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Shedding Leaves: Matter is Void
Name Shedding Leaves: Matter is Void
Kanji 落葉:色即是空
Rank A-Rank
Range Short-Long range
Hand Seals None
Other Jutsu

Shedding Leaves: Matter is Void (落葉:色即是空, Rakuyō: Shikisokuzekū) is a Kenjutsu technique of Yuuki Kaburagi's own creation which is only able to be utilized when in possession of Rakuyō, due to its Vacuum Slash ability. By combining his immense Iaidō skill, speed and a prolonged slash duration, she slices through the air, creating a growing vacuum slash which continues to grow until Yuuki's slash reaches the ground. Once this has been done, this slash will automatically move at high speeds towards any target, obliterating all obstacles except for the most resilient before him. When in the air, he will use an altered version of this, which involves him slashing his blade around him in a circular motion, creating a powerful vacuum slash around his entire body.

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