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Ten-Blade Shuriken
Name Ten-Blade Shuriken
User(s) Kakushi Ken

Ten-Blade Shuriken are one of many innovative weapons created by Kakushi Ken that stem from "typical" weapons of shinobi. A Ten-Bladed Shuriken, as the name suggests, has ten points as opposed to the typical 4. These weapons rip through the air with increased efficiency due to the additional blades lessening air-resistance and due to this, travel notably faster than their predecessors. The notable feature of this weapon is the Garrotte Wires within the blades, allowing the user to throw the shuriken before expanding its range by releasing the threads attached to each blade. This results in a smaller shuriken with a range comparable to that of a Fuma Shuriken during flight with increased lethality due to the ability of the wires to cut through skin and wrap around things such as shields or swords to inflict damage with the Ten-Blades. This weapon affords Kakushi with the element of surprise providing him with instant assaults and the ability to disable opponents. Like nearly every every weapon forged by Kakushi, these may be imbued with chakra to increase their destructive power.

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