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"The 4th has always been my idol... I constantly strive to be as strong as he was for Konoha... And while I may fall short, his Will of Fire burns brightly inside me and I will ensure that it burns just as brightly in the rest of Konoha"
— Tenno to Kakushi

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Tenno Kitai
"Konoha's Heavenly Flash"
Name Tenno Kitai
Kanji 天の期待
Romanji Ten no kitai
Personal Status
Birthdate June 19
Age 23
Gender 20px-Gender Female1.svg Female
Height 5'5" or 165.1 cm
Weight 134lbs or 60.78 kg
Blood Type O+
Hometown Konohagakure
Home Country Land of Fire
Affiliation Konoha
Occupation Instructor at the Academy in Konoha
Rank Jonin
Ninja Registration 014257
Academy Grad. Age 8
Chūnin Prom. Age 10
Jōnin Prom. Age 18
Nature Type 100px-Nature Icon Fire.svg Fire
100px-Nature Icon Lightning.svg Lightning
100px-Nature Icon Wind.svg Wind
Jutsu Body Flash Technique
Body Flicker Technique
Body Replacement Technique
Clone Technique
Enhanced Body Flicker Technique
Rope Escape Technique
Shadow of the Dancing Leaf
Temporary Paralysis Technique
Transformation Technique

Background Edit

Tenno Kitai was born to a family best described as immensely wealthy that lived just outside the Leaf. While this situation would be considered desirable to many, the family's wealth was accumulated through greed and selfishness; there was never an occasion that any in the prosperous family was seen doing for the "greater good" if there was no money to be made and yet they always seemed to be in the proverbial "spotlight" whenever praise was given in regards to philanthropy. Growing in this environment began to shape and influence Tenno, she was constantly instructed on what held value and what didn't, never did a day go by without her being lectured on how to manage large sums of money so that they may grow even larger, and every thirty minutes the family motto was recited "Never extend a hand to help a man unless he fills your palm." Despite this, Tenno was sickened by her family's practices, by their insatiable greed. This was due to the tales she'd heard of The 4th and the joy he brought to the Leaf, making her realize how vile her family practices truly were.

At the age of 7 Tenno began leaving her family compound during the day, learning the way of the Shinobi and having the Will of Fire instilled in her during the day and living among the greed-filled at night. While she possessed a natural knack for learning, Tenno quickly fell behind due to the secretive nature of her lessons as she was unable to study and train as the other students. Quickly weighing who she wanted to be against her current environment, Tenno abandoned the luxurious life style she had grown accustomed to for her studies.....

Appearance Edit

Abilities Edit

Chakra Stores and Stamina Edit

Physical Traits (Speed, Strength, and Agility) Edit

Nintaijutsu and Fighting Styles Edit

Body Flicker Technique Edit

Stats Edit

Personality Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Tenno Kitai translates directly into "Expectation of the Heavenly".
  • Tenno will be the first female character that Shiro has created on Narufanon, the 2nd female nin in all his characters (the other being Hinoka Kawa), and the first female character he truly gets in depth with.
  • Tenno's personal traits are:
    • Her favorite food is sweet peach buns, her least favorite food is anything overly salty.
    • Her favorite and least favorite drinks are peach water and milk respectively.
    • Her hobby is reading anything she can get her hands on and training to further hone her skills.
    • Her favorite phrase is "Daishi no na de" (第四の名で, "In the name of the Fourth" or "By the name of the Fourth").
    • The colour associated with Tenno is Yellow.
    • Her long term goal is to aid the The Leaf to the same extent as the Fourth and bring even greater joy.
    • Her deepest fear is failing her village and therefore failing her her Idol by failing the Leaf.

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