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Thousand-Fragment Exploding Spheres
Name Thousand-Fragment Exploding Spheres
User(s) Kakushi Ken

The Thousand-Exploding Spheres are a weapon derived from Tenten's Exploding Sphere. Unlike its predecessor, the Thousand-Exploding Sphere uses fragmentation as opposed to firing kunai. Within the sphere is a single explosive tag that is under the control of the user, upon detonation the sphere shatters and sends large chunks of jagged metal flying in all directions. After the initial detonation, the fragments each detonate again and project additional fragments to further maim opponents. The fragments then proceed to detonate a final time, projecting thousands of small jagged pieces of metal in all directions. Due to the multiple detonations this technique has an expansive wound zone, able to maim targets up to 45 yards away after the final detonation. The kill zone is comparatively large, able to achieve kills up to 30 yards after the final detonation. Due to the large damage radius, this technique is extremely risky when used with allies around the target.

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