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Tenketsu Control
Name Tenketsu Control
Other Jutsu

Tenketsu Control is an Supplementary jutsu made possible by studying his own chakra flow and how to control it. This skill is consider to be a S rank jutsu. This jutsu focuses on switching his own chakra paths open or closed. By focusing all his mental strength on a single Pressure point or multiple points Himizu can release his inner gates to allow him a moment of absolute control over all of his chakra. The user will experience an abrupt increase in power as their chakra and physical abilities absorb huge amounts of energy.

After opening two Tenketsu Himizu is equal to opening two inner gates his chakra forms a over flowing aura out around his body as if he can't control it and his speed and strengths are increase to much greater levels then a normal human should be able to handle. Using his Archer skills all result in Himizu breaking bones in his arms.

Known Users Edit

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