Name Tensei
Kanji 転生
Rōmaji Tensei
User(s) Sannotō Uzumaki

Tensei (転生, Japanese for "transmigration of souls") is a powerful katana that found itself in the company of Sannotō Uzumaki. It is currently being used by said shinobi.

Appearance Edit

Tensei's appearance is quite unique as its sheath and hilt are completely made out of stone. It takes the form of a katana that is somewhat longer than most blades of its family. The non-cutting edge of the sword and sheath are made out of white stone with various rune-like lines running along it. The guard is circular in shape and is a purplish-grey in colour. The hilt is same colour as the guard and has a white hilt-wrapping that also has various rune-like lines running along it, just like the sheath.

Abilities Edit


Sannotō using kinhi.

Although Tensei doesn't possess any unique abilities of its own, the katana is capable of mingling with chakra, allowing the wielder to send a flow of chakra into the blade. When Sannotō does this, Tensei glows a golden-yellow - the same colour as the boy's chakra - and can slash at the opponent, sending the chakra blast towards the specified target. Despite many other weapons being able to use this ability too, Sannotō has named the attack Kinhi (金火, Japanese for "golden blaze") because of the colour that said attack takes.

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