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Summoning: Shadow Servant
Shadow Servant
Name Summoning: Shadow Servant
Kanji 口寄せ・影従者
Literal English Summoning: Shadow Servant
Classification Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Rank A-rank
Hand Seals Bird → Dragon → Dog → Ram
Other Jutsu
Summoning: Shadow Servant (口寄せ・影従者, Kuchiyose: Kage Jūsha) is an advanced Yin-based variation of the Summoning Technique developed by Nōsei no Mikoto. Utilizing the Mikoto Clan's unique skill in the Yin Release the user is able project their imagination into reality permitting the summoning of a shadowy entity of variable form. This technique is considered to be a summoning, and thus Space-Time Ninjutsu, due to the fact that the form that the entities take appear to show consistence between separate summoning events.

Such a summoned entity is initially only a lifeless construct of chakra which mimics physical form, offering little to no practical application. In order to animate this summoned being Nōsei must have performed the summoning with an offering of his own blood and then infuse the shadowy conjuration with elemental chakra. Once infused with the elemental chakra the summoning will begins to absorb natural elemental energy corresponding to the particular nature, similar to what is seen with Godaidō, giving it a nearly inexhaustible energy supply. Once animated in this fashion Nōsei can direct the shadow summon to perform tasks through force of will. The type of elemental chakra infused within the summon determines the type of elemental chakra it can utilize, though it can only be infused with a single element. In addition to the elemental chakra it has access to Shadow Servants have access to the Mikoto Clan's level of Yin Release.

Inspired by Tokino Hanamitsu's Yūrei Summoning Technique Nōsei attempted to emulate the conjuration of similar beings but was limited due to the fact that he only possessed the Yin component, not Yin-Yang in its entirety. Without the ability to bring his creations to life through normal means Nōsei substituted environmental elemental energy for this purpose. Though, without the Yang component as seen in Tokino's technique Nōsei's summons are unable to regenerate any damage that they receive. Though, despite this, he has noted that a summon of his offers greater variability in combat, especially considering their ability to perform techniques.

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