Shigeoki Suzuki
Name Shigeoki Suzuki
Kanji 鈴木重意
Rōmaji Suzuki Shigeoki
Personal Status
Birthdate Unknown
Age 23
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 73kg
Blood Type B+
Hometown Unnamed
Home Country Unnamed
Affiliation Uchiha Clan(Loosely)
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Saika Clan Head
Previous Occupation Saika Heir
Team Saika Clan
Previous Team None
Partner Madara Uchiha
Previous Partner Unknown
Family Saika Clan
Nature Type Nature Icon FireFire Release
Jutsu Chakra Flow
Chakra Suppression Technique
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
Demonic Illusion: Double False Surroundings Technique
Demonic Illusion: Overlapping Deception Technique
Demonic Illusion: Bind in Chains
Demonic Illusion: Focus Distortion
Weapons Yatagarasuya
Explosive Tags
A leader who disregarded all but the ones under him. Thinking only for the benefit of his own and nobody else, he didn't slither, he seemingly traversed and withered into subjugation. However, what wasn't known was that his withering was his plots. Slowly but steadily he bloomed in his entirety, going against those he vowed his loyalty, all he cared for was the safety of the petals that depended on him entirely. Fighting in battle with layers of facade and deception, changing his colours and scents in any moment, he finally withered. In the face of truth his deception faltered. His petals, dissolving into the sky, his legacy, never passed on, he remains a mystery, till even today

—Historic Interpretation

Shigeoki Suzuki (鈴木重意 Suzuki Shigeoki, lit: Heavy Feelings, Bell Tree) is a powerful ninja who is currently the head of the infamous, Saika Clan, a clan of mercenaries who are famed for their military brilliance and skill in ranged combat. Shigeoki was trained from a young age to be brought up as the head of the clan, as he was already a natural genius, and combined with his dedication, he was chosen as the head of the clan at a meager age of 18. Due to the small size of the Saika, Shigeoki decided to ally with the Uchiha Clan in response to their growing power and more specifically, Madara Uchiha, who they work as secret operatives to. The wielder of a small, but formidable repertoir of ninjutsu and equipment, he is a ninja to be feared in and out of combat.


Shigeoki, as his status in the world would suggest, Shigeoki's stature and muscular build gives one the impression of a very intimidating leader who projects an aura of both superiority and yet is still down-to-earth. He walks with pride, and has a cold expression on him, yet is still able to show a smile to those who are in need of it. Shigeoki's eyes are a menacing black, with no sign of remorse ever present, nor a simple flicker of doubt, those who look into them do not see anything, no malevolent intentions, concern or even emotion, just nothing.

Shigeoki keeps his hair in a rather menacing fashion, it is a raven-black and is kept at jaw-length, with strands of hair falling down below his eyes, Shigeoki, regarding his hair, doesn't really care about formality, as long as it isn't cut, due to an incident when younger, his hair got shaved off and he was humiliated for days on end.

Shigeoki's attire is rather simple, consisting of a dark blue mantle-like clothing, which has a high-collar over a dark green, rather simple kimono, kept tied and fitting with a black obi sash, although it is still rather loose regardless. Along with this, he wears simple sandals. He keeps his equipment under his large cloak in several pouches. Finally, he wears two gauntlets that go up to his wrist, and have the kanji for Flower (花 Hana) on each of them. His signature weapon, Yatagarasuya, is kept on his back, tied with a simple, red rope that keeps it sitting in it's position, while his katana is under his robe, near his waist, for easy access.


Shigeoki is a man of both ideals and practicality. An excellent leader and one who relies on his subordinates and vice-versa, Shigeoki is a man to be admired by many, if not all who are under or beside him as an ally. Shigeoki projects an aura that befits a leader. His facial expressions are stern, with his commands strict. Yet beneath, they project concern and kindness in their midst.

Whenever conversing along with any other individual, in this case, the majority of them being his subordinates, Shigeoki will project a calm and collected demeanor. Rarely will he ever truly lose his temper, Shigeoki has an aloof tone with his subordinates. He believes that a close yet distanced relationship with any of his subordinates are essential to keep a professional relationship with them. However, Shigeoki also expects complete honesty and sincerity between himself and his subordinates, and will not hide anything from them and vice-versa. He commands his battlefield with analytical skill and deception, and has taught his subordinates that, the only way to win, is to use whatever you have to your advantage. Shigeoki will pick out any individual's exceptional trait and enhance that to a very large degree, as he believes every and all soldier has an important value, no matter their rank.

In regards to other individuals, Shigeoki displays a normally aloof demeanor and is rather stubborn. He won't speak in a polite manner, regardless of the individual he is confronting, and will talk to them as casually as he would to any other, perhaps even treat them as inferior dependent on who they are. He prefers to use rather crude humour that focuses more as a mocking insult to others rather than make people laugh, and thus most seem to get annoyed with him quite easily. Shigeoki is also rather cold, as he never seems to truly attempt to get along with others, and thinks only for his own profit, and nothing else. He isn't naive, and will rarely ever trust another's words, especially when that individual is someone such as Madara Uchiha. During their alliance, Shigeoki never truly affiliated himself with the man, but rather, he is only attempting to further his own influence through his own methods.

However, when younger, Shigeoki was a rather naive but adventurous individual. He would rarely ever sit down and be bored and would always a laugh of any kind. Shigeoki was a forever curious young man, desiring for any form of advancement, both mentally and physically. However, during and after the Trial of Power, Shigeoki gained a far greater understanding of the world and it's society, and began to adapt himself and gain his own reputation. And had grown both physically and mentally through these tests.


Birth and ExaminationEdit

Shigeoki Suzuki, born to two unnamed individuals of the Saika Clan, had automatically been signed to an "examination" at the age of three. This was a result of him being in the mainstream of the clan and one of the few male members of the clan at the time. Born during a time of misfortune, Shigeoki was a single ray of hope for the Saika, and their dream come true no doubt. In his examination, they were to test his aptitude and chakra levels, which he passed with flying colours, far beyond any other of the other male clan members that were born. The clan head of the time, who was his uncle, decided that, if another suitable candidate wasn't conceived, Shigeoki was the destined heir. And from that moment, his training and journey began, as Heir to the Saiks.



Shigeoki concentrating on his studies

From the age of 4, Shigeoki had begun to be exposed to the various concepts that a ninja was required to learn, as well as a leader. Gaining an education far from the norm, he would primarily begin with a standard education. Involving various academic fields, Shigeoki outsmarted the rest of his clan with his genius, but remained a child despite all of this. He was constantly curious, and would ask questions of others that shocked even the elderly of his clan. Shigeoki was also noted to be at some instances, rather mischievous, going out to play much of the time, rather than study. However, by the time he had become only the meager age of 8, Shigeoki had already gained the intellectual capacity needed for a high-level ninja. By the time his physical training was in order, Shigeoki was able to apply much of the knowledge gained from his reading into real-life situations, overwhelming nearly any situation thrown at him, Shigeoki found that the only challenge he had faced was his inexperience, which was something he'd grow out of soon enough.


Shigeoki's growth into his teenage years is when his true brilliance would begin to arrive. At the meager age of 15 he had began to dabble into the arts of the Demonic Illusion techniques, and mainly focused on the altering of his surroundings in order to gain a tactical advantage in any combat situation. He would also begin to greatly develop his physical and ninjutsu training, learning the arts of Chakra Suppression and Chakra Flow, his abilities, by the age 16, had already been worthy of the clan head position, if it weren't for his young age.

Shigeoki then inherited his clan's signature Sokusha Ishiyumi (速射弩 Rapid-Firing Crossbow) weapon, which was used by the majority of the clan's fighters. From the beginning of it's usage, Shigeoki demonstrated capable understanding of the weapon, and along with his mild expertise in swordsmanship, he was truly a capable ninja by the age of 17. It would be in this year that he would be given the test to truly see his capabilities, and his worthiness of becoming the clan's head.

Trial to PowerEdit

Shigeoki, as the desired clan head, was given the trial that all of the desired clan heads were given. It's name was, Trial to Power (電力の試用 Denryoku no shiyō) and was a tradition of the clan that all desired clan heads must have performed. It's contents were simply, survive in the Shinobi World, by yourself with the clothes on your skin, your weapons, a small ration of food and water, a small pouch of money and most importantly, one's wits. Shigeoki, initially shocked by this, accepted the challenge with surprising willingness. However, what was he to know of the truly, almost frightening life this was about to turn out to become.

And so, Shigeoki embarked on his first journey into the outside world. Only using the prior knowledge he had of the current society and his own supplies, which were, a ration of food and water, his own weaponry supplies and his clothing. Shigeoki, after leaving the secluded land of his clan, he began to wander. Primarily leaving towards the Land of Fire, he was automatically met with several of the Uchiha after he incidentally trespassed into their territory. This caused him and the clansmen to have a brief skirmish of sorts, although a misunderstanding, Shigeoki was forced into battle automatically. Shigeoki, although in the beginning of the battle seemingly had the upper-hand, a woman from the clan had somehow been able to effortlessly read through his movements without any prior indication. Despite his efforts, Shigeoki had been overpowered, but managed to see what was the cause of this. The woman's eyes were a crimson red, with three tomoe that span constantly. Shigeoki, then through this, simply deduced that this was an infamous eye technique, although the name escaped him.

Shigeoki, through his deception skills and Genjutsu, Shigeoki was able to escape from the Uchiha's territory and escape with very minimal injuries. For an entire month, he would remain in the small territories outside of the Land of Fire, getting into small skirmishes and escaping with minor, but growing injuries. Then deciding that he needed to begin earning money and expanding some sort of influence, Shigeoki headed towards the infamous Land of Water, who, at the time, were reputed with numerous mercenaries at the time. Transporting himself there through a boat, he would reach there in a few weeks.

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Naruto: Path of our HeroesEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shigeoki is a powerful ninja, and is considered to be one of the foremost geniuses of his time, although not in-league with those such as Madara Uchiha or Hashirama Senju, Shigeoki himself is classed on his own level in his time. His strategic brilliance, combined with his arsenal of equipment and few, but noticeable array of Genjutsu techniques, give him the ability needed to fight on-par with those of Nanashi Uchiha's and even Iba Ikari's caliber, albeit the sheer advantage that they possess gives them the upper-hand. Even then, Shigeoki's deceptive ability and his tendency to adapt to any given situation by merely looking over small details, and even using psychological warfare against his opponents to balance the situation out. Shigeoki is normally aware of any possibly confrontation, and uses his terrain greatly to his advantage, utilizing traps, or using it's unique features and his own Genjutsu techniques to provide a false sense of security for his opponent. Overall, through both experience and his own adaptability, Shigeoki improves after every consecutive battle, noting down mentally on different strategies that are needed to overcome an adversary. A powerful ninja, one would even remark he is a "bishop" on the "playing field", and even his commanders and members of the Uchiha Clan note his abilities.

Physical AbilitiesEdit




Weaponry-Related AbilitiesEdit

Swordsmanship Prowess:

Long-Ranged Combat Mastery:

Explosive Tags Expert:


Behind the ScenesEdit

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