"Unsettling darkness on the sandy plains."

Meeting of Sand and ShadowEdit

It was a dim day in the Land of Wind with a dense overhanging veil of sand obstructing the sun over the desert. A young woman sits in the shade of a large rock waiting for the weather to improve before she finished her retreat out of the country. "What a pain," she thought to herself, "I really want this mission to be over with."

Traveling in the desert a young blond haired man can be seen from the distance slowly moving with the blazing hot desert sun. Slowly with each step Himizu makes his way to the only thing he can see for miles that could give him protection from this desert heat, a large rock formation. Keeping in mind as he gets closer to the rock formation that he is still searching the desert for any sign of the ninja invading the Boards of the sand village. "This is the first mission out of the village for over 10 years and I'm told to search for a girl in the middle of the desert what a pain in the head" he thought to himself "I really hope she is dead from this desert heat so I don't need to fight I would just like to get back home and work."

Calmly waiting as the storm decreases in intensity, the events of the previous night flash before Hitori's eyes. As she dashes through the streets of Suna she quickly and gracefully dispatches the village's shinobi who attempt to impede her escape from the village. "That situation was really too intense, even for a..." she whispers to herself before being cut off by something. Turning off to the side, almost if she had heard something, Hitori's demeanor changed as she brought herself to her feet. "Someone's appears to have tracked me," she thinks to herself and she moves around the stone inhibiting her view, "...seems just like single individual though."

With each step Himizu can see the rock formation getting closer, force to move at a very slow jog thanks to a large dust storm Himizu recalls the events of last night in the sand village. It was the dead of night and Himizu had just finish up work on his Monkey puppet when a Sand shinobi rush to his home and tells him "We have an intruder she is attempting to leave the village trap her and call for help." With his orders Himizu takes his Recurved bow and a simple wooden arrow and rushes off to assist in the capture of this unknown female shinobi. After a couple moments of tracking some foot prints in the sand Himizu hears a whisper of a voice and then its silent. Rushing to check it out looks around and finds nothing.

Peering ever so slightly the from behind the large stone Hitori spies Himizu moving up quickly across the sand. "'s him," she thinks to herself while recalling their brief encounter the night before, "Hmph...if I try to run out in the open like this it will be too easy for him to simply take me out with an arrow." Seemingly brushing something off of her ankle Hitori decides to take the preemptive initiative by quickly emerging from behind the rock and throwing several shuriken in Himizu's direction.

Looking up for a split second Himizu just has time to several shuriken flying out from the location of the rock formation. Putting up his right hand Himizu uses his custom combat chakra threads and attaches several chakra threads to each shuriken in mid air stopping them. Keeping his hand up Himizu yells out to the rock formation and says "I know its you Ninja get out here so I can bring you back to the village." Listening for a response Himizu keeps his eyes lock on the Rock formation if this ninja made him fight he would be very annoyed.

Leaping to the top of one of the rocks Hitori revealed that she had pulled her collar up like a mask to protect from the sand. Drawing her dual tantō she looked down at Himizu with an intense stare. "Take me back to the you think I'd accept such a demand?"

Seeing this woman jump onto the rock formation with her collar up Himizu keeps his left hand behind his back and uses his chakra threads to dig into the ground traveling under the area so to trap the shinobi in a net of combat chakra threads if she jump down on the sand she would be trap and it would be over. Replying to the shinobi's comment Himizu says "I really don't like to fight and I'm in no mood to do much of anything after the long travel into the desert so please just give up or is that to much to ask?"

The Battle BeginsEdit

"Simply surrendering my freedom to a hostile nation...yeah that's too much to ask," Hitori responds, obviously annoyed. Without another word she disappears from her pedestal, only to reappear before Himizu. "Too slow," she murmurs attempting a powerful downward slash across her opponent's chest.

Acting like he was the slower of the two opponents Himizu leaps back and trips falling on the sand still keeping his left hand behind connected to the net of combat chakra threads under there feet but dropping all the shuriken he had in chakra threads from the first attack. The second the female made her move to finish off him he would simple trap her in his already massive nest of combat threads hidden under the sand.

Slowing stepping towards her opponent Hitori looks down with a sense of bewilderment. "What's up with you? This isn't the level you were at last night," she comments, becoming suspicious of the situation.

The trap was set and the female shinobi was already to late notice the difference in his skill level. With no warning the Combat chakra threads raised up out of the ground consuming much of the area cutting off any exits to the rock or to any other direction other then forward. Linking into a large box of Chakra threads around Himizu and the female Himizu stands up and says " I told you I don't like to fight and I would prefer if you just stop trying to fight." Moving his left hand to his side keeping the connection Himizu reveals he was setting the trap the whole time. Just then chakra threads that had been crawling around the woman's legs closed and trap her slowly the threads started to make there way up to the females chest and arms. Watching all this Himizu ask "I never did get your name what is it?"

"...Katon," Hitori speaks calmly, focusing her breathing, "...Hibana Nagare no Jutsu." Immediately the former ANBU operative releases a burst of fire chakra through the chakra threads igniting them. Surging the flames through the entirety of Himizu's box of chakra Hitori displays a small smirk. Directing her focus to the fiery bonds wrapped around her legs she signals their release before jumping backwards toward the back wall. Once again the flames bend to her will creating an opening in the cage, which immediately closes after she's free. "Allow me to explain. I have the ability to manipulate flames outside of the normal means of Fire Release techniques. Furthermore, by channeling flames through your chakra threads they passed from your control to my own," Hitori comments coldly, "Because of this, I've been able to turn your own technique against you." Sheathing one of her blades she raises her newly freed hand towards the fiery cage and begins to compress it on on Himizu, "I have to thank you though, you've created a masterful prison."

Watching the flames get closer with each inch Himizu says "I appreciate the comment but I was hoping not to really fight see I'm more of a loaner then a fighter." bending to his knee Himizu activates a summoning contract and in a massive explosion of smoke the prison of flames is destroyed and in its place a massive three headed beast with Himizu riding on its middle head. Looking down at the female Himizu says "I told you I don't like to fight and I'm really finding it hard to avoid a fight." As all three heads focus on this female shinobi the heads open there mouths and flames can be seen forming in their throats, if the female moved she would be consumed by the torrent of flames building up from the beast but Himizu was ready to let he give up and spare her life.

Looking over the monstrosity that was summoned before her Hitori let out a sigh. "Things like this really aren't my forte...this is something for Nōsei or Tokino," she commented disapprovingly lowering one of her knees to the ground, "I don't have much left in me after that last technique, hopefully everything is coming along well." Appearing to simply place her free hand upon the ground for a split second Hitori jumps back up, summoning and hurling a Fūma Shuriken towards the beast, "...whatever! I might as well keep fighting til the end."

The moment the fuma shuriken was heading for the beast all three heads let out there combined torrent of flames enveloping everything in the area with flames melting sand and turning the whole area into a lifeless area of black molten earth. releasing the summon it vanish in a puff of smoke and now Himizu was the last one left standing but something was still not right "the female had said something about Nōsei and Tokino could they also be her allies? looks like my job is not finish need to find them and bring them to the sand village for interrogation." thinking to himself. uncertain if the female was dead Himizu continued to search for a body or a hint of her death.

A Diversion of AttentionEdit

"Wow..." a voice calls from behind Himizu, revealing a quite unscathed Hitori standing far behind where the three headed beast once stood, "I don't know whether I've been been insulted or applauded." Looking over the destruction that her opponent's summon caused for a moment she turns her attention back to Himizu himself. "On one hand I'm disappointed that you think I was out of chakra after performing those relatively negligible fire techs," she begins calmly, "On the other...the fact that you were willing to go to that extent merely against a clone is interesting. Ever since "I" first engaged you, I've been carefully flanking you as my clone drew your attacks." Smiling and unsheathing her blades Hitori, "You've really given me too much time to prepare...why don't you give up."

Thinking for a moment at what this woman had to say Himizu says "I think its a little annoying that I haven't even seen a good clone jutsu in so long and when I do I fail to notice it. But as for my summon don't feel bad that was my way of not fighting. I can assume your the real one I been after all along But unlike with your clone I can't just not fight so I apologizes if I hurt you in your capture." Taking off his sweater Himizu reveals his elastic bands on his body. Holding out his arms Himizu once more uses his chakra threads and reaches into his pockets pulling out over 40 Kunai,shuriken, and senbon looking at all his ninja tools floating out front of him Himizu says "I'm sorry but I been holding back you haven't seen anything yet." with that said Himizu launches ever weapon he had at this women.

"Is that so?" Hitori responds glancing over the sheer number of projectiles closing in on her, "Again with the Chakra Threads" Rotating her tantō in a repeated pattern the ex-ANBU begins to emit concentrated chakra through her swings, generating a barrier that deflects the incoming weapons. Halting her defense, but maintaining the chakra flow on one of her weapons, Hitori swings he blade forward releasing a crescent of energy in Himizu's direction.

Watching as this women easy forms a barrier of chakra that some how was being emitted by her blade and deflects all the weapons then gos on to attack with the same unique jutsu, Himizu was interested that this women had so many unique skills that he almost forgotten that a wave of chakra was heading in his direction so Himizu leaps off to the left. Then triggering his own trick he had set up just now with his last move. Activating all his chakra threads that had been hidden all over this womens blades and all around the area by his weapons from his last attack Himizu forms a more effective binding thread all around the ninja's body trapping each finger with a separate threads and even going so fare as to bind the ninja's mouth closed. Keeping in mind that this trick was no where as strong as his first thread prison this version was much more adept at binding a single target "this better not be another clone jutsu its really annoying" thinking to himself.

Just like before the chakra threads are ignited with fire and uncoil around Hitori, "You must have misidentified this technique. That or you thought repeating the same maneuver would work this time," she began, with a hint of annoyance in her voice, "While I commend you for individually binding my fingers...Spark Stream Technique, which allows me to flow fire through chakra, doesn't require hand seals. So, you've basically given me more of your chakra to manipulate, allowing me to conserve mine for the most part." Feeding wind into the surrounding flames in the shape small hawks Hitori creates several fiery birds that begin to circle around her. With a simple gesture the fire birds surrounding her begin a complex flight pattern as they hone in on Himizu from several directions.

Watching the Hawks with wide eyes Himizu says "so thats how it works I was just testing out a theory sorry for attempting the same trick over again." With his casual Smile Himizu uses his combat chakra threads once more but this time as they get closer to each Hawk instead of attaching themselves to the Hawks the threads formed 3 pyramid cages around the attacks and then closed in on them crushing the jutsus. brushing off some dust on his shoulders Himizu Placing his hand on the ground Himiuz forms a three foot seal and makes 2 hand signs with his free hand this triggers the sand under HImizu's seal to become a solid object, a sand arrow. With his arrow in hand Himizu takes a short breath and takes out his recurve bow off his shoulder and takes aim with it on the women. Keeping his aim on the women Himizu says "I'll ask one more time if you make me fire this arrow at you I'll show you no mercy. please give up"

"You're still trying to take me into custody peacefully?" Hitori replies, tired of the repetition with his request. "Though...the fact that he generated an arrow out of the surrounding environment is interesting. It would have been much quicker to utilize a normal arrow or even summon one," she thinks to herself, "but perhaps...hmph, maybe. I have no choice but test it." Sheathing one of her blades she motions Himizu to bring his worst.

A little confused at this shinobi's reaction of taking out a tanto blade Himizu pulls back on the bow string and release the arrow. The moment Himizu release the bow string and release the arrow the arrow itself was almost to fast to keep track with the human eye, turning it into a blur of motion as it stays on target for the female shinobi. keeping his index finger aimed at the ninja Himizu can clearly see the path of his arrow thanks to a single chakra thread he was using to guide it if this ninja tried to counter it he would only shift its direction and move the arrow to her left side and release it for the last single foot.

"Just as expected," Hitori mused. Immediately afterwords Himizu would likely feel a tug on his chakra thread before it was severed, effectively knocking the arrow off it's course. "I told you've given me too much time to prepare," the ex-ANBU continued, "Plus...I bet you were focusing on this blade, instead of my free hand. If you survive may have a chance to figure out what just happened." Within the blink of an eye Hitori had crossed the area separating the two opponents and delivered a swift upper kick, launching the Suna shinobi into the air. Following up without delay Hitori shadows her enemy for a moment before rotating around to attempt a powerful slash, amplified by the force of gravity, across Himizu's back.

Trapped in his own mind seeing everything happen so fast Himizu can only see everything happen and is unable to react with the speed he needs to counter. Watching his chakra thread be cut by something fast and accurate and then being kick into the air and slash from behind by a blade. Maneuvering himself in mid air Hiimizu wa able to spin and land on the ground facing this female shinobi. "could it be possible that this shinobi knows that jutsu? I need make sure before I show off more my skills or I'll be defenseless" thinking to himself. Bleeding from his wound on his back Himizu once more places his hand on the ground and makes three three foot seals on the ground, changing the ground into three arrows. With the arrows in hand Himizu once more takes aim with his recurved Bow with all three arrows, but this time he fires high into the air above them and making a hand sign Himizu triggers all 3 arrow's to open up and revealing compartment with seals inside the them. This triggers a large amounts of Arrows to be summoned and rain down in a massive wave of long Iron arrows on the female ninjas location.

Landing on the ground after completing her attack a faint wisp of chakra fades from Hitori's tantō. Jumping a few feet as Himizu launched the three arrows into the air, she is completely caught off guard as a rain of iron forms above. "Too much!" the ex-ANBU thinks to her self, unable to prepare a proper defense. Opting to minimize the damage of her opponent's attack she fires a small flame from her free hand that detonates upon contacting one of the arrows. The explosion, while potent enough to deflect arrows possessing critical trajectory, is unable to completely shield Hitori from harm. Particularly she is left with several thin cuts from indirect strikes across her arms and legs along with a fragment of one of the arrows imbedded in her left shoulder. Wincing as she pulls out the bit of iron Hitori directs her attention onto Himizu once again, "I wasn't expecting a projectile attack of that magnitude...I'm lucky to have survived." Drawing her second blade as well she begins to charge the Suna shinobi with remarkable velocity.

Placing his left hand on the ground once more Himizu says "I would have to say I was impress at your speed its been a long time since I seen raw talent like that. Your skills are almost mirror copy of the samurai of the land of Iron,Interesting that you would have two chakra natures fire and wind they complement you perfectly" With his casual smile Himizu triggers his Amplification Summoning seal and summons his Three-Headed Beast once again but this time adding a special addition to the monsters abilities. On the Beast's center head Himizu looks down and says "Do you know why I seek you out after your mission in the sand village? Its not because I was order to I want to leave the sand village and wanted to see if you could assists me in joining a new village"

The PropositionEdit

Stopping her advance after Himizu's monstrous summon appears Hitori listens carefully to her opponent's supposed plan. "You summon a giant beast, and then you want to negotiate?" she begins casually, "What's even more laughable is the fact that you would want a missing-nin like myself, whose already escaped the shackles of a village, to imprison myself once again." Stepping to her right several feet turns back toward the direction that she was originally hoping to escape before looking back at Himizu and his summon. "Though...for the sake of might as well explain you plan to me," Hitori continues, a tone of disappointment in her voice.

Keeping his eyes on this female Himizu continues with his proposition "I'm tired of fighting for a village like the Sand village. I could be come a missing nin but then I would be hunted all ways on the run. I propose that you and I travel to each village and collect one of each of there most powerful ninja and using my Master Kanji Technique and manipulate them into helping helping us make a new village one where missing nin can come and live in peace without the other villages attacking them. But for this to happen I need help your help your speed and raw talent is what I been searching for. what do you say" Hoping his speech was convincing Himizu keeps his three headed beast ready to attack if this women refused to help him he could have to destroy all evidence of his plans.

"That was...the wrong answer," Hitori responds coldly quickly stretching her arms to the sides. Immediately thin reflections appear across the surrounding area, revealing the location of a web of wire strings that had be woven all across the three headed beast. "When I initially sensed you was because I had laid out tightly pulled wires that would react if someone was nearby," She begins to explain while pulling the wires tighter around the beast's necks, "After that I used my clone to distract you as I reorganized by wires into a more practical arrangement. Your usage of chakra threads inspired this to a degree...I thank you. I hoped to take out your summon the first time around, but you sent it away before I had a chance. Luckily, you called it back yet again...leaving even more tangled than it was the first time. Heh...if you beast even begins to prepare that fire blast I'll feel the vibrations long before it can launch it, and I'll behead it." Giving pause for a moment to let Himizu register the change in events Hitori moves on to her own proposition. "If I behead your creature as it's utilizing that destructive burst of will likely destroy a sizable portion of its body as the blast will not be focused anymore. Even if it has incredible regenerative properties, like such creatures usually do, I'll obliterate its remains before it has a chance to reform," She dictates calmly, "Therefore, if you value your life and this creature''ll send it away once again and retreat. I have no interest in creating peace through the manipulation of others." Patiently waiting for even the slightest bit of reason to tear the beast apart, Hitori hands the mantle back to her opponent.

Seeing the tide of battle abruptly change Himizu picks his words carefully and says "so you would reject my proposal for an alliance for the greater good? What could I say to convince you to help me its a once in a life time proposal. even if your not interested in peace I could suggest that we destroy a village of your choice, peace is not the only option I'm willing to take some times violence is necessary" taking a moment to allow the women to answer and depending on her answer he could either release the summon and leave or attempt to continue this losing fight with his puppet that he had yet to test.

"You misunderstand. While I support peace...I can't accept that controlling people is the only way to accomplish such a goal," Hitori replies, "And your willingness to destroy a village just to get me on your side is really unsettling." Focusing a stern gaze on Himizu the ex-ANBU prepares for the worst, "If you continue on this power hungry path of destruction...I'm not going to be your only enemy."

Concerned that he may have pick the wrong choice of words Himizu says "So I misunderstand why you were a missing nin I had only assumed that you where "the bad guy type of person" a little stereo typically but don't get me wrong I'm not power hungry or evil I don't care about much other then myself. I have goals and they require that I do things that I would normally find distasteful or evil. like I had suggested destroying a village I had only said that to see if you would find it interesting or if you would reject the idea." Thinking for a moment Himizu continues to talk "I'm putting a great deal of effort in recruiting you for little reason other then I see a great deal of raw talent. I really hope that my judgment was not wrong in asking you to join me." With little more to say either this women would help him know or she would refuse and he would be force to continue the fight.

Lowering her head a bit Hitori responds yet again, "Me...raw talent? Heh, that's laughable. I'm afraid I have my own allegiances...with our own goals." Stepping back to the side she continues her answer, "My apologies...but I can't simply lend my abilities to another individual's ideology anymore. Though, based off of your tone, it doesn't seem like you heart is in this fight anymore...if it ever was. If that's the case...then continuing this death match is rather pointless. Unless, you're hoping to clean up loose ends by eliminating me."

Putting his hand on his summons head once more Himizu says "I think at the moment to say I have no other choice but to kill you for the information you know. Its just not good having someone with what you know about me running around but if you do manage to escape from me I'll not follow you. From this point on I will be fighting all out" With that said Himizu triggers his summons special ability. That allows it to absorb chakra from anything around it in massive amounts making the female wire technique fail and allowing the beast to gather all that chakra in there mouths for another fire blast. Keeping his eyes focus on the female ninja below Himizu plans out his next moves "its a good thing I made this beast have that chakra absorption ability or I would have been helpless. I need to keep my eyes on her or I may lose this fight"

"If that's your response...I suppose I don't have any choice either," Hitori retorts coldly in the face of Himizu and his beast preparing to strike, "My wires might not be able to cut through that monstrosity any more, but they're far from useless. Holding up a hand seal the ex-ANBU triggers an explosion at the rock formation behind her opponent's. The rocks, apparently secured to the web of wires, contract tightly around the beast as they fall, serving as incredibly heavy counterweights. Meanwhile, Hitori uses the wires constriction to vault herself up past the beast's heads landing squarely on its back. Turning back around she begins to walk slowly towards Himizu. "This beast absorbed my chakra earlier...right?" she begins in an offended tone, "In that case...I thought I'd bring it a gift." Forming a ball of azure fire in her hand she addresses her opponent once more before hurling the fire towards the three-headed beast beneath her feet, "You had your chance to save your pet, and you threw it away. Once the flames make contact with this's going to slowly die in agony. Absorbing this chakra will just expedite the process. Say farewell."

Once more smiling with his cold casual expression Himizu says "What makes you think I'm going to say farewell to this beast any way? Its under my control I been using Master Kanji Technique to manipulate it for my own use I only need to find a new monster and move on." Flipping off the monsters head and landing on the ground Himizu puts his left hand on the ground and he summons out a odd Silver haired Monkey puppet and after making four hand signs Himizu places his hand on the back of the puppets head. With a surge of chakra into the puppet the puppet opens its own eyes and stands up without any help from Himizu. Standing side by side Himizu and the Monkey look up at the beast as it is consumed by the flames. looking down at the puppet Himizu says "Your goal puppet is to aid me in fighting this women." nodding its head to Himizu the puppet stays by Himizu's side and watches the female ninja. summoning up a new Recurved bow Himizu also gets ready to fight.

The Final StretchEdit

Landing on the sand Hitori looks on solemnly as the three headed beast is consumed by the azure fire. "Even for a beast...being bound against your will was regrettable," she speaks softly before turning to Himizu and his puppet, blades in hand. "Giving commands to his tool...this is a new level of puppetry indeed," she thinks to herself while eying both her opponents, "In that case I should simply assume the worst...treat it like another opponent." Waiting patiently for Himizu to make his move Hitori simply starts to circle around the pair at a slow pace, "Weren't you convinced that you could kill me?"

Himizu thinks for a moment then looks down at his puppet and says "pass me your sword I think this time I'll take my time carving this ninja up." reacting to Himizu's comment the puppet says "Don't think your getting all the fun this time this stupid ninja has no idea what she has walk into with you." As the puppet passes Himizu his 6 foot Kunai serrated sword it looks over at the female ninja and says "So your the women that I need to kill? your not as impressive as Himizu's memories would suggest." Then with out warning the puppet claps both hands together and this triggers all its hair to spike out and explode in a massive wave of Hair out over the area all aimed in a wave for the female ninja. As the wave of Hair forms Himizu drops his bow and with his sword in hand Himizu jumps on the wave of hair riding on it so to attack the female ninja if she were to some how avoid it.

"Manipulating the shape and changing the properties of hair...not unlike other techniques I remember seeing in the past," Hitori thinks to herself while observing the puppet's incoming attack with careful precision, "Though even if it can pierce flesh...even the smallest flame should light it up." Channeling chakra down her left blade, before converting it into fire, the ex-ANBU launches a crescent of fire towards both the incoming hair and puppeteer.

Using the added momentum and increasable height to his advantage Himizu leaps high over his opponents flame attack and lands behind her only feet away Himizu rushes at the women with his sword ready to slash horizontal across the females back if she didn't stop him first. Seeing the Fire attack the puppet says "Oh so your an advance fire user that's interesting." Manipulating his hair once more the puppet uses his own hair to cut off a large section of the hair that would be hit by the flames and moved the unaffected Hair around the women ninja and Himizu making a large ring over 40 feet in all directions. Watching the Hair burn the puppet says "your not even surprised at a puppet talking? most people would freak out on the shear thought of a object talking back.",keeping all his comments aimed at this female ninja the puppet stays deathly silent as he listens for her reply.

Rotating around with her second blade Hitori is able to halt Himizu's attack. Pushing off or their clash she attempts swipe at him with her free tantō as she leaps back, securing some space from her opponent. Surveying the surrounding hair Hitori can't help but to be reminded of this puppeteer's style of trapping his enemies. "I'm not sure what to call you...puppet," Hitori begins, "But if I was to waste my time freaking out whenever my adversaries did something out of the usual...fighting the massive beast would have been a more appropriate time. That's not to say I'm not curious about a technique that can animate a puppet with a personality. It could be a trick to throw me off, but then what would be the point of getting me to overestimate your master's abilities." Keeping a careful eye on both of her opponents she decides to gauge their collaborative skill again before engaging. "I need to verify something about that puppet before doing anything else," she thinks to herself, patiently waiting for the next round.

Easily shifting his sword to block the females tanto attack Himizu keeps up with his attacks even after she moves away, slashing at different angles attempting to keep the female's eyes on him so his puppet could use its unique jutsu to attack and win the fight. As Himizu attacks with his calculated barrage of slashing attacks the puppet once more claps its hands and triggers all the hair from around the women to spike up and start firing torrents of hair at there target, noticing this attack being trigger Himizu jumps back 2 feet keeping just inches away from the torrent of Hair senbon. Watching all this unfold the puppet thinks to itself "Looks like we win if the women jumps on the hair she'll be trap but if not she will hit by the torrent of needles hairs. its to bad that this women refused Himizu's offer peace at any cost is a good goal to have"

"I'm not about to be counted out," Hitori thinks as she continues to movfe slash for slash against Himizu. Reading the puppeteer's sudden dodge as a sign of impending attack she leaps vertically up, immediately following up with a formation of a clone in midair. Continuing her evasion Hitori and her clone kick off of one another, allowing the ex-ANBU to land outside of the ring of hair. Meanwhile her clone rockets itself through the air towards the puppet, ready to slash at the tool's body once in range. From outside of the ring of hair the original Hitori surveys the numerous cuts across her extremities that she received from the senbon. "What a pain," she murmurs in consideration with the steady damage that she was receiving.

Watching the clone attempt to attack the Monkey puppet Himizu turns and aiming his left hand at the clone Himizu uses his Combat Chakra Threads to make a pyramid around the clone so to prevent any fire style attacks from the clone then with as Himizu closes his hand into a fist the pyramid slowly starts to crush the clone. Not paying attention to what was happening only feet away from it the puppet claps its hands once more and uses Ranji Shigumi no Jutsu Extending the Hair at three different locations only feet away from the female ninja the Hair in those locations spring to life and all rush at the female ninja, once the Hair trap its target it would harden and either kill its target or suffocate her tell she was unconscious.

The clone merely smirks as it is crushed by the force of the chakra pyramid. As its existence is extinguished the doppelganger burst into a violent blaze that hones in on the source of the chakra that destroyed it, Himizu himself. Meanwhile Hitori performs a quick set of hand seals allowing her to generate a dense wall of fire directly in front of herself. Following up without intermission she feeds wind chakra into the barrier, intensifying its power, before wrapping it around herself in the shape of a dome and forcing it outward with her ability to manipulate fire. Walking slowly towards her two opponents, fire coursing around her figure in the process, the ex-ANBU she inquires her opponents a final time. "This is really your last chance...I can't guarantee your survival any longer," she explains coldly as her flames sizzle against the sand, "Retreat and live another day."

Removing his chakra threads from his hand Himizu jumps back and watches as the female ninja uses her flames to stop the Hair jutsus. holding up his hand to the puppet to sign for it to stop Himizu says "Fine I'll leave the only reason I stayed this long was to see if you would change your mind. but after seeing your limited supply of skills I think my Talents could be used better back at the village." dropping his sword Himizu releases the contract with his puppet returned to its seal on his arm then using Master Kanji Technique and forms the Kanji ま (the Kanji for time and space). Looking back at the women Himizu says "its to bad I thought we could have work together maybe one day you'll see my point of peace at all cost and come join me tell that day goodbye." with that said Himizu triggers his jutsu and he Vanishes. Only reappearing back at his home were the night before he had place his first Kanji ま so he could travel back to the village without anyone noticing him. removing all his tools and recurved bow Himizu smirks as he flexes his upper arms and chest area forcing out four odd looking restrictive rods. 'I was too soft on her I shouldn't play around so much with my prey maybe next time I'll be serious and fight her with all my strength." thinking to himself. As Himizu removes his restrictive rods from his body Himizu blows out a candle and gos to bed with the days events in his head Himizu finally falls asleep.

Surprised that her opponent actually heeded her warning, Hitori can't help but to smirk briefly. Unconcerned with Himizu's final comments she snuffs out the flames surrounding her and looks back towards the rock where she was waiting before. It is here that her eye catches a dark shape in the sky. "You couldn't of showed up earlier...huh?" she thinks to herself, "...though perhaps this means you've had more luck..."

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