Sokusha Ishiyumi
Name Sokusha Ishiyumi
Kanji 速射弩
Rōmaji Sokusha Ishiyumi
Literal English Rapid Firing Crossbow
User(s) Saika Clan

Sokusha Ishiyumi (速射弩 Sokusha Ishiyumi, lit: Rapid Firing Crossbow) is the signature weapon of the Saika Clan and one of the reasons for their rather unique combat style. It is a predominantly ranged weapon which has taken the usage of the projectile to new levels, using the Saika Clan's own genius blacksmithing skills.


Most Sokusha Ishiyumi bear the appearance of a rather largely modified bow and arrow. Unusually, the bow itself is mounted on a wooden stick of sorts, attached through the use of several bandages and chakra modification. This causes the edge of the bow itself to be attached to a single stick, while another is at the bottom to give it support. Using a hook of sorts, the bow-string is kept placed on that hook, in order for it not to run wild, and any form of arrow or projectile will be kept in the distance between the bow and the bow-string, with the elastic of the bow-string allowing it to extend somewhat to fit larger projectiles. It also has a single trigger-like function at the bottom, which causes a spin-wheel near the hook to undo it briefly, causing the projectile to be fired at any given moment. Additional arrows may be kept stored in the bottom box-like stick, and the user may take one out, and replace it into the area where the projectile fits, thus allowing for another shot. Due to the unique construction of this bow-and-arrow-like weapon, chakra may easily be flowed into the arrow, causing a shot's power to increase somewhat, along with speed and trajectory.




  • The design of this weapon was based mainly off a traditional Crossbow , with subtle differences in order to make it acceptable in the Naruto-Verse.
  • Note, after the extinction of the Saika Clan, none of these weapons remain in existence.

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