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Tarō Suzuki
Name Tarō Suzuki
Kanji 太郎 鈴木
Romanji Suzuki Tarō
Personal Status
Birthdate January 1
Age 31
Gender Male Male
Height 6'2"
Weight 140 lbs
Blood Type B+
Hometown Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Home Country Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire
Affiliation Konohagakure Symbol Konohagakure
Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire
Suzuki Suzuki Clan
Occupation Jōnin Symbol Jōnin
Previous Occupation Chūnin Symbol Chūnin
Previous Team ANBU Symbol ANBU
Family Saitō Hajime (Nephew)
Suzuki Suzuki Clan
Rank Jōnin Symbol Jōnin
Classification Swordsman
Ninja Registration 886132
Academy Grad. Age 9 years old
Chūnin Prom. Age 12 years old
Jōnin Prom. Age 15 years old
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Pulse Pulse Release
Nature Type Nature Icon Fire Fire
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning
Nature Icon Wind Wind
Jutsu Chakra Sensing Technique
Chakra Suppression Technique
Body Flicker Technique
Generic Sealing Technique
Transformation Technique
Body Replacement Technique
Temporary Paralysis Technique
Nature Icon Pulse Pulse Release: Repulse
Nature Icon Pulse Pulse Release: Attract
Nature Icon Pulse Pulse Release: Levitation
Nature Icon Pulse Pulse Release: Railgun
Nature Icon Pulse Pulse Release: Sandstorm
Nature Icon Pulse Pulse Release: Shock Wave
Weapons Riptide (荒海, Araumi; Literally meaning "Rough Seas")

Tarō Suzuki (太郎 鈴木, Suzuki Tarō) is a Jōnin-Ranked ninja from Konohagakure. As heir to the famed Suzuki Clan, he is capable of using the kekkei tōta known as Pulse Release, by combining three elements, Lightning, Wind, and Fire. He is the uncle and former master of the S-class missing-nin, Saitō Hajime and taught him almost everything he knows about the shinobi arts. He views his nephew's straying onto the wrong path as his own fault and has vowed to bring him back to the light or kill him if cannot. Having lived in relative isolation for years, he returned to Konoha after his nephew's defection from the village so that he could protect the village, a task he had hoped Saitō would perform for him, and at the same time be better able to learn of his nephew's actions and be able to locate and confront him.

He is considered to be one of the most skilled shinobi in the leaf and his mastery of the Pulse Release release is even greater than his nephew's, Saitō himself having stated that it will be years before he will be ready to confront his uncle. Such is his strength that he would be to be a prime candidate for the position of Hokage were it not for his drinking habits. He is a masterful swordsman with his skill with the blade equal to that of members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.




Tarō is a tall light-skinned man with and gray eyes and light-blond hair. His hair is messy with strands framing the sides of the face and hanging between his eyes and chin stubble. He always wears traditional Japanese wooden sandals (geta) and a bucket hat that usually shadows his eye. He also wears a dark green shirt and pants, topped with a black coat with a white diamond pattern along its bottom half. Tarō has also been known to carry a cane with him which in fact houses his blade within it.


Taro is an extremely laid-back but gluttonous person, who is nearly always seen with a bottle of sake in his hands. He is a free-spirited, strong-willed person who often has a crazy streak along with a blatant disregard for rules. He does whatever he wants whenever he wants, which usually consists of little more than drinking good sake or prevent those he cares about from getting hurt. He seems to be drunk at almost all times, regardless of time or occasion and at such times he hates being ordered around to stop drinking and is easily convinced that when people look down on him in his drunk state they are insulting him. He has a competitive side and is famous for challenging people to drinking competitions to resolve almost any issue. When drunk he can often act in a goofy or embarrassing manner. Because of this many people find it hard to believe that someone like him is the leader of a clan as prestigious as the Suzuki. But none of this seems to matter to him as he cares little for what other people's views.

Even when drunk, he is normally more or less in control of his himself and despite acting in a slightly arrogant and rude manner, he knows when to stop and will not do something that might harm others too much. He is exceedingly gruff and blunt when drunk and will speak what is on his mind regardless of how embarrassing or insulting it might be to others. He is also very amorous, constantly flirting with any attractive woman he sees. He has often been rebuked by female shinobi of the leaf for this habit and has been slapped on numerous occasions.

He is an altruistic person who is eager to defend other people and always be ready to protect his friends. He is alos loath to hold grudges and believes that no matter what a person is like, they should never be prejudiced or looked down upon simply because of who they are. This often causes him to befriend and defend anyone he feels is wrongfully feared and persecuted. Because of his unbiased and protective attitude, he is quick in making friends and allies with the most unlikely of individuals, such as street thugs and thieves.

When sober, he displays a different side of his personality, a side that is said to be the one that earned him his fame and recognition. When not drunk, Tarō usually is a stern, serious and distanced person. He is very intimidating, with a look of his eyes or a glare being enough to frighten weaker opponents. When in battle he possesses a monstrous killing intent and is regarded by some as a monster waiting to explode. Despite this, Taro has a kind heart, willing to risk death for the sake of his friends and allies. He has a strong sense of leadership and reasoning. Though he is not a samurai, Taro follows bushido to a certain degree; such as refusing to atack enemies from behind their backs though he is willing to bend these rules if his friends are in imminent danger. He is very loyal to his village and will go to great lengths to protect it.






Pulse ReleaseEdit


Liver FailureEdit

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