"Akane! Get that ball!" A boy shouted after a dark-haired girl with boy-like clothing and an overall tomboyish appearance, she and her friends was playing soccer in the playground located just outside of their small village; she had recently celebrated her tenth birthday and was enjoying the day with her friends. Akane chased the ball with unrelenting determination, barely aware of the two children who had run in on either of her sides in an attempt to snatch the ball from her - so focused was she that she didn't see the man before her before she practically crashed into him and tumbled down on the ground.

Looking up, Akane gazed into a pair of amber eyes which seemed unusually captivating, drawing her in almost immediately and locking her gaze with his; the gaze was not particularily intense nor did the man himself appear even remotely intimidating; just curious. However, it was something about him that sent shivers down her spine and made her just want to get up and run away as quick as her legs could carry her: These feelings intensified greatly as he leaned down and offered her his hand in order to help her back to her feet, recoiling away from him it was not until she attempted to stand up that she realized that she was trembling all over, her shaking legs refused to carry her and she plumped back down to the ground ungracefully. He then spoke to her "Hey" his voice had an almost hypnotic ring to it, like if he could spirit her away with the sound of his voice alone; Akane registered that she had stopped shaking and that all fear had been swept away instantly --- it didn't feel natural

"I've been travelling for some time, and I wonder if there is any place where I may get some food, I'm willing to pay, if it comes down to that" Akane's eyes lit up at this, this was an excellent oppurtunity! Her family needed some extra money and, judging by how he was dressed and how he appeared, he had a good deal of money. Before anyone of her friends, whom had quite likely been thinking about the same, could answer she spoke "Please come with me! My mom is an excellent cook!" the stranger followed her then, and when they came to her house she let him in quickly.

Once inside she introduced him to her parents and explained what he asked for, her mother immediately began to prepare a good meal; while her father chatted idly away with the stranger, they seemed to enjoy each others company --- although Akane thought that their guest looked rather curiously at her daddy. But she ignored the notion as soon as it came and set to help her mother prepare the dishes and the food.

When they finally began eating, she noted that her mother seemed unusually interested in a piece of jewelry that the man wore on his right middle finger, it was a beautiful ring which looked like it was specifically crafted just for him; it fit so well on his finger, allowing her mother to remain calm and composed she made use of her childish demeanour to ask the question lingering unspoken in the air. "Where did you get that ring, mister?" she asked, with the greatest amount of child-like innocence that she could muster.

The answer came slightly delayed, but the man smiled warmly at her and spoke his eyes gleaming with mirth and amusement, she found it odd that she had found him so terrifying at first. "Its a proof of allegiance, I'm apart of a prestigious group you see; of course, I can't tell you which one, that is strictly hush-hush", her mother then smiled again and asked another question, this time about what brought him here, he answered immediately, it was not an answer though, as much as another question "Allow me to ask you then, have any one of you done something you're not particularily proud of?" It was a very odd question, and not one that one suddenly asked people one had barely just met; her father was quick to answer though "Me? I've of course made a few mistakes, but nothing too sev-" her father was cut off when their guest raised a hand and spoke softly "On the contrary my good man, I think you're lying... in fact, I'm certain you've done something... terrible" the tune he spoke that last word sent shivers down their spine, and her fathers face had suddenly paled as he managed to stuter forth a "W-Who are you?" which was immediately answered, almost off-handedly by the stranger "Why? I am a judge of course, and I've come here to judge you.. now" he paused briefly, before he turned his gaze directly to her fathers "Look at me!" Her father froze in place instantly, his gaze being seemingly forced to the mans eyes, the veins on his throat pulsing in resistance, but she could see that it was futile, no matter how much her father resisted. Akane instinctively knew that it was hopeless, and true enough, soon her father had locked gaze with their guest.

Moments afterwards, Akane felt a great agony centered in her head as a myriad of different pictures seemed to force themselves into her mind all at once, a thousand animations, pigments, colors and information overloading her mental capacities and before long, she found herself completely helpless of doing anything other than watching the horror that unfolded before her minds eye.

Akane saw her father, much younger now, and her mother, also younger, holding a baby girl in his arms, roughly one year of age. This confused her, she had never had a sister --- but yet, she somehow knew that what was she saw was the truth and that the stranger had somehow dragged her into the memories of her father and that he was watching them together with her.

The scenery blurred away before their eyes quickly, being replaced by her mother standing above the crib of her sister and singing softly to her, lulling her off to sleep. Once the child was fast asleep, her mother left the crib and the scenery once again shifted, this time to her father again holding the child in his arms; all of a sudden a dozen impressions and empathic responses were projected into her mind; as she heard her fathers voice, distant-sounding and hollow echo trough her mind "My daughter, I'll always protect you, I promise to be a good father, nothing bad shall ever befall you"

The pictures rearranged themselves before shifting onto yet another location, there was a pond, located just outside of the village, roughly a five minute long walk from their house; she saw her mother and father, and her sister, now about three years of age sitting by the pond, her father and sister catching tadpoles while her mother smiled at them from the shore, her sister and father looked very happy together.

The picture froze mid-motion, before it was replaced once again by another scenery, this time with her sister shouting at her father "Daddy! I wanna catch tadpoles now!" her eyes were teary, but her father wouldn't budge, he had alot of work to do, but trying to tell a four year old about that would be a waste of time, so instead he firmly stated "Dad doesn't have time now, we'll do it sometime later, alright?" he then turned away to address whatever he had been doing, his brows narrowed in intense concentration; Akane suddenly felt an odd sensation as it seemed as though they were drawn into body of her sister, and soon, they saw the events as they unfolded trough her eyes.

Daddy was such a meanie, but that didn't matter, she was going to catch the tadpoles by herself! She decided. Walking slowly out of the door, the little girl began to hurry down the road towards the pond, her small heart quivering with anticipation, she was going to get some really big ones! Like, as big as her dad! That would make him so proud.

Once she reached the pond, she immediately waltzed out into the murky waters, and began to search around for tadpoles, but whatever she did, she could only find small ones; she looked around herself and her eyes landed upon the farthest end of the pond, the water there was really dark, a perfect hiding place for monster tadpoles she thought; she waded into the water moving towards the spot, at her fifth step though she vanished beneath the surface as the bottom dissapeared beneath her, the girl had not yet learned to swin and her mouth was filled with dark, murky water and though she desperately struggled to keep her head above water, there was nothing she could do: Akane was overwhelmed with the emotions that her sister felt as she, desperate as she was struggled for her life, she could feel the water fill her lungs, couldn't breathe, and felt the overwhelming sense of dread and panic that her sister no doubt felt shortly before her all too early death.

Akane then lost conciousness, feeling as if she had just drowned as well,,,

When she finally regained her conciousness, she could hear her father sobbing quietly, the strangers hand resting atop his shoulder and the man in question standing behind him. She could hear his voice, cold but still, strangely suave; "Certainly, you did fail her -- terribly at that, but perhaps, there's still a way for you repent" With this, he grabbed the cheek of her father and turned him to face him, her fathers tear-stained face gazing in confusion. The stranger spoke again, but this time his words carried with a sense of undeniable authority, absolute, even "You do want to repent, don't you?" Her father nodded in confirmation, but his eyes seemed glass-like and unfocused as if influenced by some outside force

"Good, then come with me - I'll take care of you, your daughter doesn't need you anymore than the previous one did, leave her with the mother and follow me. You're nothing to her, and we both know this" Akane listened to the words with horror, the man was going to take her father away! She wouldn't have it, but for some reason she wasn't capable of moving at all! Her body simply refused to move, Akane looked over to her mother, but to her horror her mother was still eating the food, and she appeared completely obvlious to the scene which unfolded before their very eyes, it was almost like they didn't exist.

The stranger and her father raised up and she saw that he was about to take him away, with the desperation that only a child could muster, she felt something inside her click in place and suddenly found, to her relief that she could move again, without thinking and her mind clouded by panic, she dashed for the table, grabbed a long knife and moved quickly towards their guest, whom, being preoccupied with beguiling her father as he was, didn't notice it until it was burrowed to the hilt in his side; the man released a soundless shriek before turning towards Akane, his eyes oscilating between pure undiluted rage and great confusion, he fell to his knees and with one quick motion ripped the knife from the wound before pressing his hands onto his side with great haste.

Akane used this time to attempt to shake her father back into reality, but it didn't work, she realized she was all alone, and she suddenly found herself hoisted up into the air and slammed against a wall; a pair of strong hands tightening around her throat, blocking her airways and causing her to gasp frantically for air, she gazed right into the eyes of the man which she had steadily begun to wish to never have met: His eyes looked so different now, they were very intense and reflected the twisted soul which was stored away in that shell of a man.Akane struggled against his hands, but he was so much stronger than her that she gave up quickly, as the world began to become blurry.

Abruptly, she fell to the ground and found that she could breathe freely again, gasping for air she turned her gaze upwards where the man stood and looked down at her, his gaze calculating and ruthless, and when he spoke, his gentle, caring voice was at complete odds with the sentence he uttered "As amusing as choking the life out of you would be, I've decided to spare you your well desserved punishment. There has to be a penalty though" The man reached a hand out and pat Akane's hand in a twisted parody of fatherly affection, before continuing "Yes, I will be taking your father --- but up until you decided to play the heroine, you still had a mother" Akane didn't understand what he meant at first, but when realization kicked in she tried desperately to rise up and defend her mother, only to find that she couldn't move a muscle! Her body refused to listen to her-

The man stopped infront of her mother, who was still entranced in his illusion and proceeded to make a quick swipe of his hand in her direction; the effects were delayed, misleading Akane to think that he actually hadn't succeeded. Suddenly though, three streams of blood trickled down her mothers chins and fell down upon the platter, her mother appeared confused for a moment, then shocked but just as she was about to open her mouth to scream, her eyes turned glass-like, and she died, sitting in the chair, her blank stare turned towards the door.

Isamu finished his buisness with the mother and walked towards the entrance to the house, ignoring the traumatized girl lying and sobbing on the ground at his feet, he stepped eloquently over her body and walked over to his recently aquired plaything. Yanking him with him by the collar and keeping a firm grasp around his inferior psyche as to prevent him from following his natural inclinations, such as attempting to run away or help his daughter. Closing the door to the house carefully behind them, he cloaked the presence of his pet to the other villagers, before moving out and away into the night with his companion, as silently as he had come.

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