Telepathic Cloak
Name Telepathic Cloak
Classification Telepathic Ability
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
A Telepathic Cloak is a powerful ability directly tied to Isamu's telepathic prowess; when used it allows Isamu to completely mask the physical and immediate mental presence of anyone within his immediate vicinity, including himself; rendering them "invisible" and preventing other Telepaths to read their mind as long as the ability is in effect --- while this is far from a complete defense, and that the cloak does indeed wear off after a few days, it still allows for valueable time as experienced telepaths would find themselves simply incapable of reading the subjects mind until the cloak is either dispelled (which requires tremendous amount of effort) or disipates on its own; either way, this greatly delays the enemies aquirement of vital intelligence. The invisibility effect has a much shorter duration though and is not actual invisibility at all, but a form of Telepathic Illusion, it is however not as much an illusion as a natural appeal to the senses of those who "see" the person, an appeal which warps the perceptions of those who see the subjects into believing them to be quite inconspicious and uninteresting, in essence, a mind trick; and for that reason it simply causes them to have dificulty noticing those affected: They are still seen though, and if they attempt to do something violent they will still be completely visible on the spectrum of the target (provided of course that the target sees them draw a weapon); Isamu has stated that this ability works by manipulating the mental engrams of the subject to provide the telepathic defense, and to subsequently mask them with an impression of indifference.

Isamu has managed to become skilled enough with this innate ability to be capable of using it to great effect against his enemies by employing a variation of the Telepathic cloak in combat; this works by drastically manipulating their mental engrams and signature so as to make them temporarily incompatible with the yin half of their chakra - since both halves of Chakra is nessecary to mold Chakra this temporarily cuts them off from all of their Jutsu until the effect disipates; which could be anywhere from a few minutes to several hours based upon how successful the attempt was, and how long he managed to maintain contact --- this ability puts a strain on Isamu's mind whichever version is used, and he cannot use any of the variants repedeatly as a direct consequence of this, moreover, the offensive version requires direct contact by touch at the targets head or neck to be successful.

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