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Nature Icon Smoke and Ash Smoke Release: Corrosive Gas
Name Nature Icon Smoke and Ash Smoke Release: Corrosive Gas
Kanji 煙遁 腐食性ガス
Rōmaji Enton: Fushoku-sei Gasu
Rank B-rank
Hand Seals Dog → Bird
Range All ranges
Type Hiden
Chakra Nature 100px-Nature Icon Fire.svg Fire
Nature Icon Wind Wind
User(s) Male Rosuto Nagakura
Male Kenji Nagakura

This jutsu is one of the stronger Smoke Release jutsu used by Rosuto Nagakura, his son and those of the Nagakura Clan. Derived from another Shadow Release jutsu, Shadow Release: Corrosive Gas, as the name suggests, creates a corrosive smoke spewed from the users mouth that burns away targets in addition to hiding their movements.

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