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Team Takahiro (チーム隆弘, Chīmu Takahiro), or Team 17, is a former Genin team located within Konohagakure under the leadership of Jōnin and former ANBU Shin Takahiro; also known as The Flickering Swordsman. The other members, now Chūnin or above, are Kenji Nagakura who is the current Jinchūriki of the Two-Tailed Monster Cat born outside but raised in Konohagakure; Gray Kazuki who wields the Kekkei Genkai Burittsuai and is an established genius of the Kazuki Clan and finally Harumi Misuteri who was formerly a Missing-nin due to her lose of memories when she unexpectedly survived falling into a river in stormy conditions.

The team is well known for their record successfully hunting Missing-nin and are considered the fore-most specialist in this field in Konoha; holding a reputation among the Hidden Village that compares to the view Kirigakure have towards their Hunter-nin.

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