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Tamura Clan
Clan Symbol
Kanji 田村一族

The Tamura Clan (田村一族, Tamura Ichizoku) is a clan of highly skilled ninjutsu users situated within the Land of Earth. They are known to be skeptical of other clans, preferring to remain isolated from the affairs of outsiders whom do not share ideals similar to their own. Instead, they focus on the self developement of their own ranks. Despite this they have an intense rivalry with the Kamizuru Clan. Their current leader is Isao Tamura.


Clan InformationEdit


Ninjutsu Proficiency Edit

Members of the Tamura Clan be born with a natural prowness for ninjutsu. Their skills being comparable to the Kurama Clan's specialization of genjutsu. They are able to comprehend and learn higher ranking ninjutsu techniques with less difficulty than that of a regular shinobi. However, as a drawback, they are unable to utilize genjutsu and their innate taijutsu capabilities are hindered. Members of the Tamura Clan usually are masters of nature transformation, but they can only use their chakra affinity. Most clansmen are aligned with the Earth Release while it is a rarity for one to be aligned with the Water Release.


  • Tamura translates to "rice field village."

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