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Shirokaze Fuyutama
Devilish Swordsman (剣鬼, Kenki)
Name Shirokaze Fuyutama
Kanji 冬霊城風
Rōmaji Fuyutama Shirokaze
Personal Status
Birthdate October 31
Age 19
Gender Male Male
Height 6'0"
Weight 135 lbs
Home Country Land of Water Symbol Land of Water
Occupation Mercenary
Previous Occupation Apprentice
Partner Suzume
Clan Fuyutama Symbol Fuyutama Clan
Family Kazeyo Fuyutama (Ancestor)
Classification Missing-nin
Shirokaze Stats
Kekkei Genkai Fuyutama Clan's Kekkei Genkai
Hiden Techniques Majutsu Symbol Majutsu
Nature Type Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Jutsu Ancestral Art: Circumvent Heaven and Earth
Ancestral Spirit Communion
Body Flicker Technique
Cloud Gathering Technique
Crescent Moon Slash Method
Dark Star Amplification
Dark Star Nullification
Demonic Eclipse
Electromagnetic Perception
Ghoul's Despair
Hiding in Mist Technique
Lightning Release: Demonic Circuit
Lightning Release: Discharge
Lightning Release: Heavenly Thunderbolt
Mark of the Wicked: Stigma of Ruin
Mark of the Wicked: Stigma of the Phantom
Meteor Storm Technique
Mist Electrification Technique
Mushin-ryū: Blade Ripple
Mushin-ryū: Early Summer Rain
Mushin-ryū: Single Stroke
Mushin-ryū: Vortex
Mushin-ryū: Whirling Strike
Pool of Desolation
Scarecrow's Honour
Silent Killing
Spirit Rift
Spirit Summoning Technique
Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
Water Release: Water Encampment Wall
Weapons Tōkajin (桃花刃, Peach Blossom Blade)
Various Swords
Shirokaze Fuyutama (冬霊城風, Fuyutama Shirokaze) is one of the few surviving members of the Fuyutama Clan. He was classified as a criminal and missing-nin after killing his former master. He currently takes up various mercenary work alongside Suzume, his childhood friend and partner. His skill in swordsmanship and other techniques has earned him a prominent notoriety within criminal circles, coming to be known as the Devilish Swordsman (剣鬼, Kenki).


Early LifeEdit

Most of Shirokaze's earliest memories are subject to a tremendous amount mystery and confusion. Even through the use of illusory hypnosis, as a method of recovering details of his past, he has yet to fully access the events of his life before being taken in by Jōtoku. From the bits and pieces that he's been able to recollect it has been determined that Shirokaze likely grew up on one of the sparsely populated islands within the Land of Water's protectorate. Additionally, from the brief flashbacks he can organize it would seem that Shiro's family lived upon a relatively warm island, outside most of the affairs of shinobi and related combat. Overall it appears as if Shiro possessed a happy childhood, but has come to the conclusion that everyone he knew from that time is likely gone. He hasn't gone into detail regarding this statement, but appears to be adamant of its truth.

Servitude of BloodEdit

Shirokaze's first conclusive memories begin during his time as a servant within Jōtoku's, a warlord and retainer serving the Water Daimyō, fortress on the northern coast of the Land of Water's main island. While not a slave in the traditional sense the young Fuyutama was not permitted to venture beyond the castle walls and regularly had blood samples taken from him on a weekly basis. He would learn later that his blood was being taken for the purpose forcefully activating latent kekkei genkai in individuals captured by Jōtoku and his men. Due to the nefarious usage of his blood, Shiro was kept in pristine physical and mental condition.

Due to his early introduction to this lifestyle Shirokaze came to accept his position as a servant of the household without animosity towards his master, seeing no abnormality in his circumstances. As a member of Jōtoku's household Shiro learned his most rudimentary skills from other servants within the fortress, quickly establishing himself as exceptionally bright at an early age. It was during this time when Shiro, who around the age of six at the time, first became aware of his unique sensory ability. Through this skill he was able to begin to notice trends in chakra fluctuations among nearby individuals, eventually picking up on the methodology of simple chakra manipulation.

The Foiled CoupEdit

For several years, up until Shiro had reached the age of ten, his life in Jōtoku's household was quite peaceful, despite the overtones of bloodshed associated with his master's profession. Furthermore, the number blood samples collected from the young Fuyutama had been decreasing steadily, though he had never payed the event much mind. In fact Shiro was quite content with his place in the world, until a fateful eventing when several of Jōtoku's men decided to stage a coup during the master's absence from the fortress. Carving through the castle walls like a plague the traitors ravaged any and every loyalist to Jōtoku himself. Allied with a few missing-nin the rebels wrought absolute destruction within the fortress, as the smell of death and flame flowed throughout the stronghold.

Shirokaze himself was knocked out during the confusion and panic that emanated from the initial shock waves born from a barrage of explosive tags. Coming to amongst the carnage comparable to war the young Fuyutama was paralyzed with fear as the watched in horror as masked assailants struck down members of his makeshift family without even the hint of remorse. Suddenly one of the traitorous combatants gaze fell upon Shiro and made his way towards the unarmed youth. Unable to act, or even muster a scream, Shiro contemplated whether the concept of death as the enemy moved in on him. "I don't want to die," he thinks to himself as the masked individuals stand over him, bloodstained blade in hand.

"Then move!" a voice echos in the deepest recesses of Shirokaze's mind, urging him to stagger towards the left, evading what would have been his execution. Despite his evasion the slightly surprised assailant followed up with a powerful kick, launching the young Fuyutama several meters into wall. Coughing up blood as he attempts pull himself back up the voice in his subconscious speaks again. "I would be really disappointed if my clan's legacy is destined to end with you," the voice explains harshly, "So...if you want live, you'll have to start by extinguishing that opponent." Shiro attempts to retort by explaining his lack of ability to fight, but is cut off abruptly. "If you can follow your opponent's movements, then all that you need to do is avoid their first attack and retaliate before they can recover," the voice lectures, as if the concept was simple. Shirokaze claims that he's not strong enough to accomplish anything of the sort with his strength, but is stumped by voice's reason once again. "You claim you want to live, but all you're doing is making excuses to the contrary. I lend you as much strength as I can under these circumstances, but the everything else rests with you."

Filled with a vitalizing energy Shirokaze pulls himself up completely and raises his gaze onto the approaching enemy. "Sorry for complaining...thank you," he whispers quietly, before rushing towards the swordsman before him. As he moves in a few similarly clad combatants refocus on the young Fuyutama attacking an opponent several times his size. Moving in with great ferocity Shiro realizes the truth spoken by the voice in his subconscious, he could follow his opponent's movements. The moment his enemy attempted to bisect him, with a quick swipe of his blade, Shiro slid under his opponent's attack and lunged at him enemy. Surprised once again, but beginning to recognize his miniscule enemy's affinity for evasion, the assailant follows up with a strict backhand, knocking the young Fuyutama towards one of is allies. Shockingly though Shirokaze rebounds without delay, using the moment from the hit he had received to launch himself towards this secondary enemy, knocking him over with the force of their collision. The surrounding masked assailants laughed at the site of one of their own being knocked over, but ceased as Shiro pulled himself off of the downed foe revealing a small blade jammed in the man's chest. Recognizing the weapon as his own the initial opponent looks to his waist to discover the blade missing, realizing that Shiro had engaged him to simply arm himself. Lifting a sword from his first kill, which was way too large for a individual of his size, he stares around at his other opponents, trembling with fear while simultaneously unwilling to yield without retaliation.

Sensing one of two remaining enemies rush at him from behind Shiro swings around to face his opponent. Understanding the force of his opponent's movement was greater than he could probably muster by simply swinging a sword the young Fuyutama ducks down and sidesteps as he moves in past his enemy, raising his blade into his enemies path while simultaneously avoiding a deathblow. After colliding with the blade around his midsection the opponent collapses to the ground. Turning back to his final opponent, the one that initially attempted to end his life, Shiro understood that his only chance at victory was to end this last one in a single strike, as he wouldn't be allowed to dance around his opponent any more. Recalling his practice in rudimentary chakra manipulation he concentrates chakra around his feet as both him and his opponent leap towards one another. Rotating around to utilize the centrifugal force of his spin to compensate for the lack of strength Shiro and his enemy clash past each other halting all motion for a moment. Nearly in synchronicity both opponents stumble, but Shiro manages to use his blade to hold himself as a spurt of blood erupts from his adversary, his life fading before collapsing upon the cold stone underneath.

Despite being vitalized by an unusual well of chakra within him, Shiro was exhausted by the extent that he had to push his body to succeed. Breathing heavily the young Fuyutama hadn't a chance to recover as booming voice rang over him. Turning in order to distinguish its origin Shiro was met with the sight of several rows of similarly masked combatants organized behind a man Shiro had come to recognize as one of Jōtoku's top swordsman. "What happened in here!?" he questions in a disgusted manner, brimming with hatred. Either unable or unwilling to respond Shiro simply looks on in silence, too fatigued to move any more. Without warning the apparent leader makes a simple hand gesture causing the young Fuyutama to be blindsided by invisible force, hurling him into a nearby wall. Before he can even consider reacting from this blow he is lifted again by an invisible force thrown into the opposing wall. Wincing in pain he is lifted into the air and slammed into the stone floor in the center to the room. Laying beaten and broken on ground Shiro watches on as the telekinetic traitor approaches him drawing his blade as he advances. Stopping above the defeated child the warrior raises his blade, savoring the moment before him. This time there was no voice echoing in Shiro's mind urging him to fight to survive, and the chakra that had enveloped him before was beyond his grasp.

Just the Shiro's life was about to be extinguished a flourish of robes obstructs his vision and blood drips onto the ground before him. Refocusing his vision the young Fuyutama realizes the blood belongs to the fortresses master, Jōtoku, who intercepted his former underlings attack with his forearm. "Sorry I'm late, hang in there," he comments, almost cheerfully, as turns back and smiles at the injured Shirokaze. Before the traitor can react Jōtoku's free arm takes on a darkened tint before he punches back the enemy, sending the traitor sprawling onto the ground. Following up immediately Jōtoku performs a quick set of hand seals and places his hand upon the ground, preventing the rebels from retreating with a earthen wall. Turning around, the warlord grabs Shiro off of the ground and swiftly jumps off to the side, just in time to avoid a volley of arrows fired at the traitors by Jōtoku's forces. As Shiro's consciousness fades the leader of the rebellion, who barely survived to onslaught of projectiles, disappears in a puff of smoke as Jōtoku orders what appear to be Kirigakure Hunter-nin to follow in pursuit.

Dark Disciples of the MistEdit

Several days following the events of the failed coup, which resulted in the deaths of dozens of Jōtoku's followers, a highly bandaged Shirokaze wakes up in Kirigakure's hospital. Peering around the room he notices a dark haired girl, seemingly around his age, sitting in a chair across from his bed. Upon noticing that the young Fuyutama looking over in her direction she hurriedly dashes out of the room, leaving Shiro by himself once again. As the events at the fortress run through his mind he solemnly realizes that is wasn't merely a nightmare. Shaken by gruesome memories Shiro turns his head off to the side, letting his hair fall over his face. Distracted by his intruding recollection he doesn't even realize that others have entered the room until he hears Jōtoku's voice. "I thought you said he had woken up," he questions with a light tone.

"He was, I swear," the young girl responds, attempting to reassure the warlord. Sitting up at the sound of the pair Shiro turns back toward them and lowers his head towards Jōtoku. Nodding in approval the warlord motions for the young girl to introduce herself to the Fuyutama. "Oh names Suzume, it's nice to meet you," she begins joyfully, but continues before Shirokaze has a chance to respond, "So, Jōtoku-sama tells me that your name's Shirokaze. I think I'll call you Shiro, but I think your hair's too dark to be a Shiro. seems I'll be around from now on so I hope we get along. I guess first you'll have to get out of the hospital first before we can go home." She continues rambling for some time, leaving Shiro unable to get even a single word in at all, but is eventually cut off by Jōtoku.

" need to give other people a chance to speak," he comments calmly, apparently well acquainted with her overwhelming method of communication. "I'm glad you pulled through Shirokaze, you gave us quite a scare there for a while," he explains, "Also I'm aware of how your actions in the fortress before we arrived...I'm proud of how well you fought, and sorry that we didn't make it back sooner." Sighing Jōtoku looks toward the nearby window with a saddened expression across his face. "If I had prepared everyone at the fortress more perhaps this event could have been avoided a bit more...but that brings me to my main point," He explains as he shifts the focus of his single exposed eye onto both of the children in the room, "I've decided to take the both of you on as my apprentices...together perhaps we could avoid events like the ones you two had to experience." Bowing his head in acceptance, Shiro quietly thanks Jōtoku for the opportunity.

After Shirokaze was released from the hospital Jōtoku and his two apprentices returned to the fortress in the northern coast of the Land of Water, which was currently under repair. Regardless of its incomplete status the warlord began to educate his students in a variety of subjects, most notably chakra manipulation and combat. In addition to the standard array of techniques shinobi are exposed to both Suzume and Shiro were introduced to the ancient method of chakra manipulation, known as majutsu, which was developed near the advent of ninjutsu from a different philosophical origin. Surprisingly to Jōtoku both Suzume and Shirokaze picked up a the techniques they were exposed to with an unprecedented rate. It was also during this time that Suzume began to display a sharingan-like dōjutsu, ending the regular blood sampling from Shiro.

As an extension of his apprentice's training Jōtoku brought them along with him when he left his fortress, seemingly to grant them a more encompassing view of the world. Within these excursions both Shiro and Suzume were permitted to spectate at more than one Chūnin Exam that Kirigakure shinobi took part in, due to Jōtoku's connection to the Water Daimyō. During this events Shiro and Suzume were able to were able to pick on a few techniques, but more importantly they were able to notice trends amongst members of particular villages and regions. After witnessing a couple of these events, and applying a similar combat efficiency test, Jōtoku determined that his apprentices were sufficiently prepared to be present when performing operations for the Water Daimyō that likely involved direct conflict. Unfortunately, Jōtoku would come to consider this choice a double edged sword.

Upon being faced with real combat both Suzume and Shiro's abilities grew at a rate nearing the abnormal, prompting Jōtoku to provide his students with increasingly powerful techniques in hopes that they would remain close to him. Their prowess even had begun to draw the attention from officials and shinobi around the country, who considered Suzume and Shiro potentially more dangerous than their master. Unfortunately, their explosive growth, in concert with rumors of their power, began to spark distrust in the warlord. Fearing his apprentices would attempt to overthrow him, like attempts of his servants in the past, Jōtoku decided to push forward a plan several years in the making, which was tied to the degrading vision of the Byakugan hidden under his eye patch.

Traitorous DevelopmentEdit

Scheming in secret from his apprentices Jōtoku reveals that his interest in Shirokaze was primarily to utilize his clan's bloodline to awaken the latent potential of a descendent of the Uchiha Clan, allowing him to easily harvest the dōjutsu as a replacement for the damaged Byakugan he was able to scavenge off an individual in the past. While he had originally planned to simply take Suzume's eyes after she died, her rapidly developing abilities struck fear in the warlord that she would easily outlive him under normal conditions. Shirokaze, as well, was quickly becoming a potential threat to the power. Enacting his plan when the pair were fourteen years of age Jōtoku began to separate Suzume and Shiro on a regular basis, often only taking one of them with him when he left the fortress. During this time when they were separate Jōtoku would speak in confidence with the apprentice he was with about his distrust in other apprentice's loyalty.

After several months sewing dissent amongst the pair Jōtoku requested that both Shirokaze and Suzume get to the bottom of this matter, and to eliminate the other if they were traitorous. After these orders the two apprentices met within the fortresses courtyard one evening and begun to engage in an uncomfortable conversation, where each was trying to reveal the other as a traitor without raising suspicion. Relying on Jōtoku's counsel from beforehand both Suzume and Shiro believed that the other would attempt to reverse rebellious accusations back onto themselves, confirming their status as a traitor. As the pair seemingly revealed one another as an enemy of their master in sync, they prepared to eliminate the opposing threat before their eyes.

Standing on opposite sides of the courtyard Shirokaze and Suzume are saddened by the false realization that they were enemies. Acting first Suzume lets loose an incredible barrage of shuriken towards the Fuyutama, who counters with a concentrated burst of invisible chakra. Following up without delay Shiro performs a quick set of hand seals and discharges a jagged bolt of lightning across the ground toward Suzume. Leaping above the electrical assault the young woman sprouts black wings, in order to maintain a superior height above her opponent. Going back on the offensive she exhales an extremely large fireball down on her partner, who responds by generating a defensive barrier of water. Switching gears immediately Shiro converts the liquid shield into the shape of a Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique, which he channels toward his aerial adversary. Suzume is able to defend against the technique with a quick incantation, resulting in a dense wall of chakra intercepting and diverting the powerful liquid construct.

Dropping back onto the ground Suzume summons a kunai into her hand as she advances towards Shiro, activating her dōjutsu while in route. Shiro, likewise, draws a katana from his back and rushes in towards Suzume. The pair then engage in a heated clash of blades, which draws in the attention of everyone in the fortress who hadn't be beckoned by the by the previous exchange of techniques. Neither combatant is able to gain the upper hand as their predictive abilities and inherent speed are well matched. After several minutes without a single successful blow being delivered both warriors find themselves at a standstill. Both Shiro and Suzume managed to position their respective blades across each others throats, close enough that a simple mishap could lead in a deathblow. "It seems you've won," Shirokaze calmly comments, "At this range you could easily apply an illusion that would last more than long enough for you to finish me off. Hurry up and finish me off."

"I...don't think I can. I don't...want to kill you," Suzume replies as thin streams of tears run down her cheeks." As Shiro watches her sniffle as she speaks he realizes the foolish predicament that they had gotten themselves in. While he was sure of the reasoning he had come the conclusion that Jōtoku had played he and Suzume against each other. "Since I can't kill might as well kill me and get out here," Suzume continues.

Leaning in towards Suzume in order to speak without being necessarily heard, Shiro whispers quietly to his opponent, "I'm not going to kill you...I couldn't do that. I don't know why, but Jōtoku wanted to fight to the death. He probably told you the same thing he told me about you...saying how distrustful you had become, and that he was afraid that you'd become a traitor."

"In that case," Suzume retorts, regaining some of her confidence, but somewhat shaken by Shiro's close proximity, "How do you suppose we advance from here? If we defy this order...we really will be traitors."

"That is true," Shiro replies, "...but I don't think I could live with your blood on my hands. Though, if we decide to go against Jōtoku, there will be no turning back...we'll be living a life as criminal."

"Hehha," Suzume laughs, seemingly amused by Shiro's tone, "When did you get so confident?" Smiling in silence as a response Shiro counts down quietly as some of the guards tipped off against the pair begin to step forward. Ending his count Suzume and Shiro quickly turn away from one another and stand back to back, surrounded by enemies. "So...I guess I'll be taking the half over hear," Suzume playfully exclaims while taking a defensive stance, "I hope you have a plan."

"I'm going with survival," Shirokaze responds adjusting to a similar stance as he scans over the guards. In sync the pair rush in their respective directions as Jōtoku's men converge upon the courtyard in a massive melee. Some time later both Shirokaze and Suzume stand surrounded by defeated enemies within the courtyard, both looking rather exhausted from their bout. Turning simultaneously toward the sound of footsteps on the stone floor the pair looks upon Jōtoku approaching slowly.

"I'm really disappointed in you two...disobeying a direct order and willfully betraying me,' he explains, stopping several paces away from either of his apprentices, "I wouldn't of bet on this outcome, but it's not going to be any trouble cleaning up here." Removing his eye patch the warlord reveals a bloodshot Byakugan throbbing in his skull as he draws a blade the pair recognized as one originally designed for the Seven Ninja Swordsman of the Mist, the Ceremonial Sword of Sealing. "I'd really prefer to capture the two of you without killing you...considering what valuable assets you are," Jōtoku says almost comically, "...though I don't think I could manage that." As the pair reluctantly rush in towards their former master Jōtoku strategically cuts off Shiro with a quickly generated wall of stone just before deflecting away Suzume's kunai attack. As the young kunoichi bounces backward from her clash with the warlord she hurls her kunai toward him before beginning a set of hand seals.

Meanwhile Shirokaze leaps over the wall meant to slow him down only to be struck by a burst of violet chakra fired from Jōtoku's palm. While the young Fuyutama is able to intercept the attack with his blade he is knocked back considerably, giving the warlord a chance to turn his attention back to Suzume. Deflecting her projectile and rushing toward the young woman Jōtoku is suddenly launched into a wall with a invisible force. Pulling himself up the warlord is able to immediately track the blow he received back to Shirokaze, but is surprised at the range of technique derived from that particular line of skills. Taking advantage of her former master's temporary distraction Suzume completes the formation of her technique, generating several orbs of fire that orbit around her. Upon her cue the orbs launch towards Jōtoku in a staggered fashion. Despite possessing the ability to evade a several of the fireballs, the consecutive barrage of flame eventually engulfed the warlord, shrouding his location in a cloud of debris and smoke.

As the debris clears it becomes obvious that not only had Jōtoku survived the assault, he had prevented nearly all of the damage he would have taken by coating his body in earth chakra. As the darkened tint fades from his skin the warlord begins to laugh in a manner unlike anything either of his apprentices had ever witnessed before, leading them to accept that his former behavior as their master had been merely a ruse. Despite on the moderate amount of techniques he had performed Shiro noticed that Jōtoku's chakra levels had taken a significant dip. "Why? Why train us and look after us after if we were merely assets?" the Fuyutama questions from across the room.

"Why, you ask? You're a Fuyutama...while you may not know it, your blood can serve as a catalyst for awakening latent kekkei genkai in people descended from such clans," Jōtoku begins with a labored voice, "As for you, Suzume, I was able to track down your connection to the Uchiha Clan. So, before me I had a perfect method of replacing his damaged Byakugan with something comparable. But I suppose that doesn't explain why I kept such a close watch upon you two." Readjusting his positioning, Jōtoku keeps a keen eye on his former apprentices before he continues to speak. "Rather than develop that Sharingan myself, I planned to have you do it for me Suzume. As for you Shirokaze, if for some reason that girl died an untimely death...I need your blood when I found another potential donor."

"You're sick," Suzume replies, a mix of anger and sadness in her expression, "So you just happen assume the custody of children that fit right into your plan, you're the one that attacked my village, aren't you!? And...I bet you abducted Shiro from somewhere too!" Without saying a single word more Suzume pulls her arms to her sides revealing a complex array of wire strings spread about by the barrage of shuriken she hurled at Shirokaze during their fight. The wires wrap around the warlord, binding him to the remains of a pillar in the center of the room. Before the wires can begin to cut into his skin he once again channels earth chakra through his flesh, shielding him from harm. Expecting such a tactic Shirokaze quickly moves to the closest wire before Jōtoku can break free and discharges a bolt of lightning chakra through the wire array, hoping bring the battle to a swift conclusion.

Unfortunately, before combination maneuver can cause critical damage Jōtoku whispers a quick incantation, resulting in a massive omnidirectional burst of violet chakra emitting from his entire body. Both Suzume and Shiro are knocked back on the edges of the courtyard, heavily damaged from the intensity of the attack. Likewise, forcing the activation of a majutsu technique in his weakened state had left the warlord on his last leg. Unwilling to quit, even in his condition, Jōtoku turns toward Shirokaze collapsed against the and begins to furious weave hand seals. Just as he's about to launch his technique against the immobile Fuyutama the warlord is enveloped in black flames, thus causing him to halt his technique and writhe in pain. "Suzume, when did you!?" Jōtoku yells as he turns toward his female apprentice, only to notice that the chakra concentration around her eyes wasn't comparable to the Mangekyō Sharingan he had witnessed in the past, "Then how!?" Lurching towards Suzume despite the intense mental pain, while mumbling about collecting his eyes, the crazed warlord isn't even slowed when Shirokaze fires a stream of chakra through his back.

With his ankle broken, and unable to muster a technique like the one that just failed, Shiro watches on in horror as Jōtoku approaches Suzume, black blood spilling out onto the ground as he advances. Suzume, on the other hand, was partially pinned by rubble and was left unable to escape. Dragging himself in vain across the stone floor Shiro's eye catches the glint of metal from the sword Jōtoku was wielding earlier, knocked into a corner of the courtyard. With the warlord only a few paces away from Suzume the Fuyutama musters what little chakra he has left to slide the blade across the ground toward his fellow apprentice. Seeing the blade Suzume desperately reaches for the handle just in time hold the sword up as Jōtoku crashes down upon her, as silence falls over the fortress. After several minutes Shiro manages to drag himself to the other side of the courtyard, and pull his former master off of Suzume. Covered in blood and tears, but still very much alive, the sight of his partner causes the Fuyutama break down as well.

After surviving the ordeal with Jōtoku both of his apprentices escaped the fortress, but were labeled as wanted criminals in the Land of Water. Due to their status the only work they could take on after their recovery was mercenary positions directly opposing country that they used to serve. The illegal operations that Suzume and Shiro performed earned them a degree of notoriety within underground circles, becoming known as the Fallen Angel (堕天使, Datenshi) and the Devilish Swordsman (剣鬼, Kenki), respectively. Additionally, the pair would spend a significant portion of their time uncovering the secrets of their individual lineages, allowing them to become more fitting members of their clans.


Shirokaze is a relatively tall young man possessing an athletic build and fair skin. He's often been noted for his unkempt dark violet hair which is maintained a loose ponytail, often forcing him to brush it out of his matching stern eyes. When it comes to Shirokaze's mode of dress in more aligned with that of a traditional samurai than the raiment of a shinobi. As such his outfit consists of a silver shitagi, black kosode, grey hakama, and a simple black sash. Furthermore, he wears a long white scarf, apparently for ascetic purposes.

In addition to his general appearance and attire Shirokaze has integrated practical modifications into his equipment. The first of these are lightly armored tekkou that cover the back of his forearms and wrist. They can be used in concert with some of his lightning nature techniques and provide some defensive potential, as seen when he deflected away a few shuriken while they were equipped. Additionally Shirokaze utilizes a pair of dark boots instead of the standard shinobi sandals, seemingly permitting a slightly greater coverage around his feet. Finally, as a majutsu practitioner he possesses intricate tattoos across both of his arms, which are used to mold chakra without usual necessity of a incantation. These tattoo designs are usually covered, but become much more prominent when he utilizes them in technique performance.


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Even as a child Shirokaze possessed a great amount of potential in terms of combat and chakra manipulation. Starting at the age of six he was able to put his unique sensory ability to use in order to comprehend the intricacies of chakra fluctuations of individuals in the vicinity in order to reverse engineer several basic techniques. By the age of ten, and with the help of his ancestor, Shiro was able to not only defend himself against multiple trained warriors, but defeat them through an application of well timed evasions and rudimentary chakra control. After receiving formal training from Jōtoku, and more so after regularly facing true combat situations, Shiro's skill in a variety of techniques skyrocketed. The explosive growth in combat potential, which was also mirrored by his partner Suzume, drew the attention of various officials and shinobi in the Land of Water, who credited the pair with potentially being more dangerous than their master.

After becoming a wanted criminal Shirokaze's abilities took yet another sharp rise, attributed to his mastery of his clan's kekkei genkai and subsequent development of several novel techniques. After he becoming known as the Devilish Swordsman an unofficial rule was issued in the Land of Water, and nearby provinces, which necessitated the usage of at least one hundred combatants when combating the faction who hired Shirokaze. Furthermore, if both Shiro and Suzume, the Fallen Angel, were fighting side by side a flee on sight order would likely be issued by the opposition, for fear of the destruction they could wrought when working together.

Fuyutama HeritageEdit

While not encompassing the most iconic of Shirokaze's abilities, his inseparable connection to the Fuyutama Clan has gifted him with survival on several occasions. After becoming fully aware of his ancestry, through the inadvertent usage of Suzume's dōjutsu, Shirokaze gained the ability to commune with the souls of his departed elders. By doing so he is able to access a massive well of energy known as ancestral chakra, boosting his already impressive stamina reserves to nearly inhuman levels. Additionally, through this communion he is able to benefit from the shared experiences and knowledge of the Fuyutama that came before him.

In addition to simply communing with the dead Shirokaze also inherited the Fuyutama's extremely adaptive blood, by which he has been able to adjust to dual nature technique usage, to a degree that rivals advanced nature performance, and quickly neutralize various poisons and venom that are introduced to his body more successfully than possible for other individuals. Furthermore, Shiro also inherited his clan's sword of purification, Tōkajin, after proving himself to be worthy in body and soul to his ancestors.


Even as a child Shirokaze displayed incredible levels of perception and analytic ability, through which he was able to reverse engineer basic chakra manipulation and control by simply reading the chakra fluctuations of individuals he observed. His intellectual assets have also permitted him to expand upon techniques he learns in complex and unique manners, such as his original space-time technique developed as an extension of his ability to commune with his elders. His perceptive nature is also irreplaceable in combat, allowing him to recognize trends in his opponent's fighting style to identify exploitable weaknesses. Through the impressive amount of experience in both observing and taking part in combat Shiro is able to develop tactics for nearly any situations, giving him an edge against nearly any type of combatant.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

A product of Jōtoku's extreme training in combat Shirokaze's physical abilities have been honed to masterful levels, only succeeded by taijutsu savants and purists. The aforementioned training has built upon his natural affinity for dexterity and speed, pushing his abilities to incredible levels. More specifically, Suzume has stated that Shirokaze's speed is unlike anything she has ever witnessed, as displayed with his ability to cover a massive distance and cut down a dozen shinobi in an instant. In addition to the raw velocity of his movements Shiro displays impressive levels of agility, evade and defend against a barrage of projectiles from all sides without receiving a scratch. Furthermore, he has shown high levels of durability, which allowed him survive being hurled into walls of stone and struck with massive bursts of chakra without sustaining permanent damage.


When it comes to melee combat Shirokaze preferred style is that of swordsmanship, more specifically the utilization of a katana. Shirokaze's mastering of the art has been developed from a young age, where he was able to defeat multiple experienced swordman with only a blade. After training extensively, and observing several chūnin exams in which Kirigakure participated, Shiro has been able to perfect his craft. Some notable skills in this form of combat are his kill in Iaidō, a style attributable to the samurai of the Land of Iron, and his development of Mushin-ryu kenjutsu, a style focused around fluid and precise reflexive counters. In addition to pure kenjutsu Shirokaze is quite skilled in various applications of chakra flow, allowing him to perform powerful and unique technique with a blade alone. While he possesses his clan's blade, Tōkajin, Shirokaze also utilizes various unnamed katana that he often picks up in the heat of combat, allowing him to exercise a natural and adaptable approach to combat.

Nature TransformationEdit

Some of Shirokaze's most impressive techniques in his arsenal fall under the category of elemental manipulation, specifically through lightning and water. With his assumed affinity of lightning Shiro has demonstrated the ability to generate potent currents of electricity that can be discharged from his body, or fired through the air with the ability to pierce or shatter most targets. In addition to the handful of lightning release variations he possesses Shiro's lightning chakra has been noted to be particularly powerful. This is seemingly demonstrated by its pure white appearance, which contrasts the the blue tinted chakra commonly witnessed. Reportedly, even experienced wind practitioners have had trouble countering the intensity of Shirokaze lightning techniques. Finally, his abilities with electrical chakra is an important component of Yōshun a Majutsu technique that channels together several forms of energy into a single chaotic mass.

While his skill with lightning is dominant, Shirokaze's abilities with the water release is also quite impressive. Picking up a few techniques from his observance of Kirigakure shinobi he's been able to hone a decent aptitude with water. As such he's been able to reduce the number of requisite hand seals to Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique to a much simpler level, easing its use in combat significantly. Shiro also has developed a few variations of the Hiding in Mist Technique, as displayed in his ability to generate clouds and through his manipulation of electrified mist.

Electromagnetic SensoryEdit

Seemingly derived from his lightning abilities Electromagnetic Perception permits Shirokaze to release pulses of low frequency chakra into his immediate surrounds. By monitoring the subsequent electromagnetic field he is able to detect the presence and fluctuations of various energies and objects within said field. Through this ability Shirokaze is able to recognize the identity of individuals, relative chakra reserves, nature types, and kekkei genkai he has encountered. Furthermore, he is able to apply this technique delivers him information at an extremely alarming rate allowing him to utilize in combat as a method of tracking people and metallic weapons in combat simply through their interaction with the electromagnetic field alone. While this sensory ability does not possess the same range as others, the wealth of information that it does provide at closer range far exceeds the abilities wielded by most sensors. It is through this sensory ability that Shiro is able to make full use of Scarecrow's Honour, a technique which he acquired through Suzume's illusory knowledge transfer.


Like his partner, Suzume, Shirokaze was educated in the ancient techniques of majutsu, which permit chakra manipulation derived from a different philosophical origin than ninjutsu created by the Sage of the Six Paths. Through this set of techniques Shirokaze is able to mold the chakra of some techniques with spoken incantations or flowing physical and spiritual energy through special tattoos, as opposed to hand seals. More specifically, Shirokaze's majutsu techniques are centered around the manipulation of ethereal masses of chaotic energies, and the control of invisible pressure and forces. Additionally, he can alter the physical and spiritual composition of chakra for either offensive and defensive purposes, and has some skill in illusory majutsu. Majutsu is also a major contribution to his technique Yōshun, which allows the control of a unique energy combination.



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