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Soul Weapon Technique
Nurarihyon ch123 pg2 by p3r1le-d31rzzy
Classification Hiden
Other Jutsu

By making eye contact, or making the person believe that eye contact has been made with an individual and placing his gloved hand onto their chest, Rozeluxe is able to analyze their intron sequences and then convert it into a weapon, that bears a resemblence to the opponents ninjutsu. The objects produced by a person's soul are ideas that acquires a form, which allows them to be utilized as weapons. Each person has a unique weapon associated to them as the function and form of a weapon reflects that person's fears and complexes; it can be also be thought of being the shape of the person's true self. However, this ability comes with several drawbacks. First, the weapons can only be can only be extracted from the souls of those whose names Rozeluxe knows. Secondly, when you draw upon an individual's soul, the target loses their memories of the time surrounding the event and are rendered unconcious, with the reason being because of the shock and trauma caused by the intron memory field being released suddenly. After extracting the weapon from someone's soul, Rozeluxe can transmute the glove into a replica of the weapon, due to the original having to be returned or risk havng that person lose their life.

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