Sudachi Minamoto
Sudachi Samurai
Name Sudachi Minamoto
Kanji 源 酸橘
Personal Status
Birthdate May 5
Age 14
Gender 20px-Gender Male1.svg Male
Height 5'9"
Weight 120 lbs
Blood Type B+
Home Country Land of Frost Symbol Land of Frost
Affiliation Land of Iron
Previous Affiliation Shimogakure (Presumed)
Occupation Samurai
Previous Occupation Apprentice
Team Oni Squadron
Previous Team None
Partner Unnamed Samurai
Previous Partner None
Family Unknown
Rank None
Classification None
Academy Grad. Age None
Chūnin Prom. Age None
Jōnin Prom. Age None
Nature Type Nature Icon Fire Fire
Nature Icon Wind Wind
Jutsu Wind Release: Gust

Sudachi Minamoto (源 酸橘, Minamoto Sudachi) is Samurai originally born in the Land of Frost. Following the death of his parents and his life being saved by that of an unnamed Samurai, Sudachi himself trained to one day become a Samurai. Eventually traveling to the Land of Iron, Sudachi joined the ranks of the Samurai.

Years of faithful service to the Samurai have earned Sudachi a position on the Oni Squadron, an elite group of Samurai who are loyal to the general (大将, taishō) and serve as the Land's strongest protectors.

Appearance Edit

Sudachi generally wears a modified version of the Samurai uniform, just as his fellow Oni Squadron members do as well. This consists of the heavy metal armour and helmet, the latter having two elongated horns and a respirator that allows Sudachi to combat poison. The right eye of his helmet is marked with a vertical cut and the horns are longer then the common samurai's. Sudachi carries with him a set of four swords.

This armour is not always the best for the mission and as such, Sudachi has shown to commonly wear a much lighter attire. This consists of a cyan kosode and hakama with a darker blue colored obi. The kosode is opened to the abdomen and bandages wrap around his waist.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Childhood Edit

Training Edit

Joining the Samurai Edit

The Oni Squadron Edit

Abilities Edit

An exceptional samurai, Sudachi boasts skills far superior than the average Samurai. Mainly due to the life changing events of his past, Sudachi has made it a personal goal to become stronger and to become like the unnamed Samurai that saved his life. His skills have greatly developed over the years, to the point where he is feared by his enemies and respected by his comrades. His skills have been established as above-average by even the general of the Land of Iron, Mifune who called his skills "interestingly unique".

Despite the Land of Iron's agreement to stay out of conflicts and wars involving other countries, Sudachi has shown to have used his skills to end the lives of bandits who were attacking a small village in the Land of Frost. With one single katana, Sudachi was capable of eliminating each bandit. Sudachi claimed to not even break a sweat after defeating the bandits, something that highly impressed the villagers.

Sudachi's general means of combat includes direct and forward attacks with 1-4 of his blades, using his skillful chakra control to increase their range and power. Sudachi has spent nearly his entire life training in the art of the sword and has become one of the strongest at it. At some point in the past, Sudachi clashed against one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, Reika Masamune who proved to be a highly capable adversary. Sudachi remarks that he would one day like a rematch with the female swordsman as her skills are truly amazing.

Kenjutsu Edit

As a Samurai, Sudachi is a naturally skilled swordsmen, capable of eviscerating his foes with a quick movement of his blade. Sudachi has learned his mastery of the sword from Miyamoto Musashi his teacher and the last person alive that is close to him. Sudachi's usage of up to four blades simultaneously is quite uncommon, quickly switching back and forth from a katana and wakizashi pair to a pair of katana. By utilizing his chakra to increase the length and cutting force of his blades, Sudachi has created a style that focuses around the quick succession of switching his blades.

Sudachi is more then using a singular blade to defeat his opponents, only using two blades or more when he "gets serious". In a spar with fellow Oni Squadron member Hattori Hanzō, Sudachi was able to slice through the latter's blade and proceed to deal a fatal blow to his abdomen. Sudachi has shown to extend the power of his sword techniques by amplifying the blade itself with his Fire-natured chakra. A fire-enhanced blade is capable of both charring the skin and even cauterizing open wounds. Sudachi's use of these enhanced sword techniques is revered by many of his comrades.

Years of honing his skills have allowed Sudachi to even become a member of the Oni Squadron, a name reserved for those viewed as "above average". After proving himself to Mifune after a skirmish on the border of the Land of Frost, Mifune proceeded to call Sudachi a "reflection of [himself] in [his] youth". Sudachi has remarked that Mifune has mentioned teaching him the art of the Iaidō although no formal training has actually began.

Nature Transformation & Shape Manipulation Edit

Despite his status as a Samurai, Sudachi is capable of manipulating and molding his Fire-nature chakra to a great degree. Shown to utilize powerful Fire-techniques such as the Fire Extension Technique, capable of turning flesh to ash in an instant. Sudachi is easily one of the strongest of the Samurai within the Land of Iron, mainly due to his mastery of the Fire chakra nature. Most Samurai have little knowledge of their own chakra nature, meaning Sudachi is a prodigy in this regard.

Similar to most Samurai, Sudachi is capable of manipulating his chakra around his blades to increase their length and cutting potential. Depending on the situation, Sudachi can also manipulate his chakra into different shapes to form rudimentary weapons that differ from the standard katana-shape. Sudachi has shown to create an axe-like apparition around his katana and wakizashi pair, capable of bifurcating his opponent in half in a single blow.

Interrogation Specialist Edit

a Samurai talking about the Oni Squadron

—The Oni Squadron... if there is one thing they do right it's purging the minds of others... It's scary

As a member of the Oni Squadron, Sudachi is tasked with the interrogation of anybody who infiltrates the Land of Iron without proper paperwork or illegally. Sudachi is skilled in this art, using very cryptic techniques on his targets to gain information. Sudachi is well versed on the mental process of human beings and is skilled at both psychological deduction and understanding physical mannerisms that his targets may exhibit.

As Sudachi is a Samurai, he does display some forms of nobility and refuses to resort to complete psychological breakdown on his targets unless it is absolutely necessarily. Sudachi's very strong aura normally proves more then capable enough to scare his targets into revealing information.

Chakra Levels & Physical Prowess Edit

Sudachi prefers direct physical combat, as all Samurai do, using his wide array of sword techniques and occasional Taijutsu to overwhelm his opponents. Shown to hold back the swords of several bandits with one hand, Sudachi was able to go on and toss all of them back with a single swipe. His direct attacks, such as his punches or kicks are also quite powerful, honed from years of training under Miyamoto Musashi. When not wearing his armour, Sudachi proved capable of performing very quick and agile Taijutsu moves that baffled his fellow Samurai. He went on to prove his physical strength when he picked up a broadsword he found on the battlefield with one hand and then proceed to wield it without hindrance.

His chakra is quite menacing, far beyond that of his fellow Samurai. According to Mifune, his roots more then likely stem through that of the Uzumaki Clan of the Land of Whirlpools who were presumed to have gone nearly extinct. The worse of a situation he is in, the stronger he grows and the larger his chakra becomes. Proof of his inner powers came out during his training with Miyamoto. In an effort to win, Sudachi released his chakra which took shape around his blade. According to Miyamoto, the blade reached 21 feet in length and was capable of sawing directly through anything in its path.

Sudachi has a strong vitality, another sigh of his Uzumaki blood, capable of sustaining a great amount of wounds without any hindrance of his battle prowess. During the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, Sudachi received a direct blow from a powerful Fire Release techniques that severely burned his arm. Quickly lifting up his blade, he was able to force himself to continue fighting proving how strong his endurance was.

Stats Edit

Story Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
Naruto Fanon 3 4 1 4 4 4.5 3 1 24.5

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