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Nature Icon Smoke and Ash Smoke Release: Shroud
Name Nature Icon Smoke and Ash Smoke Release: Shroud
Kanji 煙遁 波
Rank Unknown
Range All ranges
Hand Seals Dog
Other Jutsu

This jutsu converts the Chakra stored within the users body into a thick black-colored smoke that is forcibly expelled from the pores of one's hand. The force of the expulsion causes the smoke to be blasted out in a wave-like shape, hence the name.

The jutsu is used mainly as a form of surprise tactic to unbalance others, though Kenji and his father have shown using this jutsu in conjunction with Ash Release: Firefly to blow the ash particles towards a foes face, where they then naturally inhale it due to the surprise response. Ash Release: Detonation can then be used to cripple a foe from within.

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