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Name Shaman
User(s) Uzushiogakure Symbol Uzushiogakure
Uzumaki Symbol Uzumaki Clan

A Shaman is someone who can connect with the world of spirits and gods, this allows him to do amazing things, like taking the skills and techniques of assimilating a spirit with him. They can ask for advice to the spirits, heal the sick and gather the ghosts of the dead in this world. Moreover, by contacting the dead, they can also speak with great historical figures.They are only unique to the Uzumaki Clan.

During the days of Madara and Hashirama, there were a group of Uzumaki clan memebers that can communicate with the dead. They used their skills to help and create many sealing jutsu that made the clan famous with one of them being Four Symbols Seal. It was due to this that the Uzumaki Clan was starting to be feared by other neighboring clans which ultimately led to their destruction. This didn't stop their existence from being erased. There were some who escaped the destruction of their home. They then went to live in the Hidden Leaf where their expertise was most needed. After Uzushiogakure was then re-built, most of the shaman moved back in order to help the new home thrive once more while others decided to stay and help Konha thrive. To this day, the two villages maintained peace.

Types of ShamanEdit

Shaman (シャーマニズム):Shamans are humans who can see and talk to spirits and ghost. They can also merge with them or use their skills. Shamans can also merge spirits and ghosts with an object.

Necromancer (黒魔術師, literally "Boneyard Sorcerer"):Shamans who can use their chakra to animate and control dead bodies at will.

Daoshi (道士):Doshi are able to transfer a spirit in its dead body and use talismans to move the animated corpse.

Miko (巫女, literally "shaman woman"):Miko are shrine priestesses able to hear divine voices, often involving disasters.

Yuta (ユタ): Shamans who have special healing powers. A powerful Yutas can also revive a dead body with the help of their chakra.

Shugenja (修験者): Shamans in search of powerful spirits, often pilgrims or hermits. Often refered to as "ascetics."

Itako (イタコ): Itako are women who can summon spirits from heaven back to earth. Many of them are blind.

Onmyōji (陰陽師): Regarded as as some of the most powerful and oldest shamans in excistence. They have the power to control the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) and can divine the future.

Common AbilitiesEdit

Large Chakra Reserves:

Youthful Appearence:

Chakra Chains:

Yin-Yang Chakra:

Unique Hiden Jutsu:



  • The concept of Shamans came fromn the anime/manga Shaman King.

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