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Shūryō Taihen
Name Shūryō Taihen
Kanji 終了大変
Literal English Dreadful Ending
Classification Kinjutsu, Kenjutsu
Rank A-rank
Range Mid, Long
Other Jutsu

Ryū gathers a large amount of Dark Chakra and enshrouds Kurai with an aura of dark energy. He can then release the energy stored within the shroud in the form of energy blasts by swinging his sword at his target. The attack is capable of producing a massive explosion on coming in contact with a solid object. He can change the shape, size, and intensity of the blasts, being capable of releasing the energy as one powerful blast or a number of small "bullets" of lesser strength but greater speed. On the whole it is a very powerful and versatile technique, capable of causing large-scale damage and destruction.

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