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Souka (そうか, Sōka) is a runaway and wanted member of the Yagyū clan, a militaristic clan who only accepts male children and forces these to train non-stop from the age of five until their death, bestowing on them the clan secrets of Tessenjutsu. In essence, the children are trained to become mindless killing machines, willing to give and do everything for their clan, who in turn sells itself to the highest bidder. Souka wasn't pleased with this method, and ran away at the age of 12, dodging bounty hunters here and there, sent by his own clan to avoid their ancient secrets being spilled out in the open.

Desiring essentially no more than freedom and peace, Souka quickly realized that he would have to put these ideals aside in order to attain them, submersing himself in the criminal world and start doing the one thing he ran away for until he had earned enough to escape into his private paradise.

Appearance Edit

Souka appears as a very muscled young teenager, although his frame is still rather slim on first sight. He has light brown hair that reaches until just above his neck. Souka's eyes are a serene, ocean blue, mirroring his inner desire for peace and quiescence. Souka's sharp cheekbones accentuate his childish appearance, making him appear much more innocent than people should consider him. 

Souka favors an azure, long-sleeved kimono, marked with various silver and white patterns that transcend from flowers to clouds to mythical creatures, together making the outfit resemble more of an artwork than a mere piece of clothing. It is held up by a silver-spun obi. In reality, the kimono serves to hide the close-fitting leather armor below, a fact that can only slightly be discovered by the black gloves protecting the boy himself from his razor fans. 

As is the case with his weapons, Souka's armor is of traditional Yagyū making, interwoven with a chakra circulatory system that provides extra defense and more freedom of movement. 

Personality Edit

History Edit

Equipment Edit

Souka Fans

Souka's fans

Tessen: Souka's fans are the traditional tessen, war fans, of his clan. The spokes are made of a light, but extremely durable metal that was forged using clan-specific techniques, improving the effects of Chakra Flow when it is utilized with them. On the metal plates, the traditional Yagyū flower-and-dragon pattern is present, sketched with extreme precision to express both the beauty and ferocity of combat. When not in use, the Tessen are strapped behind Souka's obi.

Abilities Edit

Trained mercilessly from the youngest of years, Souka is a very notable warrior for his age, even if it isn't one of his intentions. Because his training incorporated many man-to-man fights, some of them even without rules to weed out the weaker crops, Souka gained an innate ability to predict battle moves out of simple intentional gestures, although solely within the field of taijutsu and kenjutsu.

In addition to this, Souka displays an advanced knowledge of the human body and can use specialized herbs and medical techniques to heal himself, despite knowing no such kind of ninjutsu. On the other side, Souka can perform acupuncture and often incorporates his knowledge of pressure and chakra points within his fighting style.

During the year he spent climbing up the forlorn stairs of the criminal underworld, Souka gained great experience in intimidating and convincing others, and despite his rather silent personality the sound of his name or the flicking of his fans is by now more than enough to overthrow any argument into his favor.

Physical Prowess Edit

In comparison to peers, Souka's physique is quite exceptional for his age, showing off an uncanny amount of muscle tone when his chest is exposed. Moreover, Souka's flexibility and agility are off the charts, often showing off exceptional athletics to get out of attacks, demonstrated when he bent through his knees and lowered his back to the point it was almost touching the ground - just to get out of a sword strike. 

Although his speed and strength may seem only meager when compared to those of his opponent's, it is Souka's style of slipping and twisting between every attack that makes it so hard to defeat in combat, to the point that he has been compared to "a snake in an oil bath". Souka often trained blindfolded, ruling out the influence of his eyes to increase his other senses, allowing him to respond even to surprise attacks by reacting lightning-fast to the softest of touches, the barest change in the winds, the most fleeting whisper.

Through analyzing his opponents' movements, Souka has shown the ability to quite effortlessly block - if he really cannot dodge - strikes from much stronger adversaries, by choosing the exact moments where their force is at its lowest. Compared with his unmatched reflexes, Souka has shown the capability to outwit excessively stronger and faster opponent quite easily.

Tessenjutsu Edit

Tessen are one of the most versatile weapons withnessed in the Naruto universe and, in the hands of a master like Souka, one of the most deadly ones as well. Even without the aid of Chakra Flow, the tessen can be used to take out most oppnents swiftly and spotlessly. There are three important concepts within Tessenjutsu, namely taisabaki (体捌き, swift body movement), irimi (入り身, entering) and maai (間合い, combative distance).

Elemental Mastery Edit

Souka possesses the rather rare nature of Wind Release. As part of his training, he was taught how to stream his chakra through his weapons, using his wind nature to enhance their cutting ability. He would soon master this technique, generally referred to as Flying Swallow, and begin to develop a plethora of variations and alternative applications, making good use of his own creativity and sense of tactics.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Souka's name is an expression that means "I understand" or "Is that so?".

To tie in with Flying Swallow's theme, all of Souka's techniques are named after taikyoku shogi pieces.

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