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Soul Laceration
Name Soul Laceration
Kanji 裂創魂
Literal English Soul Laceration
Classification Offensive
Range Short to Mid range
Other Jutsu
Soul Laceration (裂創魂, Ressōkon) technique developed by Tokino Hanamitsu that permits the users chakra to permeate the barrier between the physical and spiritual planes of existence. By doing so practitioners of of Soul Laceration are able to target the victims spiritual existence for damage, instead of their physical form. Such a technique is particularly effective against lifeforms which are primarily composed of chakra or beings traversing a spiritual plane. While chakra based lifeforms can be gravely assaulted with this technique, primarily physical beings don't incur the same amount of damage. Instead such beings, including humans, struck with this technique will suffer from potentially devastating levels of physical-spiritual disconnection. Such a disconnections can impair the victim's ability to perform techniques as their spiritual portion of their existence is no longer perfectly intact.

Tokino performs this technique by channeling the uniquely composed chakra into one of her Ofuda and and attaching the tag to her target in question. Upon triggering the Ofuda releases a violent burst of chakra that permeates into the spiritual plane, effectively lacerating the victims spiritual composition. Unfortunately, such a performance requires that the target has a substantial enough physical form to attach the spell tag. As a response Nōsei no Mikoto developed a variant of this technique by recomposing a weapon generated with Shadow Invocation into one that cut into the spiritual plane. Such a blade can be converted in between a spiritual or physical blade at will. Despite this the enhancement requires more chakra than a normal Yin based conjuration, though it doesn't expend chakra continuously.

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