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Shikari Nara
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Name Shikari Nara
Kanji シカリ奈良
Romanji Nara Shikari
Personal Status
Birthdate May 12th
Age 35 Years old
Gender Male
Height 5'9
Weight 170lbs
Blood Type AB+
Hometown Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire, Konohagakure
Home Country Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure , Nara Symbol Nara Clan
Occupation Nara Symbol Clan Head, Guardian Ninja Symbol Twelve Guardian Ninja
Previous Team Ino-Shika-Cho [Choutoku Akmichi, Inomunya Yamanaka]
Family Shikamaru Nara Father, Unknown Mother
Rank Jōnin Symbol Jōnin/Clan Head
Classification Jōnin Symbol Jōnin
Ninja Registration #N003
Academy Grad. Age 6
Chūnin Prom. Age 8
Jōnin Prom. Age 12
Hiden Techniques Nara Clan Jutsu
Nature Type Nature Icon Fire Fire, Nature Icon Wind Wind
Jutsu Shadow Binding Jutsu, Shadow Imitation Technique, Black Spider Lily, Formation Ino-Shika-Cho, Shadow Sewing Technique
Weapons Kunai, Shuriken, Wire, Paper Bombs
The Shadows are everywhere, It's just a matter of time before you are bound within my realm

—, Shikari Nara

Shikari Nara (シカリ奈良, Nara Shikari) is a Shinobi who serves the rank of the current Head of the Nara Clan , Son of Shikamaru Nara , Shikari has joined the Twelve Guardian Ninja which serve to Protect the Fire Damiyo, something his Father's Mentor was a part of and his Father Offered. Unlike his Father Shikari accepted. Shikari is a highly skilled Jōnin who's wits made his process to Jōnin rather fast. Like his father, Shikari has a large and high I.Q, who often takes part within Shogi games with his father


Shikari is a tall stern man with long black hair worn within a ponytail held by a red felt cord. His hair like his fathers and grandfathers is almost jet black with hazel coloured eyes. Shikari wears the standard Jōnin outfit consiting of a grey shirt and long blue pants. Over his shirt is his modified flak jacket with more scroll holsters and pouches for Kunai or other tools ready to be used for his advantage in battle. On Shikari's Right leg bears the symbol of Fire, showing his membership to the twelve guardian Ninja.


Similar to other members of the Nara family, Shikari is quite lazy, he tends to leave all or avoid his daily work and be somewhere sleeping. Despite this, Shikari is however quite noble and if his comrades are in danger he will come to their aid for protection, having a somewhat noble personality. Shikari as an attitude but even know he is lazy, he is quick to make friends and will back them no matter what. A habbit Shikari possesses is smoking, which he is quite the heavy smoker

Shikari is a laid-back Shinobi who doesn't tend to really get into problems of other people unless it's necessary to do so. He is very blunt and doesn't sugar coat anything nad talks to those around him with no concern about the topic and with additionally address them be how he sees them. 

Shikari Tends to sleep and relax but is often seen playing games like Shogi or Chess with his father. He often attends small Fishing trips with Shikamaru in which they both explain it is the best relaxation time and lets them take a small rest from their duties. During these Fishing Days - which can extend weeks at a time - Shikari stops smoking, just there to fish and enjoy the atmosphere. This has been noted by his team who encourage him to take more trips to try and lightly mend his lungs.



Shikari, just like his father if he wasn't so lazy could further his abilties and become a large and famous Shinobi, Shikari often states that being well known is "Too cool" for him, he perfers to sit and remain within the shadows. Whilst his time as a Genin, Shikari excelled at his Jutsu training and within most fields, If he improved his motivation, Shikari would become one of the greatest Shinobi which he gets told often by other Shinobi and his peers. Being apart of the Twelve Guardian Ninja, Shikari has quite a large bounty on his head, leading the Nara clan has increased this bounty also.


Whilst not being one of Shikari's favourite forms of fighting, he has immense skill within Taijutsu. Whenever using Taijutsu it often comes as a surprise to his opponents as he prefers to use skills such as the Nara hiden arts or Ninjutsu. Shikari wields bladed weapons similar to Asuma Sarutobi, and being quite capable of infusing his Taijutsu skills with those weapons.


Shikari greatest trait and advantage is his superior intelligence and mental capacities. A highly regarded strategist who has been able to almost out manuver large groups of Shinobi single handedly. Playing mentally tasking games such as Shogi with his father often got his brain working more than he thought, Shikamaru said that Shikari has never lost a game of Shogi against Shikamaru, further expanding on his large knowledge. Like his father some say his Intelligence on an I.Q test reached lengthed of the 200's, which is unmeasurable intelligence .

Taking advantage of his normal and calm deminor Shikari rarely looses composure, able to form devastating tatics within only a matter of seconds, taking almost all factors in also. Being always aware of his surrondings and easily able to see through many deceptions makes casting Genjutsu on Shikari a large challenge. His intelligence is highly adaptable, making his use to out-smart his opponents despite if they share a large advantage over him. He is also very resorcefull, being able to use random ninja tools to his advantage.

Shikamaru thinking

Shikari posing like his Father

From these traits, Shikari is able to easily focus on all data acquired to quickly and effectively analyse the situation to discern how an opponent's techniques works, devise counters, anticipate enemy actions, and quickly form effective plans; the pinnacle of his focus is commonly seen from his habit of putting his fingers together to create a circle and closing his eyes much like his father. After doing this he can quickly think ten moves ahead of his opponent with over a hundred strategies ready to be used, but his real skill is choosing the best one. Likewise, he can easily adjust or switch to an alternate plan at a moment's notice.


Nara clan techniquesEdit

Shikari's primary form of attacking happens with the use of the Nara clan hidden techniques, using techniques such as the Shadow Imitation Technique or the Shadow-Neck Binding Technique , making for his target to stop moving than initially slowly get the life drained from their eyes. One of Shikari's most used techniques is the Shadow Sewing Technique due to it being an offensive technique, as his shadow can now act almost as a set of tentacles, leaping and twisting out of the air to attack multiple targets. He also has the ability to simultaneously use all of his techniques in astonishing co-ordination.

Shikari also inherited Asuma's Chakra Blades after his teacher was killed, a gift from his father upon becoming Jōnin. He learned to use them in tandem with his clan's abilities, and uses his fathers Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique. Which allows him to "pin" his shadow on an opponent, without the need of the Shadow Imitation Technique, giving him far greater range, flexibility, and the ability to move. Shikari can also use the Shadow Gathering Technique which allows him great control over his shadow allowing him to pick up and throw tools, or pull in other objects. It can be used to grab multiple objects like explosive tags, and attach them to a trapped opponent.

Nature TransformationEdit

Shikari has the ability of both Fire Release and Wind Release manipulation. Shikari uses his wind manipulation to create dust or even pull tree's from the ground which essentially creates more shadows for his skills to manipulate and futhermore capture his opponents. When using the Chakra blades aquired from his father, like Asuma, Shikari uses his wind release chakra to create a stronger edge and being able to throw further distances. Wind Release for Shikari is quite useful, as he can control his wind chakra and make objects such as Kunai levitate and throw around an arena.

His proficiency with Fire Release techniques was demonstrated mainly through his use of the Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning technique to breathe out a cloud of superheated ash capable of causing third-degree burns. Because it was ash and not flame, the attack remained in the air around the target, and therefore remained potent for a longer period of time. The ash was in fact gunpowder, which could be ignited for a devastating explosion causing intense damage. Shikari used the ash as a distraction to further the length of his shadows un-noticed


  • ​Shikari is one of the authors favourite Characters
  • The Powers are similar to Shikamaru Nara and also Asuma Sarutobi, Two of the Authors favourite Characters