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Shrieking Shuriken
Name Shrieking Shuriken
User(s) Kakushi Ken

Shrieking Shuriken are disabling/distracting tools created by Kakushi Ken. At an initial glance, Shrieking Shuriken appear exactly identical to an ordinary four-pointed shuriken. Only under close scrutiny can one discover what makes these tools so useful. At the tip of each of the four blades are small holes that travel to the hole in the center of the weapon used to hold it; when thrown air is forced through these paths with such speed that it causes the weapon to "shriek" or "scream". This sound is both sudden and extremely loud, a combination that can serve to momentarily break the concentration of even skilled shinobi. Due to the holes within the blade it is rendered both lighter and more aerodynamic, the air traveling through it as opposed to against it, which leads to increased velocity. When used against opponents with heightened auditory senses or increased sensitivity to sound, these weapons can inflict immense pain without coming into contact with the target.

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