This article, Soul Weapon: Frost, is property of Rozeluxe.

Soul Weapon: Frost
Classification Hiden
Range All Ranges
Other Jutsu

Pulled from the soul of Ice Release user Seiya Amaterasu,Upon entering this form Rozeluxe has the ability to generate ice and snow. Raze will begin to sprout a pair of icy wings on his back which will continue to grow as the temperatue in the surrounding area lowers with each use of his ice techniques in this form. His blade will also be surrounded in various shards of ice and will freeze any organic material that comes into contact with his weapon. Raze commonly uses this ice to make ice chunks of varying sizes and strength from his blades and fires them at his opponents. Rozeluxe develops a high level of internal cooling system that allows him to effortlessly freeze the moisture around him. He is capable of freezing virtually anything it touches, including trees, the ground, a thrown spear, and even a pool full of water in mere seconds. While in battle Rozeluxe can also surround his body in a cloud of snow that is capable of freezing anything around him.

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