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Shedding Leaves: Crease Lined Dimension
Name Shedding Leaves: Crease Lined Dimension
Kanji 落葉:筋目裏付き区間
Literal English Shedding Leaves: Crease Lined Dimension
Classification Offensive
Rank A-Rank
Range Short-Long
Other Jutsu

Shedding Leaves: Crease Lined Dimension (落葉:筋目裏付き区間, "Rakuyō: Sujime Uraduki Kukan") is in technicality, Yuuki Kaburagi's most powerful Kenjutsu technique. By using his immense skill in Iaido, Yuuki creates several small vacuum slashes which instead of damaging an opponent, actually "crease" the air near his opponent. By doing this, Rakuyō is literally keeping its attack at a standstill of sorts, although the "creases" themselves are visible, and are able to be slashed through or be dispersed through an opponent's technique. However, these "creases" are able to take in chakra at a distance from Yuuki, and once collected, Yuuki can willingly cause these vacuum slashes to fire themselves. Although limited to one direction, due to its versatility, these slashes can literally attack an opponent from every angle if Yuuki is willing to do so.

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