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Soul Encampment Method
Name Soul Encampment Method
Kanji 魂法陣
Literal English Soul Encampment Method
Classification Defensive, Supplementary
Rank A-rank
Range Short-range
Hand Seals Hands clapped together
Other Jutsu
This technique, inherited from the Sesshōgawa Clan's archives by Tokino Hanamitsu, allows the user to generate a barrier that prevents the spiritual component of chakra, and by extension souls, from crossing its threshold. As such, the Soul Encampment Method (魂法陣, Tamashī Hōjin) can be applied both defensively against enemy attacks and, if properly executed, utilized to entrap targets. Chakra which comes it contact with this barrier is divided into its physical and spiritual components before barring the latter from crossing, rending most any attack null. Tokino has demonstrated that techniques composed of completely, or nearly completely, of spiritual energy, like the Yin Release, will simply be inhibited by the barrier. Additionally, if a living being tries to cross the barrier only their body will be able to cross, effectively ripping the victim's soul out of its shell. It should be noted that only completely passing through the barrier would result in a lethal effect. Therefore, Tokino often employs this technique as a convenient method of trapping targets before sealing them.

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