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Shōgyō no Kumiai
Kanji 商業の組合
Romaji Shōgyō no Kumiai
Leader(s) Unknown
Members Ieyasu Ashihase
Yasei Niigata
Team Jutsu Unknown

Shōgyō no Kumiai (商業の組合, Association of Commerce) is a mercantile organization founded not long after the First Shinobi World War. Following the events of said war, the five Shinobi countries became very suspicious of each other, resulting in an immense plunge in the import. However, each country still wanted to export its goods, and Arai Hakuseki, an influential merchant at that time, saw an opportunity within this problem. He founded Shōgyō no Kumiai as an intermediary organization, who would buy up from each country at ridiculous low prices and then sell them to other countries without the deliver's knowledge. As their influence expanded, so did their fame, and soon Shōgyō no Kumiai started to build weapon factories all over the continent, producing the majority of kunai, shuriken and forehead protectors for every shinobi village and making good money out of it.

As per today, Shōgyō no Kumiai has various representatives within each capital village, and exhibits an influence which almost surpasses the rule of the respective Kage within said villages.

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