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Shadow Invocation
Name Shadow Invocation
Kanji 影念誦
Literal English Shadow Invocation
Classification Supplementary
Rank A-rank
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
This technique utilizes the unique mastery of Yin Release, which is prominent within the Mikoto Clan, in order to project the user's imagination into reality through the manifestation of temporarily items. This technique is most commonly performed as a method of quickly arming oneself, alleviating the necessity to carry a supply of weapons. While weapons are the most common of items created with this technique, chains and various other supplemental tools are also possible. All of the tools created with this technique appear to have the texture and physical properties similar to that of high quality steel, despite being jet black in coloration. Additionally, the pseudo-material composing these items interacts particularly well with chakra, either easing or inhibiting its flow. This behavior can be determined by the user upon creation of the item in question.

While items created through Shadow Invocation are particularly useful, they do not last forever. Particularly, items created in this way only remain in existence for roughly an hour, fading away afterwords. Furthermore, items dispelled before their allotted time has expired return their remaining chakra back to the user. This return of chakra doesn't apply to items that are forcibly destroyed.

While this technique isn't particularly difficult to perform, it is given a high rank due to the fact that the complexity of the chakra structure in these tools can differ greatly. For example, masters of this technique can reproduce complex steel folding techniques found in regular weapons, allowing an incredibly durable blade to be produced.

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