Step towards Yin
Name Step towards Yin
Kanji 陰陽向けた歩
Literal English "Step towards Yin"
Classification Ninjutsu, Space-Time Ninjutsu
Rank A-rank
Range Self-only
Other Jutsu
Step towards Yin (陰陽向けた歩, "Onmyō muketa ho") is a powerful Ninjutsu technique invented by Isamu; it was created by using the famous and highly useful Body Flicker Technique as a base Jutsu and then expanding upon it by pouring unspecified amounts of Yin into it and altering the Jutsu to work in a different manner --- the technique mentally compels the opponent to ignore the user existance for just a brief moment, in which the significant use of Yin causes the caster of this technique to be enwrapped in the currents of Yin and temporarily transforming the user into a living Genjutsu. While the user is in the Genjutsu form; he is effectively invisible to everyone whom aren't skilled Sensors or wield either the Byakugan or the Sharingan.

The main useage of this technique though is that while the user is in Genjutsu form; he may travel vast distances in the blink of an eye, without occupying the space between; making this a clear step up from the original technique as it is indeed a form of teleportation as opposed to simply letting the user move at high speeds; however, using it in this manner doesn't only expend a large amount of chakra, but the user must either make use of Izanami or another similiar technique to recover from their Genjutsu-like state; lest risk being swallowed up by their own chakra and erased from existance as the duration of the technique meets its end.

In addition to its obvious uses as a means of quickly travelling between countries it also has several combat applications, first and foremost; it can be fine-tuned in order to make it work as an incorporeal version of the Body Flicker; by removing its space-defying properties, the user then charges towards the enemy at high speeds and phases trough the body of the subject; this causes their body to become temporarily paralyzed due to the great influx of spiritual energy that accompanies the attack, if the user has access to the Blade of Yin Jutsu - it is possible to inflict fatal injuries with this movement; the Yin Blade affecting the target much like the Chakra Scalpel Technique; due to the way the technique affects the user.

By further dilating the technique down to a very narrow point, the user has the ability to instantly shift from one position to another one within range; this application has a relatively short range however and while it is excellent as an evasive manuever it ain't nearly as efficient as the teleportation version; although it isn't nessecary for the user to rematerialize themselves using Izanami in this technique. By adding more Yin energy, the user is capable of creating a mirage at their point of departure - which follows a pre-set script relating to what the caster wants the opponent to see.

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