The warmth of the shinobi worlds sun was strong. The vibrant heat touched all beneath it, meanwhile, on the ground a young Chuunin dash across the land; beads of sweat rolled down his face and kissed the ground and the grass sprung up beaneath his feet pushing him onward. Leaping through the land with fine agility, he managad to find comfort near a single, towering tree.

"Recently, our ties with the village, Getsugakure have been little to say, strained. With the previous Shinobi War they have reason to not won't to associate with us..however, the trades we make with them our vital components for our growing ninja. Therefore, we must make amends so that we may continue our trading process. Because of our current lack of ninja, your mission will be to convince the current leader of Land of the Moon into re-uniting in there trades with the Land of Fire. This is a heavy task to ask upon a single Chuunin, however, instead of simply telling him of our reasons, show him. There have been a number of ships that have been destroyed in the harbors of the Land of the Moon. For this reason, you will be dispatched to Getsugakure - the leading exporting village in the Land of the Moon - and cease the destruction there. In addition, I am well aware that the Six-Tails is present somewhere in that village. You are to under no circumstances come into contact with that Jinchuuriki. Possible contact with him could cause the Land of Moon to assume that we just want them for there connection to that Jinchuuriki. Kuramoto Koga, this is your mission."

Remembering what he was told the previous week, Koga continued his dash to Getsugakure. The previous day he had taken a boat ride to the Land of the Moon, however he was unfamiliar with this land, for that reason he had gotten lost frequently. This time was much worse. Realizing his predicament, Koga climbed to the top of a tree he then looked onward and outward, observing the landscape for any sign of life. Lucky enough, a village lay peacefully only a few miles west. " 'Bout time I got here!" he said filled with relief. Just then, in the middle of the day, another explosion occured westward. Swearing under his breath, Koga sprung up and ran toward the village before him at breakneck speed.

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