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Shedding Leaves: One Eye Vision
Name Shedding Leaves: One Eye Vision
Kanji 落葉:隻眼空想
Literal English Shedding Leaves: One Eye Vision
Classification Offensive
Rank B-Class
Range Short
Hand Seals None
Other Jutsu

Shedding Leaves: One Eye Vision (落葉:隻眼空想, "Rakuyō: Sekigan Kūsō") is said to be one of the fastest Kenjutsu techniques in history, this is a technique that Yuuki Kaburagi takes much pride in because of the way it exemplifies and takes speed to a completely new level. At first sight, it would seem that he had casually moved past an opponent, causing an intense wound without even touching his blade, however, this is rather far from the truth. He primarily moves behind an opponent, however, the speed and stealth used to do this make it nearly useable. At the same time, he draws his sword and does a light attack at the opponent's mid-vertebrae, at which he will then utilize this one attack multiple times in an area surrounding that part of the body, making it seem like one attack, while in reality it is at the least, a dozen.

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