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"So quickly you demand fealty and loyalty, and yet you have already forgotten how it is you achieved your power? I served under your predecessor as one of her elite. I hunted those who would not bow to her rule and my blade fell any whose hands were tainted with the blood of their brothers in arms. In the end it was her trust in her subordinates and country that killed her. And now you stand in her stead. Do not make the same mistake or you may find that same blade buried in your back, Mizukage-sama."
— Tenchuu to Fuyuki

Tenchuu Yagami
Tenchuu Full
Koryuujin (子龍神, Little Dragon King)

Dokuganryu (独眼竜, One-Eyed-Dragon)

Name Tenchuu Yagami
Kanji 夜神天誅
Personal Status
Birthdate June 13th
Age 16
Gender 20px-Gender Male1.svg Male
Height 160 cm (5'3")
Weight 49 kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type AB
Hometown Nagato Province
Home Country 70px-Land of Water Symbol.svg Land of Water
Affiliation Akatsuki

Ketsuekigasu Kurenai

Previous Affiliation Yagami Crest Yagami Clan

100px-Kirigakure Symbol.svg Kirigakure

Occupation Seven Swordsman of the Mist
Previous Occupation Hunter-Nin
Family Yagami Clan
Classification A-rank
Academy Grad. Age 8 yrs old (graduated at the top of his class)
Chūnin Prom. Age 11 (promoted in the field, after former commanding officers death)
Jōnin Prom. Age 13 (Unofficial, instead promoted as a Hunter-Nin)
Hiden Techniques Niten Ichi Ryuu Gorin no Taisei
Nature Type Nature Icon Yin-Yang Ying Yang Chakra
Jutsu Body Flicker Technique

Chakra Sensing Technique
Chakra Suppression Technique
Chakra Enhanced Strength
Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique
Eight Celestial Gates
Eight Gates Formation
Flight Technique
Hidden Mist Technique
Samurai Saber Technique
Secret Technique: Mist Rain
Sensing System Technique
Silent Killing
Time Reversal Technique
Temporary Paralysis Technique

Weapons Tsukikage (月影, lit. "Moon Shadow")

Tenchuu Yagami (夜神天誅, Yagami Tenchuu, lit. "Night God, Wrath of Heaven") is a samurai from the Yagami Clan, a former liason to Kirigakure and currently a missing-nin. He is an exceptional warrior having received additional training as a shinobi through Kirikagure's academy. After graduating at a young age, he was quickly inducted into the spiraling civil wars that followed the aftermath of Fourth Great Shinobi War.

His abilities as a samurai and shinobi have enabled him to find success where others would fail, having succeeded his Chuunin commanding officer during an ambush by enemy nin. He has gained much recognition for his efforts in the wars, rising to the rank of Tokubetsu Jōnin - his official title - while unofficially joining Mists Undertaker Squad due to his accomplishments. Tales of his unique swordsmanship, style of clothing, and height have given rise to his moniker, The Little Dragon (子龍神, Koryuujin), a title which he vehemently despises. As a Hunter-Nin, he is tasked with various high profile black ops missions to assassinate, destroy and eliminate the threats to peace in the Land of Water.


Once one of the Yagami clan's most promising youths, he is a swordsman of prodigal skill, a tactical and military genius and he barely stands over five feet in height. His short stature made him the subject of many jokes amongst his fellow samurai and shinobi of which he coldly responded to; causing his height to become a bit of a sore subject for him, along with his child-like appearance. Woman, young and older comment on how "cute" he looks given his rather innocent appearance, though he doesn't seem nearly as cold in those situations, often grumbling about indignant woman and their strange fetishes. But his short stature hides the otherwise lithe and muscular frame underneath, built from consistent, and intense physical conditioning.

His dark silver hair hangs messily over his face, tied and held together behind his head with wrapping, extending all the way to his waist. That same wrapping is wound around his forehead and covers his left eye - most of the time. This is because he has a distinct scar running down from his eye, which is blind, but giving it a very draconic appearance. Its been known that he has developed the ability to use various genjutsu through it, despite the apparent blindness. His functional eye is a deep turquoise blue, and has been said to glow occasionally, a result of his immense levels of chakra.

Tenchuu has favored the traditional clothing of the samurai since he was younger and has hardly changed his appearance since then. When he was younger he wore darker clothing, but as he has grown in strength and character the color tones have changed becoming what they are today a rich sky blue complimented with azure clothing, which consist of a bluish-white shitagi, and kosode with a trimmed form fitting hakama. The kosode is longer than average with a long coat tail extending down to Tenchuu's knee's. He prefers this slimmer version as it provides him a greater degree of movement, in addition to being a Yagami Clan Yomibusou; it has been sown with reinforced chakra fibers, designed to tense on impact to lessen the blow.

Over his clothing he wears a unique set of armor; a chest-piece that is slung over his shoulder similar in appearance to Kumogakure's vest, bracers worn over his forearms, shin guards, along with a pouch at his waist. What makes the armor unique is its design which resemble draconian scales, and on the bracers, the upper hand guard has on it, three claws like that of a dragon. This alone is one of the reasons he inherited his moniker of "Little Dragon", and while he detests the little portion of his title, it is an appropriate title given his abilities and aerial style of fighting; said to emulate the movements of a dragon itself. He also prefers to wear boots, as compared to the standard footwear of a shinobi or even samurai, and finally draped over his shoulders is a deep ocean blue haori.


Tenchuu is a complex individual, both on the field of battle and off. While working with others on a mission, he can be calm, almost to the point of being detached, like a ghost; unfeeling, and emotionless. However he never risks the lives of his teammates unnecessarily, though whether this is due to genuine care for their well-being or the perspective one has for the waste of resources is up for debate. He typically speaks in a taciturn business-like manner, forgoes honorifics entirely, causing him to speak in a somewhat rude manner, and can be very blunt. He is a shinobi however, and knows when to apply lip service when necessary. But he prefers to rely on brute intimidation, and instilling fear into his enemies to get what he wants.

His ties to the Yagami clan had been strained for years, and is partially the reason why he volunteered to be trained as a shinobi in Mist. His family was original apart of the splinter group that sided with Kenshin's eldest brother, with his grandfather having only just escape before the clan fell to ruin, making him a third generation Sanada, after the split, though his father in his younger years returned to the clan, believing Kenshin was a worthy heir. Much like his predecessor, Tenchuu is a prodigy, advancing at a remarkable rate in the art of swordsmanship, overcoming virtually every challenge he is presented with.

Sadly, Tenchuu has lived in the shadow of Kenshin, with constant comparisons made between them, and due to his heritage; a former member of the group that split, his deed and accomplishments will never redeem the betrayal seen in the elders of the clan. With the knowledge that he would never amount to anything more than Kenshin's shadow, the rift was inevitable. Further beneath the surface he greatly desires to be recognized on his own merit, and not of Kenshins. Therefore he resents the "Tsurugi-no-Kanjin" that Kenshin so aptly personifies, and instead embraces his own creed.

This has only escalated the division between Tenchuu and his clan, making him an outcast and a loner, making him appear to be a rather arrogant child who believes himself above the virtues of the clan. But buried beneath the rubble of lies, deceit and borderline betrayal is that unlike Kenshin, Tenchuu has worked twice as hard for only half the gains in his life. The majority of his time out of combat, he spends in intense training, both physically and mentally, yet none of his accomplishments ever seemed to gain the recognition they are deserved. He has grown increasingly untrusting of others and can be seen as a bit of a control freak.

In the shadow of perhaps his greatest obstacle yet, Tenchuu struggles with his own self-identity, as there is some good beneath his persona, though it is often overshadowed by the ruthless actions he takes to accomplish his mission objectives. Sabotage, capturing of his enemies friends and family, torture, and worse are things he is attributed to doing. He wrestles with his inner voice, at times giving into it, but with no small part of shame for doing so, yet these occurrences are happening less and less. Despite his almost evil-natured persona, those who are able to see beneath the veil, and truly earn his favor consider him kind-hearted beneath his "gruff" exterior. However each step forward he takes towards achieving his ambitions, he loses a piece of his humanity on the way. War has taken its toll in turning this once bright eyed but slightly devious child into an emotionless killing machine. Should the Yagami enact anything drastic, whats left of his fragile persona could shatter, leaving behind an individual solely driven by hatred and vengeance.




Tenchuu is one of the most powerful swordsman in the known shinobi world, possessing such phenomenal skill that he is considered to be in the same tier as many S-Class shinobi. Much of his fame comes from the civil wars that plagued the Land of Water following the end of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. The power vacuum left by the deaths of many shinobi allowed those who wished to use this opportunity to obtain power to drive the fragile infrastructure of the country into complete and total ruin. However war is a profitable business, especially for shinobi, and with the Yagami clan backing the current Mizukage, it stood to reason that they would undoubtedly be the Kirigakure's foremost enforcers.

Trained from a young age in both the arts of the samurai and the shinobi, Tenchuu possess a rare dual nature in terms of his training. He combines the best of both worlds, possessing unrivaled swordsmanship with the skills and talents bestowed seen only in the Undertaker Squadron of Kirigakure. His lineage as a co-conspirator of the original Sanada led to a schism between he and the rest of his clan. This however served only to strengthen his resolve and determination towards obtaining power on his own merit. He graduated from the academy at a young age, far outclassing the other students, to continue his training under a Jounin sensei. It wasn't until a mission gone wrong that he would begin to demonstrate the true extent of his abilities when his jounin sensei was K.I.A. He took command of the mission, and managed to secure not only the objective of their mission to but safely return the rest of his team. He was immediately promoted to Chuunin thereafter.

Once more, Tenchuu would demonstrate his abilities when he was officially promoted to the rank of Tokubetsu Jounin at the mere at of thirteen. His promotion was a ruse, unofficially he had been selected to join the ranks of the Undertaker Squadron of Kirigakure for his immense skills and talent, especially in the areas of stealth and assassination. His abilities were extraordinary, and Kirigakure sought to make effective use of this tool. His mission record speaks for itself, providing further proof that Tenchuu is a highly capable assassin, and officer capable of accomplishing even the most difficult of mission parameters and objectives.

He has gained much renown within many circles as the One-Eyed Dragon, a moniker he was given due to his deadly aerial fighting style reminiscent of a dragon, along with his one eye. It was during this time that the clan elders of the Yagami began taking more active measures against Tenchuu, namely in their recommendation towards missions that would have been suicide in optimal conditions. His rage boiled beneath his skin, but Tenchuu completed every assignment, overcoming all of their attempts at removing him with blinding colors. It was at this time that he began to expand his own influence, obtaining favors from various underworld figures, until the day he finally defected, striking out on his own. He has since grown even more powerful than before, something previously thought impossible, yet his influence continues to spread as he sows discord and mayhem across the Land of Water.

Tenchuu is a wholly powerful and influential figure within the underworld, a brilliant strategist and tactician whom few would dare oppose. He prides himself on his one-hundred percent mission success rate and the quality of his weapons and armor, smuggling them across the various islands of the Land of Water supporting virtually every side in the numerous civil wars. He is a cold and utterly ruthless warrior, who has accomplished much in the short time he has become a missing-nin. There are even rumors that even darker and more powerful organizations are scouting for those of his skill and power. Regardless, Tenchuu is quickly becoming an international criminal and warlord who continues to climb the political ladder of the known world.

Kenjutsu MasteryEdit

General Kenjutsu ProwessLike his predecessor, he possess a natural talent that is said to be seen only once every thousand years, yet in the span of two generations, another scion is born. As the Niten Ichi Ryuu is an ambidextrous style, so too is Tenchuu's fighting style, though he makes use of twin swords as his weapon of choice. His attacks are swift and precise, and are generally used in rapid succession of the other to overwhelm a defense. He is infamous for his ability to string combinations of attacks together through a series of feints to deliever fatal blows to his opponent.

Amakaken (天化剣, Heavenly Changing Form Sword or Heavenly Sword of Transformation and Adaption): The Amakaken is the signature sword style developed by Tenchuu, while training in the Niten Ichi Ryuu, it is a swordplay that emphasizes the use of two weapons combined with various taijutsu moves and highly advanced chakra manipulation. Amakaken is predominately an aerial style of combat, favoring the use of acrobatic maneuvers that allow the user to attack with great speed and precision while airborne along with body movements designed to take advantage of the third dimension in terms of combat. The principle of Amakaken lies in motion, and the ability to remain in motion for both attack and defense.

As motion is one of the key factors of the style, Tenchuu's movements are characterized by his ability to move sinuously from one point to next, around his opponent and even through the air, constantly maintaining his motion. Movement is fluid, like a snake, bending and coiling as he moves until closing, and distancing become second nature. Power is generated from the sinuous motions, to create swift rippling attacks, like a snake striking its prey. At first glance the style appears to be singularly linear, movement is always in one vector, the same with its attacks, however that is where the true power of Tenchuu's Amakaken manifests itself.

Deception is the key trait of the Amakaken; the sinuous motions are only a precursor to the true nature of the style its transformative movements. The adaption of Yin-yang chakra is crucial and a fundamental aspect to the advanced levels of this style, and can be considered by some a Gentaijutsu style of combat. Yin chakra is utilized within the same movement of any given attack or step enhancing the blurring and rippling effect confusing and disorienting the opponent. By adding Yang chakra one can enhance the movement itself with speed and power, and when Yin chakra is added, augments the illusion projected by any given movement. In this manner, Tenchuu can weave illusions whilst performing any of his attacks. What makes this so deadly lies in the fact that it is not a continuous illusion, each movement is its own illusion, no amount of genjutsu countering would allow one to detect which is real and which isnt, no including the fact that these illusions occur nigh instantaneously.

Innate Physical AbilitiesEdit

Immense Speed: Tenchuu's greatest attribute is his immense speed, instantaneous reflexes and supernal agility. Attributed to his small size and lithe frame, Tenchuu is a swordsman primarily built for speed and agility, therefore his training consisted of training to harness these innate abilities and hone them to extraordinary levels. Unlike most traditional taijutsu specialists, Tenchuu did not utilize the standard method of adding weights to increase his speed. The reason for this was that while weights apply additional strain to muscles, excess weight fools the bodies natural reactions and response times. This forces those who use this training method to learn a rigid style of taijutsu due to their lack of adaptability. Tenchuu's training however consisted of various speed-based drills, that were largely considered barbaric even by the standards of Kirigakure due to their high fatality rate. Constantly battling against those who were stronger and faster forced Tenchuu to adapt at an accelerated pace lest he be destroyed in the process. Indeed it was a training regiment designed to either forge him into an unstoppable weapon of god-like speed or die trying. By the age of eleven, Tenchuu had achieved speeds to rival most Jounin. By thirteen, he had all but surpassed his fellow shinobi in the Hunter-Nin Division, and now at the age of fifteen his speed has become legendary, on par with the illustrious Kenshin Yagami, and often compared to the likes of the Yondaime Hokage. This immeasurable speed serves as the foundation of Tenchuu's swordsmanship, a trait borne of out of necessity rather than synergy. Having lost his left eye, and lacking depth perception, death was almost assured for Tenchuu, driving him to overcome his disability at all costs. When he began to develop his swordsmanship, he observed that by constantly changing the angle of his perception, his sight would adjust and allow him to accurately judge distances. But yet it was this very handicap which forced Tenchuu to develop his instantaneous reflexes, as by lacking vision for over half his body, any changes, his other senses were forced to become that much sharper, his speed and reflexes that much better. After years of combat, his speed has reached a plateau were few if any living beings are capable of reaching him on equal ground.

  • Hiryuusen (飛竜閃, lit. "Soaring Dragon Flash"): Refers to the speed attributed to Tenchuu Yagami, a aptly named for his immense aerial prowess and instantaneous speed. While Tenchuu possesses a great deal of innate speed, the purified chakra that courses through his circulatory system is reminiscent of the more commonly known Shunshin no Jutsu. His body naturally produces and channels high amounts of purified chakra which has allowed him to naturalize the energized state of Shunshin. Thus his movements are almost always influenced as though using the technique. However this interaction is only one-half of what is occurring. The movements governed by the Niten Ichi Ryuu allow one to manipulate and harness the power of the elements, and through his movements and emission of chakra into the atmosphere, he can manipulate his own interactions with wind itself. Like the gentle wind, Tenchuu flows like a dragon soaring in the heavens, but his movements are explosive and penetrating, consisting of rapid sinuous motions which have given such fame to his speed. As if his own legends have manifested into a power unique to him, Tenchuu has achieved a level of godlike speed that few if any shinobi can match.

Immense Strength & Durability: While Tenchuu's greatest physical aspect is his speed, his physical strength and durability have since been developed to extraordinary levels. The intense training regiments he underwent to improve his speed through the cultivation of his Yang chakra has also granted him great monstrous strength. In the same manner he increased his speed, Tenchuu applied the same basic technique to explosively increase his strength, through the circulation of yang chakra and subsequent release of it in the same motion as his attack. Since gathering chakra in the soles of the feet is often the hardest area to gather chakra, when he applied the same to his hands which are considered infinitely easier the results were staggering. It took very little time for Tenchuu to acclimate his speed training towards the strengthening of his entire body, providing him with a natural level of strength that far exceeds even that granted by empowering techniques. His training has also developed his muscles in a very unique fashion, since they are noted to be several times more dense, more flexible along with the strengthening of his own organs which can support this augmentation. As a side effect however he has a increased metabolism, requiring massive quantities of food to maintain the strength of his body. Consequently this confers upon him increased resistance against poisons and toxins due to his bodies ability to quickly metabolize and flush his system.

Dragons EyeEdit

At the time of his birth, Tenchuu was diagnosed with a rare genetic and degenerative ocular disorder. Eventually this disease had claimed the sight of his left eye, though the circumstances of its onset and subsequent rapid degeneration have remained a mystery to Tenchuu. To prevent himself from being further ostracized, Tenchuu began the practice of wearing wrappings around his head and eye to conceal the deformity. It was not until he began learning the arts of the Niten Ichi Ryuu did he make a startling discovery. When chakra is channeled in sufficient amounts to "eye", he gained a unique ocular power; the ability to see and visualize the ebb and flow of chakra. He is unsure of how such a power came to be his, but theorizes that it is likely the result of a mutation of an existing bloodline limit. The Yagami were notorious for assimilating dying clans, especially those possessing bloodline limits, a practice that has continued for generations. His ancestors likely married into such a clan or was born of such a union with the latent potential only now surfacing. Regardless, Tenchuu has kept this ability as one of his secret trump cards.

Ryuugan (龍眼, Dragons Eye): This deformed [[w:c:naruto:doujutsu|doujutsu manifests itself in the blind left eye of Tenchuu, though its visual manifestation is unknown as it is always concealed under his leather eyepatch. It possesses a number of unique abilities, though it seems to share some similarities with a few other doujutsu. First and foremost, the Ryuugan enables Tenchuu to visualize the flow and release of chakra. This supernal vision penetrates through objects and physical materials, seeing only the complex web and currents of chakra. Tenchuu sees living beings as networks of vibrant energy, as their chakra networks throb and flow throughout their bodies internally. Furthermore he is able to track the flow of chakra; for example, he is able to see the chakra of a genjutsu flow through the air and affix itself to a target to manipulate them. By tracking these fields and traces of chakra that living persons leave in their wakes, he is able to discern their paths from the environment; he can track them via their chakra signatures, which appear as a trail of hazy mist. Depending on the chakra reserves of the individual, these trails can last anywhere from a few minutes to several weeks. The clarity of the Ryuugan's perceptions is another unique trait, unlike other doujutsu such as the Sharingan, which only shows an overall aura of chakra and its colors, the Ryuugan possesses an acute level of precision and exactitude in its perception, demonstrating the same level of clarity as the Byakugan. Its range however is lacking, as the further away something is, the more hazy the chakra becomes until its a thick mist. At his current level the maximum distance Tenchuu can see with his Ryuugan is no more than 1.3km. The amount of chakra required to maintain this ability is relatively small, but the Ryuugan is not without its drawbacks. Due to the eye's blindness, and the manner in which the chakra-sensing eye superimposes itself on his ordinary vision, the Ryuugan produces a great deal of strain on Tenchuu after prolonged use. He often suffers serious headaches and migraines as a consequence of prolonged activation, with only mild effects following a battle.

Nature Transformation & TechniquesEdit

Main Article: Yin-Yang Release

Elemental Transformation: Tenchuu's chakra reserves are immensely potent, having spent years undergoing a steady but gradual purification process that has enriched the quality of his chakra to an incredibly high level. While his reserves are no greater than an average Genin, the potency of even a modicum of chakra is tremendous. With a single breath Tenchuu can gather enough chakra from the surrounding area to produce enough energy to fuel a single C-ranked Ninjutsu. Furthermore as breathing stimulates his own chakra circulation, he's chakra recovery rate is enormous, that through the course of battle he could run through his reserves three times over before feeling a strain. Tenchuu is very rarely without chakra at his disposal, using it, manipulating it to direct and redirect the very life force within his body, pushing it beyond its limits. As purer chakra is easier to transform, his ability to manipulate his chakra within the environment has reached levels that give him the same level of skill and potency as a seasoned Jounin in terms of elemental prowess. As an heir of the Niten Ichi Ryuu, Tenchuu has acquired the ability to manipulate existing elements, amplifying their presence by dispersing his chakra into them and manipulating them externally. As most practitioners develop techniques and elemental preferences in accordance with their fighting style, Tenchuu's favored element is Wind and can be seen in his techniques.  His fighting style is one that generates massive amounts of air pressure and kinetic energy, and by dispersing his energy into the air, he can further manipulate it to create powerful ninjutsu effects. 

Samurai Sabre Technique: This technique is simple in its execution, but one many Samurai become intimately familiar with. The user channels his or her chakra through their weapon, using it as a foci to reshape the chakra into various forms, such as extending the blade itself, or even creating weapons like hammers. The possibilities of this technique are endless, as with a mere swing the practitioner can release a crescent of compressed chakra, capable of slicing through physical materials with the same potency as a wind release technique. Tenchuu's mastery of this technique is legendary, often using it especially in combination with his sword-style the Amakaken, by creating mirror images of his attacks. Whether it be in close range or long-range, Tenchuu is a formidable opponent who can perform swordplay more akin to a dance of death.

Killing Intent (殺気, Sakki): As with most shinobi who are capable of projecting an aura of killing intent to intimidate and demoralize their enemies, Tenchuu is particularly skilled with this technique. His version however is more refined and is more akin to a Genjutsu, as he projects an aura of Yin chakra, which seeps into the minds of those around him. The purpose of this is to make a target more susceptible to his intimidation tactics, and threats, as well as any other Genjutsu at his disposal. Genjutsu which inflict fear or despair on his enemies are particularly potent, capable of breaking the spirit of seasoned shinobi who fall prey to the initial technique.

Fire Circle - Dancing Dust Flower (火円陣 - 黄塵花の舞, Koujin Hana no Mai): A technique as beautiful as it is deadly, for the flowing movements are said to stir the very winds around him, which cause dust and other loose particles to dance like sakura flowers fluttering in the wind. Rather than a mere technique, Dancing Dust Flower serves as an extension of Tenchuu's fighting style. During the movements of his sword, air pressure is generated by the steady flow of alternating yang-chakra into his limbs which when combined with the slashing motion of his arms, creates ripples of air pressure. By alternating the strength and flow of his chakra within his body, Tenchuu is able to build up momentum which manifests as bellowing walls of pressurized air, and powerful gusts of wind as he performs his attacks. Even if an opponent dodges the intial strike, the buffeting winds will slam into them moments later. By channeling greater amounts of chakra through his limbs, Tenchuu increase the effect of this technique by several times. When combined with his Amakaken, Beyond the use of the wind currents as a weapon, the rippling motion of his sword greatly increases the damage of his attacks By using the Samurai Sabre Technique, Tenchuu can greatly extend the reach, and flexibility of this technique.

Fire Circle - Swimming Sky Dragon (火円陣 - 竜天水泳, Ryuu Ten Suiei): One of Tenchuu's more visually stunning techniques. By circulating yang chakra through his legs in a circular fashion, akin to a corkscrew, and then releasing the buildup of energy in the same motion with his movement, Tenchuu is able to temporarily create a swirling platform of air, that is solid enough that he can leap from with explosive speed. In this manner he appears to flicker from one position to the next as he briefly stops during flight to change his direction. The drawback of this technique is that it require continuous motion, resulting in Tenchuu utilizing circular movements to "orbit" around his opponent. This in of itself allows Tenchuu to attack from various angles and maintain motion to aid in his ability to evade and remain out of reach of his opponent by using the superior reach of his own swords and swordsmanship to attack and withdraw with impunity.

Earth Circle - Boundless Sword Rain (水円陣 - 一刀降雨風, Muhen Ittou Amakaze) is an advanced application of his Dancing Dust Flower. During his movements, Tenchuu generates condensed chakra around his blades with a rapidly rotating ring of air pressure surrounding each blade, both revolving in different directions. As he begins his spiraling movements, as the blades meet, these rings of air, continuously grind against one another, generating powerful "blades" of kinetic energy that are able to cut through virtually any material. As an extension of his Dancing Dust Flower, the rotating rings of air, serve to grind at his opponents defenses before the singular blade of condensed chakra slices through whats left. The strength of the kinetic blades he can generate is dependent on how long he continues to spin, by feeding additional chakra into the air, he can amplify the magnitude, size and destructive power of the technique. This technique appears very similar to the Hyuuga's infamous Hakkesho Kaiten, but because this technique generates massive amounts kinetic energy, it can be used defensively to the same effect to redirect attacks. Tenchuu considers this technique superior to the latter since he is not required to expel large amounts of chakra from his tenketsu, and the fact that his technique does not have an immediate ending motion, allows him to maintain his movements over a longer period of time. 

Earth Circle - Diamond Dust Rain (土円陣 - 金剛黄塵雨風, Kongou Koujin Amakaze): A variant of Boundless Sword Rain, in which Tenchuu's rings of air are spinning in the same direction, with a spiral motion he is able to "throw" this spiraling kinetic vortex forward unleashing a mighty sphere of tornado-like winds. Those caught in the effect suffer hundreds of cutting blows as their bodies are hurled and buffeted in random circles before being unceremoniously thrown with crushing force. Tenchuu is adapt at using this technique as a counter-offensive, when using Boundless Sword Rain defensively to latch onto an attack before redirecting it and huriling it back at his opponent. The technique also has considerable range, and can be used through various mediums with varying effects.

Earth Circle - Divine Dragon Soaring in Lightless Emptiness (土円陣 - 天竜天翔ける無明空, Ten-Ryu-Amakakeru-Mumyoku): One of Tenchuu's most powerful techniques, it is a combination of all of his techniques into one singular attack designed to utterly annihilate his enemies. First, he enacts "Ryuu Ten Suiei" to create a massive tornado of kinetic force around him. He then employs "Koujin Hana no Mai" to draw this kinetic energy through his body to fling himself forward in a corkscrewing motion at an incredible velocity. The final step of this finisher attack is that he precisely draws the yin-yang energies through his body and into the two tips of his swords as they touch against his opponent's body. The total force, velocity, and power of these three techniques is combined into a single, rotating point that creates massive amounts of air pressure which swirls around Tenchuu giving him the distinct appearance of a swirling vaporous dragon. 

Fūinjutsu & SwordsmithingEdit

Fūinjutsu (封印術; lit. "Sealing Techniques") are a type of jutsu that utilize numerical and elemental symbols that when arranged in a particular way, called a sealing array are capable of harnessing and channeling chakra. These sealing array are symbolic of chakra flow, transformation, migration and nature. By utilizing them, a fuinjutsushi (封印術師, lit. "Sealing Technique Pracitioner") is able to construct complex configurations of seals that can change, alter, and manipulate chakra in more stabilized ways than ninjutsu. When the Yagami were originally the Higurashi; a clan consisting of merchants, artisans and blacksmiths, they were noted to be particularly skilled in fuinjutsu. Their sealing arrays were specialized forms that served to harness the energy of the craftsman to breathe life and bestow unique abilities into their creations. This was later passed down in the form a hiden that would make the newly formed Yagami so infamous in their craftsmanship in the new shinobi era. As a descendant of this heritage, Tenchuu was raised as a blacksmith, a profession held by his father who and grandfather who were vassals of the Yagami under the Sanada name prior to their destruction. He is quite skilled in smithing having fashioned nearly all of his equipment, a feat made even more impressive in his ability to utilize the movements of the Niten Ichi Ryuu to craft items from raw materials without a proper forge. But such items would have a compromised integrity, to get around that he uses a system of metal folding which incorporates fuinjutsu imprinted within the material components themselves, that when combined with the chakra that goes into their creation, results in formidable and highly durable equipment. In recent years he has displayed an uncanny grasp of barrier ninjutsu, and other forms of fuinjutsu that include detection, defensive warding, and binding, and is continuously expanding his knowledge.

  • Barrier Ninjutsu (結界忍術, Kekkai Ninjutsu): Is a category of ninjutsu, though for Tenchuu it is exclusively related to his prowess in fuinjutsu, that incorporates the usage of barriers into techniques. Much of the Yagami clan sealing techniques incorporate methods of augmentation, reinforcement, and sealing in certain properties into the metals and compounds in which they work with. After receiving supplementary training through Kirigakure's Hunter-Nin Division, this knowledge was further expanded. The method by which Tenchuu realizes his Barrier Ninjutsu is very similar to how he performs many of his techniques within the Niten Ichi Ryuu. Using various bodily movements similar to his sword style, Tenchuu manipulates the very flow of chakra within nature itself, weaving a web of chakra in the general formation of the barrier ninjutsu he wishes to create. Then using fuinjutsu, he anchors the knots he's created to stabilize the barrier around a given area. Depending on the size, and environment, this process can take as much time as a single jutsu or up to several hours. With his barrier ninjutsu, Tenchuu is capable erecting barriers that detect incoming and passing chakra signatures, act as formidable defenses by barring entrance or exit, and use them to induce powerful ninjutsu and genjutsu like effects to those within their confines. After he defected and joined Akatsuki, this knowledge was further increased, generally by purchasing and acquiring the various scrolls and methods used by the different villages. Given some time, and by Tenchuu's estimate perhaps an hour or two at most, he can bypass the typically barrier ninjutsu systems around any given village. Within a day, he can dismantle them completely. Following the reconstruction of Kirigakure under its newfound Kage - Fuyuki, Tenchuu has become one of the premier Barrier Ninjutsu specialists of Kirigakure.
  • Sensing System Technique (感知システム術, Kanchi Shisutemu Jutsu): Are a detection-type barrier ninjutsu of which Tenchuu is particularly skilled in. Due to his greater than normal sensitivity to chakra, and to a lesser known degree his Ryuugan's ability to discern the flow of chakra, Tenchuu has developed several revolutions to this category of barrier ninjutsu. While the large scale-version would still require a Water Sensing Ball, for detection barriers that are on the scale of a large building or structure, Tenchuu can erect them within seconds, and forgo the need for a secondary sensing ball. These barriers instead utilize the ambient chakra flows of nature, of which Tenchuu is sensitive to, and any disruptions, such as individuals possessing chakra levels above a certain amount (to be determined at his discretion), can set off. He is highly adapt at adopting detection barrier ninjutsu to on-site camps, or centering them on individuals themselves, to provide an early warning detection system against possible sneak attacks. It is this feature more than anything that has earned the Mizukage's favor.

Tools & EquipmentEdit

After defecting from the Yagami Clan, Tenchuu was forced to live among unsavory company, and in his time acquired a number of tools, items and pieces of equipment that became necessary to survive the brutal era that followed in the wake of the Fourth War. At any given time, Tenchuu carries with him in his several sealing scrolls containing basic survival gear. He also has on his person medical supplies, various implements for infiltration, and finally additional projectile weaponry.

  • Sealing Scroll (封印巻子本, Fuuin Kanshihon): Are scrolls of varying size's containing chakra enriched parchment and ink containing a variety of materials and tools necessary for a shinobi. Tenchuu has several in his possession, which include medicial supplies, blood increasing pills, soldier pills and tools necessary for on site injury and surgery. He also has various shinobi implements containing the following: barrier tags, sealing tags, blank scrolls and ink, communication and radio devices, an up-to-date bingo book, smoke bombs, flash bombs, poison mist bombs, wire strings, shuriken, kunai, and oddly enough a five-hundred pound umbrella.
  • Hunter-Nin Mask (追い忍仮面, Oinin Kamen): This typical Hunter-Nin mask was originally constructed by Tenchuu, and outfitted with a variety of seals to augment its performance. As an Underworld Armament it is highly resistant to damage, making its construction a prime location for the multitude of seals interwoven through within the material, which act to filter air like a gas-mask, allows the user to change their voice as they see fit. By channeling some chakra through the material it can "expand" to cover the face and provide ample protection as inclement weather or dangerous airborne toxins, mists, etc.


Story Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Handseals Total
Overall 1.5 5 2.5 4 5 5 5 4.5 32.5


Kenshin Yagami: Tenchuu's relationship with Kenshin is complex at best, as the two have only met face-to-face only a handful of times, yet Tenchuu has since his birth remained in the shadow of Kenshin. Everything that he is accomplished, every battle undergone, has been under constant scrutiny and compared to Kenshin's own past actions. They are belittled, their significance degraded due to the actions of many acting council members and influential members of the Yagami who see Tenchuu as a blight, the spawn of traitorous blood. Not once has he gone a day without hearing the whispering of his abilities in comparison to Kenshin's own. This has fueled Tenchuu for years to strive for even greater heights, until he could not take it anymore. The ridicule, the lack of acknowledgement, their attempts to not only stifle his advancement but to end his life, have resulted in an extremely bitter and vengeful individual. He resents every aspect of Kenshin with every fiber of his being. He is the measuring stick he has been compared to his entire life, and so the only way to overcome it, is to destroy it. This out of all the other reasons is perhaps the one most likely accredited to his defection. Strangely enough, from the reports that Kenshin has read, he regards Tenchuu quite favorably, and were it not for the actions of a few, he would have named Tenchuu his successor. Kenshin harbors a great deal of respect for the boy, and is deeply saddened, but mostly disappointed with himself. As a leader it was his responsibility to ensure that his clansman were treated fairly, but for own people to do this to a child of such promise? Kenshin fears for the future of his clan, for one of Tenchuu's talent is either its savior or its destroyer.


  • Tenchuu shares the same birthday as Miyamoto Musashi.
  • Tenchuu's abilities are somewhat mirrored by his predecessor Kenshin Yagami, as both are apart of the Yagami and are exceptional swordsman.
  • Tenchuu follows a theme of the author as he tends to make martially inclinded characters who are often prodigies in their respective field. Furthermore said characters almost always have their own unique fighting style.
  • Miscellaneous Information:
    • Tenchuu's hobbies are calligraphy for his sealing techniques, training, and smithing new equipment.
    • Tenchuu is somewhat sensitive regarding his height, and resents anyone who makes a jibe about it.
    • Tenchuu also has the same tastes as Kenshin, in that both enjoy curry and other spicy foods, but dislike sweets.
    • Tenchuu's favorite phrase is "You're an idiot!" (お前は呆気者だ! omae wa utsukemono da!).
    • Tenchuu had completed 340 official missions in total before his defection: 53 D-rank, 102 C-rank, 114 B-rank, 50 A-rank and 21 S-rank.
    • Tenchuu's Amakaken is heavily based around the movements of Snake Kung Fu.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • His appearance is based off of the SDL character Ryuuen Tanaka by Ryuuen on deviant art. Credit goes to the author for this image.

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