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Shiki Kanō
Shiki profile
Name Shiki Kanō
Kanji 志木加納
Rōmaji Kanō Shiki
Personal Status
Birthdate 21st January
Age Part I: 13
Part II: 14
Gender Male Male
Height Part I: 147.32 cm
Part II: 152.40 cm
Weight Part I: 37 kg
Part II: 42 kg
Blood Type A
Hometown Hoshigakure Symbol Hoshigakure
Home Country Land of Bears Symbol.svg Land of Bears
Affiliation Hoshigakure Symbol Hoshigakure
Kano Clan symbol Kanō Clan
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Genin
Previous Occupation Academy Student
Team Team Sanguis
Previous Team None
Partner Naibu Sanguis
Previous Partner None
Family Meian Kanō
Rank Genin Symbol Genin
Classification Shinobi
Ninja Registration Not Stated
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age NA
Jōnin Prom. Age NA
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Blood Blood Release
Hiden Techniques Transference Fist
Nature Type Nature Icon Yin–Yang Yin-Yang Release
Nature Icon Yang Yang Release
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Jutsu Body Flicker Technique
Body Replacement Technique
Blood Release: Binding Ropes
Blood Release: Iron Count
Blood Release: Healing
Blood Release: Blood Promise
Blood Release: Siphon
Blood Release: Dance of Death
Blood Release: Piercing Lancer
Blood Frenzy
Chakra Flow
Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fire Release: Heat Wave
Fire Release: Running Fire
Summoning Technique (Saber-toothed Tiger)
Yin Release: Armor

Shiki Kanō (志木加納, Kanō Shiki) is a young Genin of Hoshigakure, having recently graduated the Ninja Academy. Like almost all children of Hoshigakure he wants to be the future Hoshikage and bring the spot the recognition he feels it rightly deserves. Despite only being a Genin, Shiki has experienced a great deal of combat for one so young, mainly due to the influence of Naibu Sanguis who often spirits the boy away for days and weeks at a time for training and company on missions deemed too dangerous for simple Genin: which gave birth to Team Sanguis, a mere two-man cell.

Due to a blood transfusion from Naibu Sanguis on one of these missions, Shiki can now utilize the Kekkei Genkai known as Blood Release which has only further increased Naibu's interest in the boy. Being a young man of the Kanō Clan, Shiki has demonstrated near prodigal skill in their unique brand of Taijutsu known as the Transference Fist and is considered a skilled and upcoming scion of Hoshigakure, as well as the sole user of the Seika flames. The current Hoshikage, Meian Kanō, is also Shiki's uncle.

Appearance Edit

Shiki manga profile

Shiki Kanō's usual appearance, alongside his Flak Jacket.

Shiki has mildly spiked black hair, eyes as black as his hair and two piercings on the lobe of either ear. In terms of age and appearance, Shiki is a young teenager and very much underestimated because of it. He isn't a physically intimidating individual, despite his ferocious strength in thanks to his method of Taijutsu, nor is he particularly noteworthy. Naibu even once said he fades into the background. Even without excessive muscle power Shiki can easily overpower fully grown adults with little effort, with his child-like appearance making others lower their guard.

His clothing is very different from staple Shinobi garb. For one he rarely wears the usual Flak Jacket, though when he does his is a modified, tight-fitting vest with a rigid and ribbed design to interrupt bladed weapons. Around his waist is a fur-lined tasset for warmth, held in place by a simple leather belt with a simple iron buckle. Positioned above his hips is his equipments pouch which holds his various kunai, shuriken and explosive tags; amongst other things. In addition he wears his enlarged Kunai blade strapped to his back by a piece of string. In Part II he carries two of these swords set with wing-like hand-guards which have quickly become his trademark equipment. His trousers are simply of the traditional fabric and design colored black.

Personality Edit

Shiki's most endearing and noticeable trait is his great confidence; both in himself as a person and as a Shinobi of Hoshigakure. This makes him come across as big-headed, though this is not the case. Even when scared of someone, Shiki's confidence is usually the one thing that overrides his fear, which has saved the lives of himself and his allies countless times in the past. This confidence is evident in everyday situations, especially with women and those in high social standing; as Shiki simply acts in his usual energetic manner.

Shiki's personality involves a great deal of emotion, as he doesn't attempt to keep any reign on his feelings now that he's grown older; which gives him a rather loud and flamboyant attitude when dealing with others, or, depending on the situation, a level of anger and frustration, or indeed feelings of despair and depression. As a child, he attempted to suppress these negative aspects of his personalty, but later came to realize through the words of his father that such a thing was foolish and that he should just accept himself for who he is.

This emotion is directly linked to his everyday persona, and indeed his battlefield performance. If suffering from extreme fits of anger, rage or frustration, Shiki is described as a not too friendly person; who is argumentative and spiteful, hardly seeing reason or responding to helpful advice. When sad or depressed, his persona takes a drastic altercation and he becomes distant and develops feelings of inadequacy and uselessness to his allies; seemingly even overriding his usual confidence, though anger seems to prevail more strongly recently. This makes Shiki a complex and difficult to understand youth, even for those who have known him since he was a baby.

Shiki also happens to demonstrate a great many animalistic traits in his personality, which ultimately serves to unnerve those he meets. He is very protective of areas he considers his own territory, likes to savor the thrill of a hunt and challenge and is generally quite cunning in how he formulates plans and strategies. This ultimately allows him to preserve and combat foes naturally stronger and more powerful than he is. These animalistic tendencies are so pronounced, in fact, that Shiki possesses an almost animalistic degree of instinct and naturally high blood-lust, usually geared more towards his own survival more than anything else. These tendencies are so pronounced that they were the sole reason the notoriously rare and difficult Saber-toothed Tigers allowed him to make a summoning contract with them. His blood-lust in particular is incredibly strong, for he can access the Blood Frenzy usually only relevant to members of the Sanguis Clan who are natural wielders of the Blood Release Kekkei Genkai. His Blood Promise is particularly strong, namely thanks to his animalistic qualities and angry mind-set.

These traits have led many to draw the conclusion that Shiki is quite dog-like in how he treats those closest to him, especially Irie, with his attitude towards her mirroring the love a dog would generally show towards their owner. He goes out of his way to protect her, goes to great lengths to please her, and has even shown the desire to put his life before her own; even though she ignores his feelings like the plague.

Regardless of his animalistic tendencies, emotional outbursts and indeed his violent behavior, Shiki is generally held in high regard by those around him, or by those who happen to befriend him. His former instructors reckon he has many bad points and annoying habits, but that the good tendencies he does exhibit - such as clowning around to add a degree of levity to otherwise serious situations or his desire to lend a hand to those who need it when asked, serve to outweigh the many negative aspects he shows regularly; serving to further highlight the similarities he has with a dog.

History Edit

Main Article - The Scion, the Tiger and the Blood Promise.

Synopsis Edit

Part II Edit

Equipment Edit

Blood Increasing Pills: Shiki carries with him several blood increasing pills so he can safely and more readily utilize the Chi Sōsa Kekkei Genkai. The pills are used to speed up the formation and increase of blood in the body, quickly replacing that which is lost through the use of Chi Sōsa.

Kunai Blade: A Kunai blade with the general appearance of a kunai with a similar base, but the blade instead is curved, elongated and single-edged, giving it a similar appearance and function to an actual sword. The blade has a small hole right near its long, bandaged hilt, which at its edge sports a larger version of the standard ring all kunai have. The weapon was stolen from Konohagakure by Naibu Sanguis and later given to Shiki as a gift to commemorate his achievement of the rank of Genin. As per Part II, Shiki has obtained two such blades with wing-like guards.

Abilities Edit

Despite only being a Genin in actual rank, Shiki's development of the ninja arts as well as his Taijutsu style has allowed him to blow past the supposed strength someone of his age would possess. In terms of ninjutsu strength, knowledge and utilization, Shiki is more akin to a Jōnin, though it's painfully clear that his young, growing body currently holds him back a great deal. Naibu has said repeatedly that Shiki is a match for average Jōnin because of his Kekkei Genkai and Hiden techniques giving him the element of surprise: a mistake one cannot afford to make because of the Transference Fist young Shiki favors.

His abilities have always been noted to be higher than others his age, with many comparing him to his uncle, Meian; who happens to be the Hoshikage. This in itself hints at Shiki's potential and current strength. Though Shiki's true power lies in his advanced techniques which Naibu ensured he knew, among the Summoning Technique and various Blood Release jutsu that Naibu himself uses regularly.

Ninjutsu Edit

As a result of Naibu's intervention in Shiki early life the young shinobi was taught at an early age the basic fundamentals of ninjutsu, spending much of his time learning and understanding the principles behind it, more-so than simply learning techniques. As a result Shiki's skills are well beyond the capacity of a normal Genin in terms of Ninjutsu. His most used techniques revolve around basic Fire Release jutsu, such as the Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique and the stronger Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique. His skill in manipulating these simple techniques is astounding as Shiki understands their use, the Chakra levels required as well as the principle that gives the technique birth. As a result he can make the former substantially more diverse, which ultimately serves as a greater offense, while he can manipulate the latter so skillfully that the flames shape, form and direction appears as entirely different techniques.

Using the Great Fireball Technique, Shiki can ignite an epic blaze around his foe by directly feeding the flames through the Yin principle and then give the flames greater strength and scope through the Yang principle. The flames Shiki generates by combining his Fire Release with Yin-Yang Release have been dubbed Seika. Seika's flames are considered to be on-par with those of Amaterasu, allowing him to create a near unstoppable wave of "shining fire" that incinerates anything in his path. As a result the flames birthed by Shiki's Dragon Fire Technique and Great Fireball Technique can contend with stronger flames, with few Fire Release techniques being its equal.

Shiki's skill in regards to Seika is tremendous, as is to be expected from the techniques inventor. It has even become to be known as his personal technique guarded just as closely as any Hiden jutsu. Using Seika: Attōshūhen, Shiki employs Shape Transformation to Seika's flames, allowing him to alter and shape the flames as he sees fit. He can form intricate barriers that stab a foe on contact, blades that slash with the incinerating strength of Seika, as well as a host of other effects all given form through the Yin principle that governs the imagination. Shiki can even form detailed animal shapes which attack in conjunction with him as though they were his Panther summons, given temporary life through the Yang principle to breathe life into the created form. When using Seika: Janenhinote, Shiki combines Seika with his Blood Release Kekkei Genkai for devastating results. This creates a sea of "burning blood" which Shiki can then use for incredible precision attacks over any range: ultimately outclassing even the Blood Release: Blood Promise - an S-class technique - in sheer strength.

Kekkei Genkai Edit

Taijutsu Edit

Transference Fist Edit

Behind the Scenes Edit

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