Shadow of Yin
Name Shadow of Yin
Kanji 陰の影
Literal English Shadow of Yin
Classification Telepathic Effect
Rank B-rank
Range All ranges
Other Jutsu

Shadow of Yin (陰の影, "In no Kage"): Is a powerful technique that depends on a form of chakra projection - it is developed by Isamu Yamanaka as a means of strengthening his hold over others: He describes it as, in its simplest state, not being an actual Jutsu, but more akin to a Yin projection, augmented by a certain emotion or feeling which he expels from his subconciousness upon activation-- the techniques name is fitting as Isamu explains that it is the ability to alter ones "shadow", the aspect of which no one can see clearly except for a vague image; and make use of the altered shadow for his own purposes. By making his shadow exude a sense of warmth and sympathy he makes itself seem incredibly reliable, trustworthy and friendly, even if his words and attitude doesn't match this, people whom are unable to defend their minds properly from this kind of silent suggestion will keep on trusting and following him no matter how many times he lets them down; the affect working as some sort of hypnosis that is resumed whenever one ventures near him: Anything negative that commits towards these people they will attribute to a number of surrealistic reasons such as "he's simply in a bad mood, but he's a wonderful guy still", "It must've been something I said", "Silly me, I'm so clumsy with my words, his reaction was perfectly reasonable", "Its all my fault for doing that" - the more they think about what happens, the more they'll entangle themselves in his trap --- the subjects hardly ever find their reasoning to be inaccurate and Isamu takes full advantage of this; as the sweet, dreamy tendrils of Yin displaces their ability for reasoning and turns them into mindless thralls.

Isamu can also choose to project his killing intent in this manner; which when augmented by Yin and his considerable psychic abilities is increased to tremendous proportions - to the degree that only a handful of people are at all capable of approaching him - his murderous intent beating at their bodies like a continous barrage of sickness and bile. Should anyone attempt to approach him despite the foreboding feeling, they will find themselves sicknened by his very presence and will constantly be assaulted by gruesome visions of their own grisly deaths: If they attempt to force themselves they will face seriuous repurcussions, including; tremendous fatigue, psychological damage, fainting, and indeed, even death; the latter of which though is only possible if Isamu releases the full force of his telepathic abilities to augment the Yin of his ability - the immense telepathic and empathic concussions of which overexerts the capacity of the mind and the body at once and usually causes a myocardial infarction, sometimes followed by an acute cardiac arrest; in this latter case, when his telepathic abilities are released to their highest point - this skill is regarded as being akin to a particularily powerful Genjutsu.

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