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Team Sagiurū
Team S Image
Kanji 詐欺うるう隊
Romaji Sagiurū-Tai
Leader(s) Male Kyogi Shinja
Male Hōjō Sarutobi
Members Male Dirzyn Shinja
Gender Female Michiko Shinja
Gender Female Atsuko Shinja
Team Jutsu Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release: Infernal Breaker
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release: Azure Step
Nature Icon Earth Earth Release: Fortress Wall

Team Sagiurū began as the nickname members of the Reborn Akatsuki gave to the partnership between Kyogi Shinja and Hōjō Sarutobi. Meaning "Deceptive Leap", the nickname was essentially a pun on their names originally coined by Isamu Yamanaka. After scrutinizing such a ridiculous title, the pair relented and adopted the nickname as their official team name, often identifying themselves as members of the team before their membership in the Akatsuki.

However, the title has been passed onto the team oversaw by Kyogi Shinja; composed of Dirzyn Shinja, Michiko Shinja, and Atsuko Shinja.

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