Template:Infobox/Tenshi Noriko Tenshi Noriko (天資・典濃, "nature of the law of the dark") is a Priestess that has been trained in the art of being a shinobi, able to blend the two crafts into a potent and powerful medley of holy ninja arts. Due to her blended lineage she was able to awaken the powerful dōjutsu known as the Yóngqíyǎn, a mutation passed down her family line originating from a relative of the Sage of Six Paths.

Due to her fame, she has been hunted by several individuals who want her for her power as well as her beauty, to which she has had to train long and hard to be able to repel several armed attackers. Her skills are also wanted due to her holy sealing methods which are said to create the perfect merge for chakra beasts and their Jinchūriki, but if this is true is currently unknown.


As a small child she was raised around the Noriko Shrine where her family has resided for hundred of years. Growing up she was taught how to tend to minor injuries by her mother who was the shrine maiden at the time. Her healing skills were used to tend to individuals who were passing through the Land of Demons and needed help. It was also during this time that she learned how to commune with nature as she was seen playing with the forest animals around the shrine. From a afar her father watched her growth as he was forbidden from entering the boundaries of the shrine.

As she got older she was taught more about her mothers job, tending to the shrine more directly by cleaning the idol dedicated to their ancestor as well as paying homage to the Priestess of Wu for starting them on this holy path. She also started learning how to use her Mystic Safety Bells to protect the holy sanctuary from evil forces but unknown to her was the fact that her mother was dying and that she was soon going to be alone at her childhood home.

In her mother's last days she was taught how to use the Ritual arts as well as how to be a true priestess. During this time she learned that her mother had committed a taboo as she revealed who Tenshi's father and that he was a powerful Seikōzoku who has been around since the days of the Priestess of Wu. She also revealed to have contracted a deadly virus which she had been treating with her medical skills but these were failing her.

After teaching all that she could her health failed her and Tenshi's mother died and she took over as the head of the shrine, practicing her ritual arts. During this time her father made an appearance in her life as he entered the now weakened barrier in order to give his daughter a gift.

Once he arrived she immediately went on the offensive to which he used wuji chakra to stop her much to her amazement as he was both a male as well as a dark being. After he revealed his name to her as Jōshō, she started to cry and then attempted to hug her father, who chose to use a space-time technique which caused her to fall through him flat onto the ground. As she picked herself up off the ground she asked him why he wouldn't show his own daughter any love to which she was told that he was not there to. After he said this he simply phased his arm into her chest and unlocked something deep within her causing her to black out.

When she awoke she felt a pain within her eyes as she looked inside a puddle showing a reflection she did not recognize. As she blinked she realized that the reflection was her but her eyes were different they revealed glowing pools of gold.

Due to these new eyes she was able to utilize her Priestess abilities more effectively and was renown for being a great healer almost surpassing Tsunade in healing talent, but this reputation started to call in unwanted attention as several shinobi wanted her for not only her skills but her eyes as they felt as though these eyes were a way to cheat death. Several attempts were made starting around her fourteenth birthday and she had to defend herself awakening both Yulryeo and Magoseong. The resulting battles using these two powerful techniques, took a lot of her strength and chakra to use unrestrained since she had no idea what they were at the time. After about three years of constant attempts at her life she grew to not trust ninja and ran away fleeing for her life as another group chased her since she had left the protection of the shrine. Entering a small valley she inadvertently triggered Yulryeo and caused a rock slide to occur killing the pursuing shinobi but causing her to pass out from lack of residual chakra.

Tenshi GaidenEdit

Main article: Tenshi Gaiden Tenshi was found lying by a river by Ōkawa from the Land of Water, on the run from Hunter-nin for a murder he did not commit. Helping her back to health he asks her who she is and what happen to which she responded that she was on the run from pursuing shinobi who wanted to use her powers for evil purposes. Hearing her story the shinobi offered to train her in the art of ninjutsu to harness her legendary power so that she wouldn't over exert herself again and leave herself close to death. The weeks following he started her training after she regained her strength as the exertion of her kekkei genkai had taken a lot out of her.


Tenshi is a strange priestess as when she was a child she preferred the company of animals to that of humans, showing her caring and nurturing nature towards her environment as well as her timid attitude towards humans. This timid streak only became more pronounced as she got older as when she took over the shrine she did not like to travel far requesting that those who wanted her help to come to the shrine to be treated. This timid behavior started to worsen when men attempted to gain certain favors form her and few even attempted to force her to do them even after she refused several times.

These events killed her free-spirit and caused her to close herself off, as by the time she was fourteen she had developed a strong dislike for males. This feeling of hatred only worsened when she was hunted for her power and beauty by male shinobi. After three years of attacks she started to grow slightly bold as she fought back with everything she had but this at times was not enough. It was only through the kindness of Ōkawa that she started to trust men again but by that point she was better equipped to defend her honor. Due to her background as first and foremost a priestess when she has been noted to being devoted to the upkeep of local shrines when she passes by them or when she stayed for an extended time in a village she is compelled to help the needy despite her un-trusting nature.


Tenshi's full appearance

Full appearance

Tenshi is a young woman of moderate height and weight, having odd orange hair, cut short and having a pony-tail type portion in the front. Typically she is seen wearing a pink kimono, altered to her style of dress as it has only one sleeve where on the reverse side on can see bandages covering her medium sized breast, coming down to her waist, which underneath one can see a red skirt. On her arms she wears arm guards that are made with a special material allowing them to harden when chakra is poured into them. On her legs she wears blue stockings that match her arm guards and she wears sandals on her feet, Under her arm, she has a katana.


As a shinobi with a Chūnin ranked skill set, Tenshi is a strong and boast a considerable amount of skills, able to take on a small fleet of armed shinobi single-handed using a mixture of her Kenjutsu as well as her formidable Dōjutsu. She is able to dispel illusions as well as sense hidden dangers by way of an extra sensory perception. Due to her priestess background she knows a number of remedies and medical skills that rival Tsunade's skill in the craft of healing, but she doesn't rely solely on medical ninjutsu but rather her own special priestess power.


While being trained by her sensei who once hailed from the Land of Water, she was taught the art of the sword and as such learned several Kenjutsu skills, enabling her to fight opponents without drawing out her kekkei or using her Priestess skills which aren't completely for combat. Her sword fighting skills are average, as she is about a chūnin ranked ninja despite lack of formal training.

As a swords-woman she has skills in chakra flow as well as some samurai techniques learned during her travels to grain more knowledge about different combat styles.

Priestess AbilitiesEdit

As an added bonus to traditional ninjutsu, Tenshi is able to mold chakra in a spiritual manner calling out its purest form in order to use the legendary Ritual Art: Jewel of Four Souls in order to invoke her birthright. This art is seen to be similar to traditional medical ninjutsu but has key differences. The main difference is that this has the ability to recall souls from the dead making it a Kinjutsu in the traditional ninja world, but the manner in which it revives souls purifies them of all sins, erasing the evil within their souls. This way the ability cannot be abused by evil individuals who learn of its power as it would serve them no purpose as opposed to the Summoning: Impure World Resurrection which simply revives people. As with its evil counterpart this skill requires the soul to exist in the pure world and as such those sealed away by other means cannot be revived. These techniques branch off into categories similarly to regular ninjutsu and come in the form of Fūinjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu and finally Barrier Ninjutsu all of which Tenshi has some form of mastery of.



Tenshi's Yóngqíyǎn

Tenshi's chief power is her powerful and legendary Dōjutsu mutation known as the Yóngqíyǎn, something that was obtained by her mother's pure blood mixing with her father's Seikōzoku allowing the dormant Kekkei to awaken, making her the heir to the clan founder's legacy. These eyes are said to be on par with the Rinnegan in terms of power but this is not the case as she simply can see chakra (such as hidden barriers), and even tell chakra natures apart from each other. She can also see the energetic make-up of a technique, and seems to have an ability to actually "touch" chakra. They can manipulate and shift the form of raw chakra into different forms.

With these eyes she has awakened three techniques that were once used by her ancestor as she traveled East away from her relative. These techniques eventually gave way to the Priestess' Ritual Art: Jewel of Four Souls, and are now currently used concurrently with them. The first of the three is the Yulryeo which is a powerful jutsu that affects probability by creating a large dome around a set area, this dome then allows the caster to control how something happens in the area, but all affects are random and the caster can only trigger the event not particularly control it. The second is Shinkaiten which grants a type of telekinetic control over her environment by extending her chakra into the surrounding area. The third is called Magoseong and its power is based in the usage of wuji chakra in order to create disruptions in her opponents chakra network to hinder performance.

Unique ChakraEdit

As a priestess as well as the descendent of the Priestess of Wu, she holds the rare chakra type known as the Wuji Chakra, which is known to be a form of chakra that is without Yin Release or Yang Release driving it as the members of the Noriko Clan are born without either.

This nature allows for a very different style of ninjutsu which is a term used lightly as one wouldn't normally call the priestess' style of doing things as "ninjutsu" since it isn't ninja arts. Tenshi is able to use this nature to power her three techniques as well as her priestess arts.


Story Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Kenjutsu Total
Youth (Seen in Flashbacks) 3 3 0 4.5 1 1 1 2.5 0 16
Current 4 4 0 4.5 2 2 2 3 2 23.5


Part IEdit

Hunt for the Seikōzoku arcEdit

Title Summary Status
HS: Alienation A few months have passed after the death of Ōkawa and Tenshi has come to terms with it as she now has received word that a group of Seikōzoku has been attacking villages and hurting people. Knowing the danger present within them she races off to stop them, but will she have the ability to stop beings that are as powerful as her father? In progress
HS: Infiltration In progress

Part IIEdit


  • Ōkawa: Her relationship with her teacher was a close one up until his death they never stayed to far from each other. He is noted for being the only soul to resist the process of resurrection stating he felt that Tenshi was ready to explore the world on her own. Secretly he was her first love even through her dislike of men due to her past.
  • Jōshō:


  • This is the most developed female character created by the author, as well as his first to not originally have been a shinobi but rather a priestess.
  • According to the author her theme song is Promises not necessary by Yoko Kanno.
  • The author wants to let the reader know that yes they realize that their are errors in the tenses within this article and they he is attempting to fix these, please do not comment on that fact.

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