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Sun and Moon Seal
Sun SealMoon Seal
Name Sun and Moon Seal
Kanji ひと月封
Rōmaji Hi to Getsu Fū
Literal English Solar and Lunar Seal
Rank Unclassified
Hand Seals None
Range All ranges
Type Supplementary
Classification Fūinjutsu
User(s) Sannotō Uzumaki

A Seal invented by Sannotō on the battlefields of the Second Shinobi World War, the Sun and Moon Seal allows two individuals to contact each other from any distance imaginable. To utilize this ability, Sannotō must brand the moon seal to the other, while he himself is branded with the sun seal. After this step has been completed, the chakra of each person can be monitored by the other. This allows the users to determine when an ally is in need of support. An added effect that Sannotō developed soon after the seal's creation, a user may teleport to the position of another, quickly supplying a small amount of reinforcements for the other. The Sun and Moon Seal was believed to be one of the greatest inventions from Konohagakure during the Second Shinobi World War.

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