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Silver Haired Monkey Hermit, Consider to be among the most prized possession by Himizu the Monkey Hermit puppet is unique in many different ways from other normal puppets. This Monkey is a prototype that was converted from a Monkey into Animal puppet. Taking the Monkeys natural Hair growing and Manipulation abilities along with its body Himizu has his most prized Puppet ever. Himizu can also add artificial items inside the puppets body and then using gift of life he can grant this puppet something close to its old life again.


It looks like a normal silver haired Monkey with a robs over its body. Under the robs the puppet is cover in a thick silver hair that is able to natural grow when enhance with chakra.the Monkey is over 4 ft and is built to be very slim made for speed not for protection.


  • Thousand Hands Manipulation Force hidden in left Hand)
  • Retractable scythe hidden in right arm
  • Retractable Mechanical chakra Shield hidden in Left arm
  • Silver Monkey Hermit Hair covering body
  • Serrated chakra enhance katana (left hand)
  • Segmented Iron whip covered with kunai (right hand)
  • Retractable Serrated almost invisible metal wires hidden in Right hand

Special itemsEdit

The Silver Monkey Hair is from a ancient Monkey breed that live hidden away in a unnamed jungle that is so massive that it has no way of gathering food so it uses its own hair to gather it. By focusing its chakra into the Hair it can grow out the Hair to a insane length and cover a large forest in hair with ease. By taking this Hair and placing it all over the puppet Himizu can focus his chakra into the hair and use it as a weapon for the Puppet trapping weapons or even opponents in waves of hair.

When Himizu is focusing his chakra in the hair the puppet is made to look like it is manipulating the Hair with hand jesters to give the illusion as if it is controlling the hair itself. The hair can be made to stop almost any form of physical attack or direct jutsu attack unless its fire. By focusing a large amount of chakra to a single point of Hair it can be made to be hard as steel or soft as normal hair.

Artificial items Just as Gift of life jutsu is used the seal inside the puppets head is trigger and summons all the items to there locations in the puppet body. If any of the items are broken the puppet will lose that Artificial ability and it will be taken from the user of the jutsu to replace the missing item.

Artificial Brain (with gift of life jutsu this gives the puppet the ability to have memories, intelligence, even a personality)

Artificial Chakra system (with gift of life jutsu this allows the puppet to make its own supply of limited chakra, 1 D rank of chakra per post after Gift of life jutsu.)

Artificial Senses (with gift of life jutsu the puppet is allowed to use all 5 senses)

Artificial voice box (with gift of life this allows the puppet to talk with anyone he choices)

Custom Sword

6-part segmented blade; each segment is wider than the one preceding it from the hilt with 2 pick-like protrusions on the front and back of each segment, with the ones on the front much longer than the ones at the back. The Sword's segments grow in number almost without limit. The segments are connected by a stretchable thread, makingthis sword more useful as a whip than an actual sword, though it can serve as a regular sword just as easily,

Summon sealEdit

Hidden away out of site The silver Haired Monkey is always in a seal contract tattooed to Himizu's left arm.


The Silver Haired Monkey puppet still has its own dead skin under all the hair, under the skin is the puppet shell that holds everything together.

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