Telepathic Illusion
Name Telepathic Illusion
Classification Telepathic Ability
Range Short to Long-range
Other Jutsu
Telepathic Illusion is a very powerful ability which Isamu Yamanaka has managed to procure by training his natural gifts for many years - with this, he's capable of creating realistic illusions in the minds of his subjects; as well as set in motion imaginary events which aren't actually occuring but which seem real for those whom experience them; Isamu is capable of projecting these illusions into anyone within 15 meters reach of his current position without any preparation - and can further expand this sphere of influence if he finds it nessecary; albeit doing such is quite taxing on his psyche. The illusions works much like several powerful Genjutsu with the exception that Isamu can make anything happen with his illusions, as opposed to simply using a single prescripted illusion which is what most Genjutsu does. Their greater range, general effectiveness and much greater versatility has urged Isamu to depend upon them instead of the more complicated and selective art of Genjutsu in order to ellude the senses of the opponents and entrance them within realistic illusions.

The direct mind-effect of the telepathic illiusions allows Isamu to fool even they incredible perception of the Sharingan; albeit its sibling Dojutsu the Byakugan is capable of sensing that something is out of the ordinary due to its vastly superiour insightfulness of the latter as opposed to the former -- powerful however, as these illusions might be; they are not without their drawbacks; first and foremost among these is that while his illusions fool all the five senses - they are still incorporeal and therefore if the subject attembs to "grab" or "touch" an illusion, the hand will pass trough it and the illusions true nature will be revealed, but not dispelled; Isamu however, has learned to use this to his advantage by making use of Izanami to make his illusions real; allowing him to surprise the opponent by making the previously harmless illusion suddenly become incredibly dangerous, and mournfully real.

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