Shin Nara
Name Shin Nara
Personal Status
Birthdate 20th of August
Age 12
Gender Male
Height 160 cm
Weight 60 kg
Blood Type AB-
Hometown Konohagakure
Home Country Land of Fire
Affiliation Unnamed
Previous Affiliation Konohagakure
Occupation Ending the War
Previous Occupation Academy Student
Team Shattered Leaf Team Leader
Previous Team 7
Partner Kenshi, Kyatchi, Shinko, Ressho, Kasumi, Sofu, and many others,
Previous Partner Lenten
Family Adoptive Mother, Father, Grandfather (Shikamaru), Uncle (Asuma Yuhi), unnamed cousins, unnamed blacksmith father
Rank Genin (before defection)
Classification Missing-Nin, Wanted Dead
Ninja Registration 481542
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age Unobtained
Jōnin Prom. Age Unobtained
Kekkei Genkai Sharingan

Mangekyo Sharingan

Hiden Techniques Shadow Imitation, Shadow Sewing, Shadow Neckbind, Shadow Slashing, Shadow imitation Shurikan
Nature Type Wind
Jutsu Clone jutsu
Weapons Kunai, Shurikan, Wire, Reapers
Shin is a Genin ranked shinobi from the Uchiha clan, but due to his family being dead and not knowing that he was an Uchiha, he was instead raised by the Nara clan. He was considered in the middle of the seven Genin who passed, with the mistakes made during testing ultimately lowering his overall position. However he proved himself when coupled with Kyatchi and Kenshi as a highly capable shinobi.


Like Sasuke, Shin has black hair with two bangs on either side of his face and as with most Nara’s he has it up in a spiked ponytail. He wears a mesh shirt underneath a Blue short sleeved T-shirt and a black jacket over that. He wears pale trousers with external clips for his reapers and two pouches containing Kunai, shurikan and wires. Under his right arm is a small holster containing four kunai that when chakra is added allows them to spring out.


Shin is intelligent, lazy and quite laidback. Although he is considered extremely smart he is still far below that of the rest of the Nara clan. His laziness is frowned upon by most, but laughed at by his adoptive grandfather, remembering what he was like at that age. While he is laid back and prone to making mistakes, he often fills the silent observant type of his group, putting others into an uneasy state. While letting others know his objections, and offering alternatives, he tends to keep to himself only trusting in his closest friends to disclose anything about his underlying feelings. He appears to lack confidence in his abilities when he is by himself, often being the support role in combat, unless he is using his sharingan, which gives him the confidence to face any foe. However after holding his own against several high levelled shinobi he begins to gain more confidence without it. He spends most of his spare time hanging out with his friends, or playing shogi with his adopted grandfather, Shikamaru, whom he views as his idol. He often will constantly review information during a fight to determine his opponents’ weakness before alerting his team. This behaviour is further enhanced when he unlocks his sharingan allowing him to see the entire battle.


Shin had potential to be the best in his class at the academy but barley passed above the average. He aced the written test but when it came to demonstrating his techniques he choked. The watching Chunin did not believe he would make a very capable ninja until they saw him in action. Since graduating Shin has unlocked many powerful techniques and added with his intelligence and Kyatchi and Kenshi’s teamwork he is almost unbeatable. Among his techniques are the Nara clans, shadow imitation, neck binding and sewing techniques. He also has access to the sharingan and later the Mangekyo, eternal and absolute, one of the three most powerful dojutsu. His summons are crows which he uses for substitution, reconnaissance and blinding. Although his taijutsu is not particularly great, he has become very efficient with his four Reaper hand blades with which he can add his fire and lightning chakra natures into to enhance his power.

Shadow TechniquesEdit

As a member of the Nara clan Shin has access to the clans’ secret technique, the shadow position jutsu. His standard strategy is to capture his opponent in it and have Kyatchi take them down with his byakugan. He also later learned the shadow neck bind jutsu, the shadow sewing, shadow control, diversion shadow, shadow reap and with his reapers the shadow ripping, and shadow imitation shurikan techniques.

Fire and Lightning naturesEdit

Being a member of the Uchiha, Shin has the fire style which he has several jutsu with most notably he great and grand fire ball jutsu’s, the dragon flame jutsu, phoenix flower jutsu and the collaboration with Kenshi and Kyatchi the blazing inferno jutsu.

He also has access to the lightning style in which he has lightning breath, lightning style: bleak light and the lightning style: thunder spear jutsu.

Taijutsu and Reaper skillsEdit

Because Shin’s birth father had been a blacksmith, Shin had inherited his finest creations, the reapers. These reapers are hand blades and despite Shin’s weak Taijutsu, he focused on mastering their use. Shin is also able to add his fire and lightning styles allowing him to set fire to what he slashes and electrocute people during clashes. He is also able to mix his shadows with it in order to immobilize enemies with either the shadow slashing or blocking techniques. The rest of his taijutsu is below average but he has learned the right time and way to respond to many of the standard taijutsu attacks. This was further enhanced by the addition of his sharingan.


As an Uchiha, Shin has access to one of the most powerful and thought to be extinct dojutsu, the sharingan. With this he is able to copy the opponent and cause their reaction times to slow and believe that he is reacting to their thoughts thanks to the hypnotic eye. He also has increased reaction times and can see some of the fastest techniques, those that people normally could not see. When he unlocked the Mangekyo sharingan he gained access to several powerful techniques. These include the Amaterasu, Izanami and Ryujin.


When Deku summoned his Harrier in order to tech his team to summon he was disappointed that Shinko and Kenshi already had summons. Shin however was alerted by the Harrier that as an Uchiha with the will of fire, instead of the curse of hatred that his summon would be crows. Shin then attempted to summon a crow, signed the contract and now keeps crows with him. In combat he uses them as a substitution, and he can use them for scouting and attacking.


While not his strong point he gradually gets better with genjutsu, being able to identify it and dispel it. He later learns to use the false darkness jutsu and the 7 blinding lights jutsu.

Character HistoryEdit

Before the Uchiha massacre Shins great, great grandfather had been in a relationship with a non-shinobi women, who he had gotten pregnant. After the massacre had occurred she had told the hokage that her child was an Uchiha. Hoping that they would be able to rebuild the now deceased clan, the Third kept it a secret only telling the council. After several generations during the fifth shinobi world war, Shins father had been targeted as a blacksmith and so killed. With no father and a mother who had died in childbirth, the current Hokage Naruto Uzumaki had given Shin to the Nara clan in fear that after three generations of un-awakened sharingan that the genetic code had been lost. So, on his advisor’s request Shin was adopted by the Nara clan. It was in order for Shin to become a shinobi to unlock his kekkei genkai, to be sure it would remain unlocked. After so long of not being awakened, the sharingan had evolved and had unlocked another stage, known as the absolute which is a continuation of the magekyo sharingan. During Shins childhood he had made friends with Kyatchi Hyuga, grandson of Neji, Kenshi Inuzuka, granddaughter of Kiba and Lenten Lee, granddaughter of Rock and Tenten Lee. He had also come to know other shinobi of his age and had shown promise in the academy.

Character PlotEdit

When Shin graduated he was placed in team 7 alongside his childhood friends, Kyatchi and Kenshi, with Deku as their Jonin Sensei. The now standard bell test was passed in only a few hours and it was because of their teamwork they managed to get the bells with Kyatchi not eating by his own choice. Deku was impressed with their strategy and began increasing their skills beginning with chakra control by walking up walls and then change in chakra nature. Lenten also joined their team as she had managed to get a bell from Hiruzen Sarutobi her previous sensei; however the rest of her team failed. As a part of the team, Shin was taught to walk up walls and as a result better management over his chakra something he mastered quickly. After learning this technique Deku tested the team’s chakra nature and found that Shins was fire. Because none of the other members of Team 7 had this as their nature, Deku devoted this time to teaching Shin and studying how to control the fire nature. After several weeks of training and doing low levelled missions, team 7 was sent their first B-ranked mission.

The mission focused around four missing nin. Normally Genin only three weeks in would not even be given a C-rank but there was a shortage of available ninja and the Hokage believed that Deku alone would be able to complete the mission. During the mission Aoikitsune led the team on the enemy teams trail. Throughout the chase Shin recognises the landscape as the Nara’s forest. Team seven manages to catch up with the missing nin who are revealed to be three chunin and a Jonin. The jonin known as Daigome orders the chunin to kill team seven before running off. Then Deku hears that the plan is to dig up an old s-rank missing nin known as Hidan. While the genin do not know who he is Deku recognises the name and chases after Daigome. Shin and Kyatchi work together to defeat the second chunin, using the shadow/trigram teamwork they had practised together at the academy. This caused them to disable rather than kill their opponent unlike the rest of the team, allowing them to take him hostage for interegation. The team and captive continue after Deku who reveals that Daigome disappeared, with Katchi and Kenshi confirming no trace of his chakra.

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