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Affiliation Shinja Shinja Clan
Partner Viper Shinja
Nature Type(s) Nature Icon Fire Fire Release

Serpent (蛇, Hebi) is the general term for a species of reptilian creatures native to the realm of shinobi. They are typically seen as summoned partners, well-known for their alliances with members of the White Snake Cult and the Shinja Clan.

Overview Edit

Members of this species vary significantly in size, appearance, and color. While some appear as commonly identified: minute beasts typically assaulted with brooms by housewives, others appear as mammoth beasts several hundred yards long. It would seem that the larger they appear, the most independent and heightened their mental prowess, as the smallest serpents obediently follow their summoner's whims absolutely, even to their deaths, while larger serpents are shown to have a sense of independence, identity, and therefore are seen as partners more than pawns. The former king of serpents, Manda, often demanded tribute from his summoners and would readily devour them should any signs of defeat make themselves known. These beasts of larger size are often referred to as Kyodaija(巨大蛇, Great Snakes) and are the more frequently summoned of the serpents because of their size, strength, and access to ninjutsu.

Known Serpents Edit


Known Summoners Edit

-Viper Shinja.

Trivia Edit

  • The canon serpents and their summoners have been excluded from this article's listing intentionally.

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