Ice Breaker in order to gain access to the Powdered Snow technique that he can utilize as well as Gaara uses his Sand Techniques.


Seiya typically relies on his taijutsu skills to get him through his battles, aside from his Ice Release techniques. While he does not have any formal training, he uses a combination of quick thinking, strength, and ingenius ways of using his Kekkei Genkai ability to get him out of majority of situations. Seiya's skill in hakuda is comparable to that of a skilled Jonin. Due to Seiya not having any sort of formal training beyond the academy's teaching, Seiya has had to teach himself most of his taijutsu leading to him be capable of creating various techniques on a whim.

Toketsu Ken (凍結拳, Freezing Fist): Seiya's style of Taijutsu. This utilizes the Ice Release abilities to augment his strikes. His body temperature lowers to below freezing and Seiya then begins to cover his body in a thin layer of chakra similar to the Chakra Shroud that the Jinchuriki use when using the power of the Tailed Beasts. When the opponent comes into contact with this layer of Chakra, they will be subjected to a substantial amount of freezing energy that will begin to seep through their skin and freeze their muscles. At first the effects are barely noticeable, but after several successful strikes, the opponent will begin feeling as though their bodies are becoming as hard as lead, leading to them becoming unable to use their muscles for a period of time.

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