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Name Shushinjitsu
Classification Offensive
Rank S
Range Short
Other Jutsu

A mighty blade created by the successful fusing of the two blades (Shuso and Retsujitsu), the sudden compression of their combined energies, and the combination with Heishiro's Alloy. This blade is made of a Lightning that burns like a Flame, the area around it being both scorched with heat and charged with energy. The creation of this blade is extremely dangerous due to the fragile state of the blades and if the fusion is done incorrectly the destruction of the user and all those around him is nearly guaranteed. When the blade is formed successfully its power is nearly unmatched, but can only be wielded for 45 seconds without damaging the body of the user. It takes no chakra to create due to the blade being brought into creation from existing chakra, nor does it take any to sustain it but if it is wielded past the 45 second limit then it will rapidly destroy the user’s body. When created it can be used for either a blade of solid lightning, absorbed as raw energy into the user’s body, or passed to another user who will assume the risks of the blade. The absorbing of the blade into one's body is an extremely risky process and if done incorrectly will result simply in the death of the user. If the blade is successfully absorbed the user will have a nearly limitless supply of chakra and speed that is increased twenty fold for roughly 60 seconds after absorption, but at the price of months spent recovering afterward. The drawbacks of this technique are the short period of time it can be used for and the severely damaging effect on the user’s body after absorption, as well as the difficulty involved in successfully fusing the two blades which makes this technique time consuming to enact.

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